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Jabong is a popular online portal for buying apparels and accessories. Jabong focuses on clothing, shoes, bags, watches, sun glasses and other accessories. I ordered a formal shoe and a small bag. Both are of good quality- couldn’t find any flaws. For those who follow fashion closely, Jabong has latest items direct from Lakme Fashion week etc. Since the site has limited categories, browsing around and  selecting a product is relatively easier, compared to few other sites that have too many categories.

Jabong delivery was quick. I placed order on April 8th evening, confirmed on April 8th night, it was shipped on 9th and I got it delivered on 10th. All within 48 hours flat. Order related emails have both quantity and item name in subject line, so it is very easy to understand the update even without opening the mail.

On 17th May, There is a TCS world 10k Run in Bengaluru, for which Jabong is retail partner. Jabong’s mobile app is pretty good.

Jabong's Blog is well maintained. If you are keen on following latest on fashion, then keen an eye on their blog. Posts are good and shopping experience is well integrated within blog post.

Jabong also has a reward point scheme to encourage customers stay loyal. 2% of the purchase value is offered as reward (Each reward point= Rs 1) subject to some terms. But these need to be used within 40 days of earning, else they will lapse. Platinum customers (who spend Rs 7500 or more every six months) get more reward points and some extra benefits like waiver of COD charges, gift wrapping charges etc. Points I got for my shopping are in 'Waiting status' which can be redeemed once it crosses 50 point.

Managing our profiles on Jabong.com is fairly simple.

There is a small limitation in applying gift vouchers. In Jabong.com, only one GV (Gift Voucher) can be used per order. Many of the rivals allow entering multiple GVs for same order. What this means is that when I have one coupon for Rs 1000 and another for Rs 500, I need to place two orders to utilize them fully. Can’t buy a single product worth Rs 1500. This also creates problem when I want to avail some offer- for example, there’s an offer on some items priced above Rs 1299 that you get 30% off on using SALE30 as voucher. Now if I want to pay the remaining amount using a  GV, there is no provision. But the good thing is that same GV can be used multiple times till it is exhausted. For example if you’ve a Rs 1000 GV, you can use it for 10 purchases of Rs 100 each. Unused value will not expire/vanish.

I also tried their online chat- unlike few other chats where we can directly begin conversation, in Jabong some basic details (Name, email etc) need to be entered. (Fair enough). On Sunday afternoon, I got connected to the chat executive in about a minute, which is reasonable. Chat executive suggested that I can convert GV into Jabong Credit and then keep accumulating them to redeem at a larger amount (I know that only 18 digit gift cards can be added to Jabong credits, not 16 digit Gift voucher). I asked her how to do it-even after 20 minutes there was no reply, after some 30 minutes the chat session timed out. Chat services are often outsourced to some 3rd party vendor who will have some ill trained folks manning the desk at their call centres- we shouldn’t be expecting too much from them. But I was expecting them to be trained for typical scenarios customers will face and at least say "I don't know" instead of giving copy paste answers and wasting time. 

When chat window is minimized, I won’t know if agent has replied or not. It doesn’t show some text change in title bar to indicate there’s a new chat comment. So I need to either keep it open and keep staring at it or need to open it at regular intervals to check if there’s a reply from chat executive.
On Jabong’s home page it sounded like I can save 70% if I buy something on mobile app, worth Rs 1299 or more and pay through Citibank card. But naturally these offers can’t be clubbed for a single order. You may use any one code, not more.
Another thing I noted that Jabong gift voucher can’t be purchased on Jabong’s website- we need to go to ‘various e-gift websites’

Overall my shopping experience was great. Product collection is decent, delivery is super quick, App is nice. Some improvements could be made in GV/Gift card department.


  1. I buy once a while from Jabong.. satisfied...

  2. Happy to find this post here. I'm personally shop many time at Jabong and recommend to my friends. There products quality are excellent.
    Please have a look my blog and share your views.

  3. Good to know. will take a look at your blog Manu


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