What’s keeping me busy

A few random updates…

1. Submitted my entry to ET Prodigy case study contest. In this contest I had to work on an imaginary situation wherein an individual, Arvind Apte, sets out to launch an NGO of his own, to help underprivileged job seekers turn into job creators. In our case study report we have to draft detailed business plan as to how he will identify potential entrepreneurs, how it will ensure self-sustainability of his NGO and how it could be made highly scalable.

Enjoyed working on this. Did I tell you the grand prize for this contest is Skoda Laura? In case I don’t win it, I hope they’ll let me drive it around for few days as a consolation prize. :) Anyway I learnt that Laura has successfully lured thousands of students and professionals to take part in this contest.


2. Assisted a Social Media consultancy firm in their website revamping. I had to study a few dozen websites of various Indian and US social media consultancy firms and note down pros and cons of each of them. Let me see if I can publish a summarized version of my findings as a blog post.

Assisting the same firm set up an innovations lab. More details on this will be revealed at the right time, because right now everything is in conceptual stage.


Windows 7 launch party

3. I’m a confirmed host for Microsoft Windows 7 launch party. This year MS is experimenting unconventional ways to promote windows. MS will be giving a free copy to a group of selected individuals who in turn are expected to conduct a party at their place, invite people and tell them about MS windows 7. Kind of Tupperware/Amway concept of promoting sales, only difference is party host’s sole gain is his/her free copy of Windows7 and doesn’t stand to gain anything if his/her guests buy further copies of Windows 7. I’m waiting for my host kit from Microsoft. Will keep you posted. Party is to happen next month. Those interested can checkout my party site. Let me know if you’d like an invite.


4. Room mate Partho has returned from Kolkata after attending Durga Puja celebrations there. He’s got loads of photographs taken during the festivities-I’ll share some of those with you in a subsequent post. Festival wishes to all.


  1. Interesting!

    All the best Shri, hope you win that skoda Laura and invite me for a ride :)

    Look forward for those durga puja photos.

  2. Thanks Mohan.

    If I win, you'll certainly get to go on a ride...

  3. Your consulting assignments sound very interesting. And my best wishes for the Laura.

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  5. Thanks Mridula

    Anon, Use your identity or mail me

  6. This is an old Post, veerabhadra.. do check out other posts.

    Thanks still...


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