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Nagtabon Beach, Palawan Philippines-Baby, Beach and Biker Girl!

I am back from a 6 day visit to The Philippines. Besides exploring the capital city Manila a bit, hopped to two islands- Palawan and Cebu. This was the reason for 10 days gap since my last post. But worry not, Philippines posts are ready to roll.

First one is about Nagtabon Beach in the Palawan Province.

On my last day at Palawan, I hopped on the Scoopy and went for a ride, without any specific plan or agenda in mind. My plan was to ride along the highway to north, divert if I see anything interesting nearby on the map or through roadside displays. After a quick stop at Honda Bay, next thing I spotted was Nagtabon Beach, so headed there. The approach roads are steep and curvy- very exciting to ride and the beach itself turned out to be a gem. Less crowd, beautiful view and calm waves.

Below were the initial views as I headed towards the Nagtabon Beach

The road was well paved but steep. As I entered the beach premises, below were the views;

A Panorama view
Spotted this lady riding a motorbike hauling some cargo around the beach...Couldn't resist clicking.
 And this baby was strolling around all alone for several minutes
It was early morning when I visited. Shops around were just getting ready for the day. Tender coconuts were available for sale but at 40 Pesos, slightly more than city price, hence I skipped it. After sometime I left the beach to explore 2 other beaches nearby. On the way, spotted a viewpoint offering below seen beautiful view of Nagtabon Beach. This viewpoint is inside an area barricaded by a family that runs a petty shop at the viewpoint, selling items 3 times the normal price.
As I rode further down the road towards Kalaodiong beach and Buksayan Beach I got few more views. 
Kalaodiong beach didn't seem to have proper approach road- I would have had to leave the Scoopy by the roadside and trek a few kms alone downhill towards the beach- I felt that may not be good idea so proceeded further to Buksayan. But at one point the concrete road vanished- road construction was going on. The beach was still several 7 kms aw ay. I didn't feel comfortable continuing on unpaved road and decided to return to highway. Though I couldn't visit remaining 2 beaches, Nagtabon was totally worth the journey!

Stay tuned for more from the Philippines
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  1. Beautiful captures and good to know about your experience.

  2. Nice clicks coupled with awesome post makes it a perfect read.
    If you don't mind, can you write something about how to manage one's health while on a trip?

  3. Lovely Pics and one of Kaladoing beach which makes an Arch(pardon me for the spelling) looks splendid.

  4. Good to see you back!! I believe your Philippines posts will help me in my future travel!!

  5. @Aravind: Glad you think so. Best wishes to your travel.

    @Pooja: Thanks. The Arc is of Nagtabon beach itself.

    @Rupam- Thanks

    @Jyotirmoy- Thanks

    @Kumar: I don't do anything special in particular about health. Will see what best I can do.


  6. Nice pics and travel tale of the beach. Hope we can tag along for some upcoming travels!

  7. Beautiful pictures with well narrated story .

  8. @yogi- Thanks

    @mohan- buy me a ticket and you're welcome to tag along!

    @niranjan- Thanks


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