Monday, December 21, 2015

Looking back: My Year 2015 in Travel

As 2015 is ending, taking a look back on how it has been. Every month there was some travel or the other to keep me refreshed and did manage to visit lots of new countries this year thanks to Europe trip, but still what I traveled is nowhere close to some of the full time travel bloggers. But then, I have a full time day job to attend 5 days a week so I am content with whatever little I could travel over weekends or with leaves or on work.

Another 10 days to go for 2015 to end but I am not expecting any action in that period.

Quick month by month recap of 2015.

Kambala (buffalo race), visited Coimbatore for Zone hotel review. Safari SOUL Drive in Goa,

Feb: Aero India- Not a very pleasant experience- have decided not to bother buying visitors ticket next time onwards because of substandard facilities and attention given to paying visitors.

March: Hot air balloon ride in Pune, Paragliding with Nirvana in Pune, Only 2 major adventure sports I indulged in this year. Also visited Mahabaleshwar for the first time.

April- Visited AOL global HQ in Kanakapura and Blr. Also indulged in a session on dirt bike riding at CS Santosh's Big Rock motopark in Kolar. Flew a microlight plane again this year (ZenAir)

May- Nano Genx event in Pune, Mercedes Benz Luxdrive in Chennai, visit to Kushalnagar to live in a mobile home setup by SaiVishram

June: Singapore with STB and TigerAirways

July- Honda Jazz Launch at BIC (HangoutwithHonda), Delhi, Tata Nano factory visit in Ahmedabad #TheChosenOnes. Visited Yelagiri and Pichavaram again with guests

August, September – 2 months in Europe, explored Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland and Norway

October- visit to Native place, had few trips to Mahabalipuram/Pondy with guests and Mumbai on month end for BNLF

November- Two potential international trips cancelled- Bali and another one. Mumbai, Bengaluru and a bunch of South Indian temple towns were visited.

December- Goa again for one last Tata Event of the year and a visit to native place because of Chennai floods.

Cars driven this year- Safari Dicor, Figo, GenX Nano, Grand i10, Mercedes GL class, CLS, Figo again, ZICA.

Let me see what awaits in 2016. Thanks for your support as always and wishing you a rewarding new year.

Also check this post for best posts of 2015 at my blog- I am sure you don't want to miss them.

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Destination Infinity said...

That's actually cool. My travels were hopeless last year. But have restarted now. Hope next year will be better :)

Destination Infinity

rupam sarma said...

Keep sharing :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Rajesh and Rupam. best wishes for 2016

Arun Prasadh said...

Wonderful year you had with all those travel. Good luck for 2016 and further

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Arun. May you travel more too

Nisha said...

You have really travelled a lot! I think the most no. of trips are done by you (excluding our PM). :)

Wish you more travel in 2016.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Nisha Thanks, but I guess there are many other bloggers who have traveled much more.