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Anantagiri Hills: Trekking Expedition

On November 12, I was on a trekking expedition along with few of my colleagues and their friends- Anantagiri Hills off Hyderabad.

A better description of Ananta Giri Hills trekking expedition is available in this blog: (Link courtesy Pavan)

Its very essential that we take a break once in a while from the intellectual (??) work at office where there'll be no physical activities. This trekking expedition did provide that necessary refreshment.

The link given above gives almost full description of Anantagiri Hill and related information. Instead of repeating the same I'll only give some key useful points regarding this expedition
1. If you're starting from Hyderabad Anantagiri Hill can be scheduled as a one day program. Around 2 hours of travel one way. If you can start pretty early, you can cover Ananta Padmanabha Temple, and few other places as well (Such as Golconda) on the same day.
2. Carry enough water and food. There's no provision for food and water nearby (Vikarabad is the nearest town, 6kms from here). There's an Inspection Bungalow owned by Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, which is totally abandoned. The day we went we were lucky as one of the local MLA had come to this IB to celebrate something and his servant gave us drinking water which they'd bought.
3. Don't expect any wild life or consumable food items on trees. The forest is not dense enough (in comparison to western ghats and Neelgiri hills I'd been to). This one is pretty simple, lots of grass and thorny bushes and known for medicinal plants. You'll not get lost. Finding the right direction is pretty easy as there're open areas and roads which can be spotted easily as you climb up the hill. As this place has become a weekend destination, components left behind by others will also guide you.
4. This place is some 100kms off Hyderabad, on a state highway that leads to Bijapur, Karnataka. Government buses are available from Hyderabad till Vikarabad, from where autos can be taken. Bikes or private vehicles would be best.
5. Mobile signal is pretty good, for both Airtel and Hutch (now Vodafone). No worries on that front
6. Avoid smoking. The grass being at very low ignition temperature can catch fire at slightest provocation and can cause a disaster.
7. There're companies which provide professional guidance and support for trekking expedition. But this one is pretty simple enough and even amateurs can handle on their own. Be sure to carry basic equipment like good shoes and some supply of food and first aid.

Thanks for all those who participated and or provided strategic and operational support.

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