Upcoming event: Emtech by MIT, brought to you by MINT

There are conferences focused on technology or business or sometimes a mix of both.  But we seldom get to see a conference where Technology, Business and Culture converges to bring business leaders, innovators, change makers and entrepreneurs on single platform. One such event is coming up soon- called EmTech India, slated for March 2016. EmTech India is powered by the prestigious MIT (MIT Technology Review to be precise) and executed in India by MINT, a Hindustan Times brand.

India has been seeing a phenomenal growth in tech start-ups and innovations over past few years. Many talented youth are discarding the traditional idea of finding a well-paying job and are heading to start something on their own- creating solutions out of ideas and solving a market problem- creating a business opportunity, employment and wealth in the process. Many great ideas get suppressed prematurely because of lack of moral and financial support. Typically family and society doesn’t encourage new innovations and few minor failures can often force potential entrepreneurs to give up. With some recognition and financial help many innovators can bring in huge difference. It is exactly people like this who deserve a recognition and lots of support for their future ambitions. Emtech India is a great platform for such people. One of the main focus of Emtech India 2016 is an effort to identify young innovators. Under the scheme Innovators Under 35, the Emtech India is looking to select best among the best- top 10 young innovators in India who can represent the nation at global level for the same event (known as TR35 Global). Organizers are looking for nominations on this and the deadline for the same has been set at December 31st, 2015. So if you are a young innovator or know someone who fits the bill, suggest them to nominate themselves fast, before end of this year. Use below link to nominate: http://www2.technologyreview.com/tr35india/nominate/

The good folks at MINT are doing a good job putting the event together. My best wishes to everyone who are getting nominated. Nominations will be evaluated by a panel of experts that includes leading industrialists, well qualified professors and other eminent personalities.

Besides recognizing young Innovators, Emtech India 2016’s two day agenda includes sessions from many prominent speakers- details of the talks will soon be available on event website. Key themes are Digital Life, Cutting Edge (Robots/Drones/3D printing), Smart Cities, Connected Health and Artificial intelligence.

Event Summary

  • Dates: 18th and 19th March 2006
  • Venue: Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, near IGI airport, New Delhi
  • Event Website: http://emtech.livemint.com

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