Callezee Gurusamarpanam event in Chennai

Chennai based tele-information company Callezee (aka Call Ezee) conducted an event called Guru samarpanam in Chennai recently
Conceptualized by Callezee founders, Mr TSN and others, Guru Samarpanam has been an annual ritual conducted by callezee to honour renowned teachers

This year the Gurusamarpanam event was held in Music Academy, Chennai, wherein callezee senior officials and management were present and awarded teachers. The Gurusamarpanam event was also live webcasted

This year the Param Acharya awards were presented to Prof M.S.Ananth (Education), Prof Dr. S. Kalayanaraman (Medicine), Natyaacharya V. P. Dhananjayan & Smt. Shanta Dhananjayan (Dance), Padma Shri Haridwaramangalam Dr. A. K. Palanivel (Thavil), Kalaimamani S. V. Ramanan (Media) and Sivasankari (Author).

Acharya Awards were presented to P. S. Raman (Law), Sangeetha Choodamani S. Sowmya (Music), Radhika Sarathkumar (Cinema & TV), Bombay Gnanam (Theatre), Dr. Chef. K. Damodaran (Culinary) and D. Jayaraman (Sports). Callezee conducts Guru Samarpanam every year. We join call ezee in wishing the winners.

Its a good initiative by INMAC (Callezee's parent company) to identify and honor good teachers every year.

Callezee Quick Review
Call ezee recently got funding from internet major Yahoo. Callezee now has operations in over 17 cities and fast expanding, aiming to take on the likes of Just Dial, Ask Laila, Sulekha etc.

Unlike just dial which has nationwide single number, callezee seems to have different numbers for different cities, making it difficult for travelers to remember. Also just dial records names of callers and greets them with name when they call second time, but callezee is yet to adopt such strategies. Callezee also seems to be focused on only telephonic search, as its website doesn't have much details, compared to its rivals. A quick search also hints at piling number of consumer complaints against Callezee, which the management needs to take up seriously and resolve asap.


  1. Its good to see callezee honoring teachers, but what's so special about this event?

  2. Nothing so special.. its an annual event callezee conducts


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