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We all aspire to own our own set of dream wheels. We buy a new car within years of getting a job or starting our business. But cars get outdated super fast. New technologies emerge every few months, constant improvements in design, safety features, entertainment equipment and more energy efficient engines often make newer models very tempting. It makes sense to sell off our old car and upgrade to newer one with better space, features and safety, as our earning potential increases and we need a car that matches our enhancing lifestyle and social status. Reduced fuel bills on more efficient cars and reduced maintenance expenditures are also a factor to support an upgrade to newer car.
Buying new car is easy- you can walk into a showroom and book a car. But what to do with your old car? You can list them on websites selling second hand stuff, but then lots of time has to be invested in meeting every potential buyer, explaining the car and its history to him/her, allowing them test drive, negotiating the price and so on. When you’re busy at work and time is at shortage, trying to meet dozens of prospective buyers and negotiating with each of them is often a stressful experience. 

Assessing right value of an old car is also a challenge, unless proper scientific methods are used. New buyers often begin negotiating with ridiculously low asking price that puts off any potential seller, particularly when they are single owner and have taken extreme care of their car with love. Trying to explain that your car is well maintained, is in great condition and deserves a more realistic market price is not easy. Besides finding a buyer, it is also very important to ensure car ownership is legally transferred to new buyer. If paperwork is not in order, any crime committed, any traffic violations using your old vehicle will lead the cops to your doors, as the law still considers you the owner. Because of this, you need to ensure proper ownership transfer while selling old car.

This is where Cars24 is extremely helpful. Cars24 is a nationwide network of automotive shops specializing in used car purchase and resale. If you’re thinking of selling your car, all you need to do is take an appointment and drive in. Professionals at Cars24 will evaluate your car, document all the details to assess a fair price for the used car. Cars24 also has a network of over 1000 verified partners-used car dealers- who may bid for your car- Highest bid will be accepted and your car could be sold in minutes. Cars24 doesn’t charge anything to customers selling the car and payment will be processed immediately. Once you walk out of the showroom, your car is Cars24’s responsibility. Moreover, Cars24 team will take care of entire paperwork involving ownership transfer- total peace of mind.

Of course don’t take my word for it. You can take an appointment, get your car assessed and get an offer price, without any obligation to sell your car. If you’re not happy with the price you can drive out- but consider the time value of everything that you don’t have to do- trying to meet individual buyers, giving them test drive, negotiating with them, handing RTO formalities and so on and you will soon appreciate the value add Cars24 is providing.

With BS6 emission norms kicking in from April 2020, resale value for existing BS3, BS4 cars would drop even further. It might be a good idea to consider selling your current car through cars24 and upgrade to a more greener, energy efficient and feature loaded car that meets your aspirations. Click here to book an appointment at Cars24- it is totally free and there’s no force to sell your car unless you’re fully satisfied.

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