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Summer of '05 : A modified poem

(With full respects to Bryan Adams and his title “Summer of ‘69”)

I had my first real job-hunt
When I was in 8th sem
Then I got into Satyam
It was the summer of ‘05

Me and some guys from school
Wanted a job and we tried real hard
Jimmy-Infy Jody got into Wipro
I had thought I would never get far

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya-I’d always wanna be here
These are the best days in my life

Ain’t no use complaining
When you got a job to do
On the bench-or-in the Project
And that’s where I met you.

Backing us on every moment
It’s our Program Manager
She led us all the way
Her name is Swapna Mudholkar
These are the best days in my life…

Back in the summer of ‘05

Man we’re killing time
We’re young and restless
We need to unwind
I guess nothing can last forever forever…

And now the times are changing
Look at everything that’s come and gone
From school now we’re professional
Still a long long way to travel

Back in the summer of 05

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  1. I dont know who you are....but I was searching for Swapna Mudhuolkar in google and got this article....good to see comments like that for her...anyways just writing this as I am gonna be someone special to her very soon.....

  2. really nice poem and special lines about Swapna Mudolkar.She was also my first RM at satyam

  3. Good to know that Rammy...

    today is 5 years since I joined Satyam for my first job... Felt nostalgic revising this poem...


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