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Reasons you should buy instagram followers

Here're some reasons why everyone should keep buying followers on Instagram...
1. Humans are no longer trust worthy!
No point trusting your friends and family to follow you, no point piggybacking on your quality photographs hoping it will impress real human beings. Humans are lazy, humans have ego, humans have "my photo is better than yours" attitude... Bots are lot more trust worthy and will do what their masters tell them- to follow, like or even comment, without ever questioning or disobeying.

2. You're not a thief till you're caught...
Committing theft, murder and other bad things do NOT result in prison sentence. Getting caught does. So as long as you can avoid getting caught, why not make merry... There're multiple tools-like Social blade but it will take probably few more years before awareness about fake following and non existent influence reaches the right decision makers and process gets put in place to weed out such people. Till that time, why sit idle?

3. Early investors often make more money... Buy now before it is too late...
In any Ponzy scheme, pyramid scheme, make money and get rich quick scheme, early investors often make good money. Buy a few million followers right now when it is cheap- who knows, tomorrow rates may go up, may be there will be a stock market where follower blocks will be traded or auctioned. So why take a chance?

4. Smoking is bad, but why worry when the world is ending anyway?
Every smoker knows smoking is bad. But they won't give up. Yes, not smoking may give a few extra years but who has the patience to live that long? World is believed to be ending much before that anyway, so why not live your life when you can. One fine day the Instagram bubble will burst for sure- but what's the point worrying about it now? Be a star when you can.

5. What so if bots can't buy your client's product? Real people can't be coaxed to buy useless products either!
Yes, instagram influencers with 2 millions followers couldn't sell a few t shirts [details]... But it is more of a news dying in a plane crash than a road accident, so why not fail in grand way? Hopefully some day bots learn to buy stuff and save the influencer from the embarrassment.

6. It is good to pay it forward (or backward) or whatever...
When one is getting effortless money from the brand it is only fair that other people in the ecosystem get their share-bot makers, agencies milking the brands, people selling the followers and helpless souls in Philippines, Bangladesh or India manually clicking on like buttons all day long for money. Govt is aiming to make India 5 trillion economy- hope they recalculate the GDP factoring money spent on buying followers and likes- we are more closer to becoming world #1 economy than we thought. Please add 28% GST on this and reduce GST elsewhere.

7. Marketing and honesty won't go hand in hand
Half the business in the world will shut down if everyone is 100% honest in what they are trying to sell. Deception and tricking the consumer is very much part of every marketing strategy. Fake influencers can give the brands a taste of their own medicine- how to spend lots of marketing money for a notion of 'perceived reach and popularity'.  Ethics have some value where it is respected. Elsewhere in the moonland, let the dream continue as long as possible, till one wakes up to harsh reality.

8. Follow the laws of Instagram
Below are three laws of Instagram, I have compiled inspired by Newton's laws of motion

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