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Details of Cloak room facility in Dadar station, Mumbai- Best place to safekeep your bag and roam free

I had one full day to explore Mumbai but I had following conditions that hampered free movement.
Unfortunately I had a check-in bag, which I couldn't avoid for this trip like I did for Manila. Roaming around with a trolley bag is not practical.

I had following options;

Option 1: Rent a car on self drive
This was my first choice. I thought I will rent a car from Zoomcar/Revv, keep my bags in the car, drive around all day, return the car in the evening and go to airport. A small car like Swift/Figo would cost about Rs 2200 on a weekend. After including parking etc cost would be around 2500.
-All friends advised me against this option, as car would take much longer time than train. I will end up spending most of the time in traffic, without really exploring anything.
- I will have to spend extra time finding parking space etc
-Cost is a lot higher compared to taking train & auto/cab (for short distance)

Option 2: Keep the bag in the hotel, collect it in the evening before going to Airport
This option would have helped if the hotel was either close to airport or on the way to airport. But my hotel was in other part of town- Navi Mumbai. Going back to that area to collect bag and then come back all the way to airport didn't make sense. It would have taken 3-4 hours of travel time and lots of money for taxi/auto/train.

Option 3: Keep the bag at a friend's place
If you have friends staying closer to airport you can try this option. But this has its own drawbacks- though your friends might not refuse to help, it might inconvenience them a lot. They might have their own plans for the day, now they have to be there to let you drop/pick-up your bag. If your timing is odd, you might end up spoiling their sleep. They might be forced to offer something extra like food etc out of courtesy, putting extra workload on themselves. Though a few friends offered to let me keep my bag in their place, I decided I will use this option as last resort.

Option 4: Keep it at airport
Mumbai airport has a left luggage/luggage store facility. But it had following drawbacks
  • Travel time to airport and back & expense
  • Storage cost here is bit expensive, about Rs 300 for 12 hours.
Option 5: Keep at Dadar station cloak room
I had never availed cloak room facility at railway stations so far, though I was aware of their presence in major stations. My friend Satya Narayanan first said that some select railway stations in Mumbai have cloak room facility. Dadar and CST were the two he could suggest. I figured that Dadar station is a convenient location. From Airoli I could go to Dadar, keep my bag, roam around all day, come back to Dadar, pick the bag, go to Santa Cruz and then to airport. After consulting few friends, I zeroed in on this option.

On the D-Day, I checked out of hotel very early, took a cab to Mulund station and train to Dadar. At Dadar I asked around a few people and eventually found where the cloak room was. I found out the following
1) Only bags properly locked will be accepted. Unlocked/openable bags will not be accepted
2) Bags will be accepted only if one is a customer of Railways- i.e. only if the person has an intercity train ticket. Local tickets won't do. I had to go n buy a Mumbai- Pune ticket for Rs 85. I later realized that even Mumbai-Kandala ticket would have served the purpose. (Or I could have booked Mumbai-Kalyan on Chennai express?)
3) Guests need to get the bag scanned, get security tag and provide an ID proof.
4) Payment to be done during collection. Cloak room operates 24x7.

Even at 6.30 AM on a Saturday morning, Dadar station was crowded. After about 30 mins, I was done with all formalities to drop my bag (scanning, buying a ticket to Pune etc). With the main bag safely stored, I went out to explore the city- Siddhi Vinayak, Shivaji Park, Bandra, Church Gate, Kala Ghoda and finally the Indiblogger meet. At around 5.30 in the evening, I went back to collect my bag. (From Church gate, I bought one direct ticket to Santa Cruz, I could get down at Dadar, collect bag and board next train to Santa Cruz without having to buy another ticket.) I was asked to pay Rs 16 (Yes, Rupees Sixtreen only) while collecting the bag. Even after factoring unwanted intercity train ticket I had to buy, it was an extremely cost effective way to store my bag for 12 hours. Sharing with you so that you can avail the same if you're in Mumbai and wish to avoid carrying extra baggage all around.

Keep the receipt very very safe.

All thanks to Mumbai railway for making my Mumbai Darshan affordable and convenient. Unfortunately I do not have photos of the cloak room. The cloak room is located  next to main entrance of the Dadar station (East entrance). Hope this information helps.

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  1. Quite helpful. I remember taking the first option, just because I was to drive to Panchgani via self driven cars so this option was best. Thanks for the share.

  2. Thanks. If going outstation yes, self drive is good option

  3. Mumbai locals are called the lifeline of Mumbai and this post is a justifies it very well. Happy to hear you could manage visiting so many places in a day.

  4. Yes. I got good feel of Mumbai local this time, though didn't experience extreme peak. Thanks for the comment

  5. Thanks for this precious information
    I was very depressed due to my luggage

  6. Sir, is there any one-day ticket available in suburban trains so that we don't need to take tickets in each station

  7. @Sunita-hmm, not sure what to say

    @anon- Yes, 75 Rs per day for 2nd class. Check at ticket counter

  8. Very helpful post
    Can someone tell where is the cloak room located ?
    Which platform ...which side ? Central / Western ?

  9. @Manasi It is on the eastern side- direction away from the ocean, near main entrance

  10. Very helpful and practical suggestion.

  11. Dadar station has lot of entrances
    Can you please mention the platform number ?

    1. It is outside the building, near the main entrance. I think platform 1

    2. Platfom no.6
      Downside of the main bridge..

  12. Thanks fr info. Cloak room is near gate no. 8.

  13. Please tell me where cloak room service provided in plat form no 8 dadar????

    1. You will not find a cloakroom on every platform. it is usually 1 per station, (usually main stations only)

  14. Please provide Cloak room service room contact no in dadar station????

    1. There is no contact number exclusively for cloak room- didn't see any phone there. Try contacting station master office or railway helpline

  15. Do they provide insurance if any loss or damage occurs?

  16. Do they provide insurance if any loss or damage occurs?

  17. Thanks bro it's really helpful for me..

  18. Very good information.It is truly helpful.
    With thanks.

  19. Very good information. It will be helpful for any new visitors while in Mumbai.

  20. Tqs for ur valuable suggestions 😊

  21. I have ticket on 14 June 2019 . Can i use cloak room service on 11,12 June

  22. Left Luggage Facility Locations

    Domestic Terminal 1B - Arrival Hall Exit Ramp - +91 96190 23052
    International Terminal - Near Integrated Exit of Terminal 2 - +91 96190 20490

    Cloakroom / Baggage Storage Charges

    Duration Standard size bag (per bag)* Above Standard size bag (per bag)*

    Upto 6 hours INR 200 INR 270

    Upto 12 hours INR 350 INR 480

    Upto 18 hours INR 650 INR 800

    Upto 24 hours INR 900 INR 1050

    Upto 30 hours INR 1100 INR 1450

    Upto 36 hours INR 1500 INR 1750

    Upto 48 hours INR 1850 INR 2200

    Upto 60 hours INR 2300 INR 2600

    Upto 72 hours INR 2800 INR 3200

    Baggage Delivery Charges between Terminals (per bag)

    Standard INR 250

    Above Standard INR 350

    *Standard cabin baggage size

    Please note that these charges are inclusive of service tax

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

    Contact No. +91 96190 20490

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  24. If anyone know the maximum size limitations of Cloak room in Dadar Train station it will help. I have a flight to catch in the evening but reaching Dadar early in the morning, so planning to keep my luggage in cloak room and explore Mumbai for few hours and head to Airport, any suggestions welcome, thanks.


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