Dubai Miracle Garden-Flowers everywhere!

Miracle Garden is a garden in Dubai full of objects made of flowers. How Garden Glow had objects illuminated with lights, miracle garden is full of objects made of plants and flowers.
Take a look at the photos:
Emirates A380- the lifesize aeroplane- the flowers had begun to fade, so the aircraft was showing a sign of falling apart- but if you don’t have a keen eye to find faults, the life size A380 looks great. We could click it from different angles.

Big bear
Birds & bees

Being a tourist attraction, food and drink are expensive inside Miracle garden- a cup of juice costs around 20-25 AED, which is 3 times the supermarket price. I was tempted to try fresh sugarcane juice in glasses that had shape of burj khalifa, but better financial sense prevailed so I didn’t buy.

There was a micky mouse area- guests could only see it from outside- entry was banned.
Found a friendly cat..

The sitting area canopy was greatly designed.

The entry fee was 45 AED per person. Crowd was not much. Unfortunately miracle garden closes on May 7th- the flowers can’t be sustained forever. The area being open air, visitors have to bear hot sun, which sort of dampens the experience- there’re a few shaded areas where you can relax a bit. We wrapped up our visit in about an hour or so.

There is also a butterfly garden behind Miracle garden. We didn’t visit it though.

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