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Football is an interesting game and Barcelona in Spain is a nice city. For a moment let us assume that Barcelona is an island, an island full of football stadiums, teams and of course, football players and fans. With exclusive and tempting deals from Qatar Airways to fly in, enjoy the game and come back, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

What would you do if you had an opportunity to spend few weeks in such an island?

The fictitious island will be in the shape similar to that of FCB’s Badge. Visa on arrival is a great thing to have and if you can convince the immigration official that you’re a football fan, Visa on Arrival for you! And it is a bonus when immigration desk is occasionally manned by legendary football players.

Once into the island, my immediate objective will be to pick up some cool football merchandise- T shirts, jerseys, caps, shoes and so on. They are available in the land of FCB, at cheapest rates in the world, probably supplied from Tirupur, India.

That done, a city tour of land of FCB would help me understand its geography and location well- where stadiums are located, the beaches and so on. In all probability I would bump into several likeminded folks and make lots of new friends.

FCB has over 44 million fans on facebook and 10 million+ on twitter. I am sure most of them would be in the island cheering their players and enjoying the game. I would try getting in touch with some of the players and request for an interview, so that my readers can get to know about the player and the game much better, from the mouth of the legends.  I understand it will be tough for players to entertain every fan’s wish list, but I am sure they’re very accommodative.

What is the point flying into a football island if there’s no match watching involved? I would not miss a single match during my stay. Exploring legendary stadiums, such as  Camp Nou, when it is empty is an experience on its own. I would love taking a helicopter shot if possible. The umpteen number of coloured empty seats make for brilliant photograph and so is the scene of thousands of fans cheering from those seats when a match is in progress.

Situation permitting, I might as well form a group with fellow fans and play a game or two near the beach. All in all, a life time experience worth cherishing.

Recently I learnt that Qatar Airways has taken up sponsorship of Barcelona Football Club (FCB). Together, they make one great team that unites the world. Below:  A photo I had clicked during my Qatar Airways flight from Copenhagen to Doha last month 
This post has been sponsored by Qatar Airways, but all thoughts are my own, including the last photo used 

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