Tata Jaguar, Landrover, Mumbai, close pictures

While I am riding around in World’s cheapest car, also got an opportunity to take a close look at Tata’s recently acquired jaguar and Land Rover, the two iconic and international brands. Couldn’t find out much details, but managed to take some pics. Enjoy the pics for now.
I noticed 2 variants of Jaguar. The XJL and XK, the convertible. Both have 5 litre V8 petrol power plant.(That’s close to 8 nanos in terms of cc)  These cars are priced 65 lakh onwards. (XK Range costs upto 90 lakhs
IMG_0243 IMG_0236
IMG_0241 IMG_0240
I hope Tata will organize an All India drive in jaguar soon…(and more importantly get me as official blogger!) (July 9th 2009 was when these cars were rolled out internationally under Tata’s ownership. The first anniversary is coming up… someone please please suggest a road trip…)
Land Rover, on the other hand, would compete with the likes of Toyota Landcruiser Prado and 200, with a price tag starting at 65 lakhs and special edition going beyond Rs 1 crore.
IMG_0247 IMG_0230

From 1 lakh to 1 crore, Tata Motors have lots to offer...Chose your pic.

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  1. Nano is a ordinary man's car and marketing it will need an All India Drive

    But, Jaguar being far from reach of an ordinary Indian will hardly get voted for a All India Drive by the TATAs.

    The nano is coming to Chennai isn't it.
    Was there no plan for it to come south to Pondy?

  2. Agree with u Srini... 99.99% people on the street can't afford a Jaguar, so road show is of no impact... I was just hoping... :(

    Btb no plans to come to Pondy. Its coming to Coimbatore on 15th June and Chennai on 17th June, next proceed to Bengaluru

  3. Hi, I was always interested in Jaguar and wanted to know more about it. I had read somewhere that Jaguar had around 5 models. Did Tatas release only 2 models out of them? And one more question- are you an employee of tata?

  4. Jack,

    I don't work for Tata. I am currently touring with 3 tata Nanos, all over South India, as Official Blogger.

    As a part of this I visited one of their dealership and saw some Jaguars in the service centre (not showroom) Hence I might have spotted only 2 variants.

  5. Jack, My sincere apologies

    Looks like I've accidentally deleted a comment of yours along with few other spam comments. Can you pls re submit?

  6. What I had said was "thanks for the info and i happen to be your junior of JNV udupi". Thanks again.


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