Ford Sale, Sankara's trip, Nokia event Updates

This post is quick update about multiple new/events

1 Ford Midnight Sale on December 5th
Just like Big Bazaar's "Sabse Sasta din", Ford is running a day specific offer on December 5th. Called the Ford Midnight Sale, Ford India will be offering deep discounts, freebies and lucky draws on this day. Last time Ford tried this event on a weekend, now on a weekday.
Discounts from 25k to 80k are on offer on all Ford Models- Figo, Classic, Fiesta and Endeavor, plus spot gifts and contests. Ford has also launched a facebook app to promote the sale. Do rush to your nearest Ford Showroom to check out in person- they're open till midnight.

Ford started advertising this couple of days ago. I feel it would have been better to promote such events couple of weeks in advance, giving enough time for customers to be ready with their finances, test drive of competition vehicles etc.

Almost all manufacturers run year end offers, since customers hesitate to buy in December (A car bought on Jan 2013 will have higher value than the one bought in Dec 2012).

2 Be on the road with Sankar
Fellow blogger Sankara Subramanian is on a multi-country tour in South East asia region and has been posting exciting updates about his travel experiences. He plans to explore Thailand. Burma, Vietnam and few other countries. He's visitng several interesting places not frequented by general tourists. Do read his blog for regular updates. You can also catch him on facebook here 

3 Nokia Event
If you're a mobile app developer and have great app ideas, you might wish to attend this event being conducted by Nokia. It is being conducted in different cities across India, in Chennai on Dec 11, 12. They called me several times asking me to register and attend the event, but I politely declined, since I am not a developer and can;t develop an app on the spot. I seem to have accidentally deleted their mail and couldn't find much about the event on net. If interested, try your luck at below site

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