Eyes are one of the prime sensory organs and some of us are not very fortunate in having a perfect eye. Some of us suffer from eye floaters and chose to cope up with it instead of trying to find a solution.

Floaters are deposits of various size, shape, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the eye's vitreous humour, which is normally transparent. (Ref: Wikipedia). Vitreous is the gel like substance (99% water, 1% solid) in our eye which constitutes 2/3rd of it. Floaters develop over a period of time and affect our day to day activities like driving, working on computer or watching television.

Floaters usually cause following distraction: strings or streaks of distraction when looked into the light, clouds and fogs that blur your sight, moving dots and pop ups, spider webs around your field of vision... Floaters are usually caused by some debris-that of blood cells, torn retinal tissue and the likes. Cystoid macular edema and asteroid hyalosis are the other causes of floaters. These microscopic foreign objects cause the obstacles in your vision by catching and refracting light resulting in irritation, frustration and disappointment. is a one stop solution for those suffering from vitreous floaters. Site is built on a very simple html design and has too much vertical scroll. For just about 39.95 dollars, promises permanent solution to the floaters issue, without any surgery. Surgeries like Vitrectomy are advised only for very critical conditions, as these surgeries carry a huge risk with them-complete blindness.

The website offers The Secret Cure for Eye Floaters with a 100% guarantee. To the extent I understood it is mainly a set of steps to be followed to cure floaters and not some medicine. Site lists lots of testimonies to build confidence, but details about payback/refund mechanism (if the solution doesn’t work and customers want their money back) is missing.

You deserve to see clearly...without eyefloaters...

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