enidhi india Blog readers' survey

Recently Mohan suggested that I do a survey to understand my readers better. Should have done this long back. Request you to take a few mins and respond to this survey. Thanks in advance.

In order to give some incentive for spending your time, I offer a mention of name and link to blog URL (if available) to every prime number entry.

Checked out Survey Monkey, Poll daddy and few other options and felt Google Docs was the best for this purpose. Only disadvantage is readers can't see live response/stats. Will share the responses later in a separate post. if you get any error or have anything more to communicate/share leave a comment below or email to admin@enidhi.net


  1. Done... Hope you get a good feedback and helps you improve the interaction with readers on your blog.

    All the best Shri.

  2. Done, hope you do find the feedback you are looking for.

  3. Thanks Mohan and Mridula, that was very helpful

    Also thanks to 4 others who've given feedback as of now

  4. I would do the survey, but I cannot think of precise answers to those questions.

  5. Thanks Hari

    You've options to skip or use "Other" and give ur own answer where required.

    About 20 responses so far. Will share results soon

  6. Opulently I to but I dream the brief should secure more info then it has.

  7. Done!!!

    I am regular reader but rarely leave comments nice blog...

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