Jabong App shopping experience

Jabong is a leading e-tailer focused on clothing and fashion accessories. I had reviewed their web shopping experience earlier in this post, I am sharing shopping experience using Jabong’s Adroid App.

Jabong’s App design is pretty simple and decent. Because the categories are not too many, navigating to right product is pretty simple in Jabong’s app. You can either browse by category, or check latest offers, or search for the item you have in mind or go to shopping cart where you have previously shortlisted items.
Filters help you easily browse through 1000s  of items and narrow down the results to few items that suit your budget,  brand, colour, gender etc. For the selected item, you can view it in multiple angles, check approx. date of delivery, detailed product info etc. But you can’t rotate the item to see it in 360 degree view.

Jabong’s app supports all conceivable forms of payments- credit & debit cards, internet banking, wallets, gift vouchers and COD.

You can also track your order through the app; manage your orders, returns, delivery addresses, credit card details and your Jabong credit.

Recently I ordered couple of items – a t shirt and a watch through Jabong. Ordered Friday evening and received it by Monday evening. Pretty fast delivery. Also watch was packed very well to protect it from all kind of damages during transit.
Only not so good thing on the App is that there’s no provision to turn off notifications. Every day I get about one or two notifications, informing me of new offers and schemes. I am not a heavy duty shopper, so these notifications annoy me. I don’t buy stuff just because there’s an offer. (there’re offers all the time all the places these day- everyone is after my money- which one to entertain?). I buy things I need, when I need, as long as price sounds reasonable, not necessarily very cheap. I searched for options to turn off these notifications, but I couldn’t find any. Other than this, there’re no complaints.


  1. Well I suppose all online shopping apps have this feature of providing daily/weekly updates on sale, offers etc. It indeed is annoying at times


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