Upcoming Events in Chennai, Bangalore

This post lists lots of events which are lined up to take place in Chennai and Bangalore. I might be attending a few and thought you might wish to consider attending some of them if they interest you. If you’re not from Chennai/Blr or not interested in these updates, please check my July archives instead…

1 India Search Summit, ISS, 28 and 29 Aug 2010, Tidel Park, Chennai
Promoted by the Knowledge Foundation, this is the event for internet marketing professionals, web marketing managers and those who call themselves SEO and social media experts… 2 day event, priced at Rs 1000, Only 25 tickets for spot registration. More details here.

2 Marg Chennai Marathon, 29th August
Select from 21.09 km half marathon or 7km great Chennai run or the wheel chair run… Marg Chennai Marathon is being organized this Sunday at Anna Square, Chennai, in aid of Give Life Foundation. Entry fee starts from Rs 0 onwards. Yes, it’s free. More details here

3 Kannada Play: " ಮರಿಯಂಳ ಮೂರನೇ ಮದುವೆ " ನಗೆ ನಾಟಕ
 V.A.S.P ನಾಟಕ ತಂಡ ಅರ್ಪಿಸುವ ನಗೆ ನಾಟಕ "ಮರಿಯಂಳ ಮೂರನೇ ಮದುವೆ " ಬೆಂಗಳೊರಿನ J.P ನಗರದ ರಂಗಶಂಕರದಲ್ಲಿ ದಿನಾಂಕ 31-08-2010 ರಂದು ಸಂಜೆ 7:30ಕ್ಕೆ ನಡೆಯಲಿದೆ.
ನೀವೆಲ್ಲರೂ ಈ ಸಮಾರಂಭದಲ್ಲಿ ಪಾಲ್ಗೊಂಡು ನಮ್ಮೆಲ್ಲರನ್ನು ಪ್ರೊತ್ಸಾಹಿಸಬೇಕೆಂದು ವಿನಂತಿ.
TICKET: Rs. 70/- For Tele-Booking: 95388 71007 / 98862 99609

4 Callezee Guru Samarpanam Event, 5th Sep 2010, Chennai

This is an annual event organized by Callezee (INMAC), a tele info services company which recently got funded by Yahoo. Noted teachers are invited and honored on the occasion of Teachers day on Sep 5. Event will be held at the Music Academy, Chennai. More details in this post

5 CII Connect 2010, 8th and 9th Sep 2010, Chennai
Connect is TN Govt’s equivalent of Bangalore IT.com and its into 10th year now. A 2 day event to be organized at Chennai Trade Centre, Connect 2010 will be looking beyond IT this year and tracks are planned for healthcare, entertainment, security and automobile industries. I might be live blogging this one. [More]

6 TEDxChennai- Scheduled for 10-10-10, second edition of TEDxChennai is being planned to bring in some of the best speakers/achievers to share their experiences. Ticket price has increased from Rs 1000 last time to Rs 3000, but I learnt that quite a number of people have bought them already. More Info

7 Facebook Developer Garade, September, Chennai- More details awaited

8 Cerebrate –couple of new editions are planned in near future, but this is an invite only event. Read Cerebrate Blog

9. Redcross- CTC- Blood Donation Awareness Ride, Sep 18, 19
Chennai Trekkers Club is organizing a bike ride to Yelagiri next month in aid of Redcross society to spread awareness about blood donation. Expenses are taken care by Redcross, you just need to actively participate [More details]

10. Blogger 11th Anniversary, 31 Aug
Blogger is celebrating it's 11th anniversary throughout the world on 31st august (in Bengaluru, its on 29th august). More info here(via Jack )

Let me know if I've missed any other major events worth mentioning. Couldn't find interesting is happening in Bangalore on Sep 4th and 5th...Let me know if you're aware of any...

All information as available at the time of composing this post and information are subject to change. Check with respective organizers for updates/clarifications.


  1. Blogger is celebrating it's 11th anniversary throughout the world on 31st august (in Bengaluru, its on 29th august). You could add this as one of the upcoming events. More details are available at blogger buzz (official blog of blogger.com). The link is here- http://buzz.blogger.com/2010/08/bloggers-11th-birthday-fiesta-is-almost.html


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