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Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2017, Mumbai

I have been hearing about Kala Ghoda Art festival since past few years, but never managed to attend one. It wasn’t viable to go to Mumbai just for this festival. But this time when I was in Mumbai it was during the KGAF time. However, I had to wait till last day, as my stay was too far from Kala Ghoda area to make a quick visit.

On Saturday, I could visit the Kala Ghoda area. It was very close to Cuff Parade where Indiblogger meet was On, so it was convenient to visit KGAF first and then go to Taj president for the Indiblogger meet.

While the Kala Ghoda street represents the main activity centre, the core attractions are various shows and events planned throughout the week. These happen at various places around Kala Ghoda and we need to plan well and attend ones that interest us. However, I had only enough time to take a quick walk in and around the streets of Kala Ghoda.

Cyclist and blogger Priyanka Dalal joined me in exploration of Kala Ghoda. She had great knowledge of the statues and buildings around and guided me about them. Most of the detailing I have added below is based on her briefing, to the extent I have managed to recall.

Kala Ghoda
The statue from which the area got its name. The statue shown in below picture, known as "The Spirit of Kala Ghoda" is a version of original Kala Ghoda statue which depicted King Edward 7 sitting on it. This new statue without the king was unveiled only in Jan 2017 [news here] so you wouldn't have seen it if you haven't been to Mumbai this year.

A victorian era building behind the Kala Ghoda statue
An art installation at the entrance of Kala Ghoda art festival.

This time theme seems to be the horse itself. There were horses made from different objects. Some pics below:
Horse from charcoal and Horses Made from bottles

3D Effect illusion art.

Modern Mumbai cake

A tank

Each of these art installations have some meaning and description. I didn't find it too interesting trying to absorb the same.

Also what we covered was only a small percentage of what Kala Ghoda art festival had on offer. It is a week long festival with lots of events, performances scheduled. Unfortunately I couldn't experience all of those. But at least I have got a feel of the festival and a good idea of what to expect in future editions.

After walking to and fro on the Kala Ghoda street, we walked a bit in nearby areas. Passed through Dalal street. Some construction seem to be happening on the BSE building as a new dome seem to have emerged. Priyanka also showed me the Watson's hotel- India's oldest surviving cast iron building, now feels like it is partially burnt. In its days of glory Watson's hotel was the choice of stay for the traders and military officers. I think I missed to click a photo of that building.
An art centre

Another historic building in Fort Area
Left of above building a red building housing the office of Mumbai Samachar
Lots of buildings in the Fort area have their own historical significance- we only covered a part of them. But the next one is super important. The church because of which Church Gate got its name: The St Thomas Cathedral. This church is 300 years old and the church gate station was right opposite this (about a km apart, now separated by multiple buildings in between) 
Opposite to the above church, Mumbai's first Starbucks opened in this building...
Town Hall
Two photos featuring me were clicked by Priyanka Dalal. Can't thank her enough for taking time out and giving me a guided tour of the area. 

At this time I had to go to Cuff Parade for Indiblogger meet, having to cut short the fort area exploration. Till I visit Mumbai again.


  1. Yo, thanks Shrinidhi. It was fun showing you around. :)

  2. Awesome pics from Kala Ghoda Art Fest, Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Great pictures from the famed fest. Looks like this one calls for a visit next year

  4. The Kala Ghoda festival always surprises me. Nice captures Srinidhi

  5. Nice Collection keep it up.....

  6. Wonderful!
    Kala Ghoda festival looks great!

  7. Hey Shrinidhi, this post was awesome. Even I was there at Kaala Ghoda festival on the last only. But, I have never had thought that a visit to this festival could be described so beautifully. Amazing read.
    Keep up the good work..

  8. Looks like a happening place. I am sure you would have enjoyed this vibrant festival!


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