RadioRhythmz online bollywood radio: Need ur feedback

Dear readers, need your feedback on this. I have included a small plugin on the sidebar, given by RadioRhythmz.The plugin plays nice bollywood tracks while you read my blog posts. While this is nice to have, what could be discouraging for a reader is that player starts playing automatically and at times, this could be annoying (if you’re in an office/some other silent zone or if you’re unable to quickly identify from where the sound is coming from.

This also puts some load on internet bandwidth and if you open multiple tabs, the sound wont sync well either.
I am being paid a small amount every month to include this plugin. Since they’ve a commercial motive in paying me for the audience they’d get through my blog, stopping the player from playing automatically and giving an Opt-in (player would start to play only if you click on Play) will hurt commercial sentiments and they won’t be paying me unless its retained in current format.

While earning some additional revenue is good (just takes care of monthly broadband bill), I do not see a point in doing it at the expense of my readers. Hence I would need your feedback, if it is fine to retain the fm player as it is or if you’d  like me to remove it.

Kindly take a moment to fill the below form.

 I am bound by contract to run it for a month, after that I’ll remove it, if good number of you are not liking it.

Nov 8th update: I've got 15 responses so far, which are kind of split..

4 people want me to completely remove it, 3 are neutral, 3 say they can manage, 4 prefer it not to autoplay, 1 person likes it as it is...


  1. Let me admit first i got really irritated or startled from where the sound comes. But when I figured out and read that it might trickle few changes in your account, I don't mind. The vital question is how will a stranger who land in your site will react to?

  2. LR, Reader convenience is paramount. If I lose my readership all other benefits will vanish overnight. So can't do anything which doesn't go well with readers. Asking them to bear with inconvenience is not fair, even if they are supportive.

    The response has been mixed so far

    Option 1: 3
    Option 2: 3
    Option 3: 3
    Option 4: 1
    Option 5: 3


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