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Jabong's new style guide- The Juice

Fashion portal Jabong has introduced a new section, called The Juice. I was curious to find out what it is and below is what I could figure out.

The juice from Jabong is a fashion magazine and helps you stay up to date with fashion trends. Apparently the bi-monthly magazine was launched last April, but I didn't notice it till now.

I could some nice articles online- stories on Sania Mirza and her game, tips to look like a celeb,tips to pick perfect jeans, must have accessories for men and so on. Before deciding your shopping items, browsing through the Juice section of Jabong is highly recommended. You might get some real useful tips.

Edited by Pearl Shaw, Jabong's magazine is a welcome development for the shopping portal. The curated articles cover a wide range of topics covering beauty, travel, trends, people, culture and more. I first thought it is just an online edition, but I realize that The Juice has about 1.5 lakh copies in print publication. That means it is serious stuff. Jabong also seem to be keen in getting into fashion publication in full seriousness. Next time you are in a saloon or airport or a coffee shop, keep an eye for Jabong's The Juice. Jabong's premium customers get free copy of the magazine while select articles are available online for everyone to read. Cover design of The Juice is also pretty distinct from other magazines in circulation. Read more about the magazine's launch at Jabong Blog


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