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Manufacturing vs Services Industry-@ a glance

Giving a quick comparision of phrases we often get to hear in a production industry as compared to a service industry. While the former has been in existence for centuries, later is growing at high pace and posing a threat to manufacturing industry. Who will survive? Only time will tell...

Have a look...

Sl.No.Non IT (Say Manufacturing Industry)IT (Services Industry)
1.Buy 50 tones of steel, heat treat it and give to production unit
Go to a college, get 50 freshers, train them on XYZ and allocate them into project team
2.We need to export 5 containers full of abc to that country. Book the vessel and ask warehouse to release the goods
We need 3 abc consultants on site. Identify the resources and initiate their VISA/WP
3.Production is halted because machine is broken and we don’t have spares
Delivery is delayed because key resource has quit and we’re yet to find a replacement
4.Opening stock is dwindling , order fresh raw material
Not enough people on bench. Go on a hiring spree
5.Machines are lying idle. Can we try some by product?
Loading factor is poor Associates are sitting idle. Keep them engaged with some task
6.That machine is very expensive /sensitive. Maintain well and take good care of it
This resource is very critical. Pay him/her well and ensure he/she doesn’t join rival company
7.Our product is of superior quality and will last much longer. That’s why they cost a bit more
Our resources are highly skilled and experienced to ensure maximum value addition. You wont regret paying few dollars more for them (per hour)
8.Will fax you product specification
Will mail you the resumes
9.This product is ISI certified
This resource is IBM/SUN/Microsoft certified
10.Raw materials undergo thorough inspection before usage
All resources will clear background and criminal check
11.We’ll buy this raw material if you give free replacement guarantee if any defect is found
We’ll hire from you only if you can provide us with free replacement if the candidate doesn’t work for minimum of 6 months
12.We need more units of this product. Put that product Y on hold and engage 2 more assembly lines for this units
This project is very critical. Pull 2 resources from that project and put them into this one.

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  1. Point 11 in the services (IT) sector doesn't really work. But otherwise this is a good draw-up! :)

  2. Sudipta, it works that way (atleast it is expected to work)

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  4. I have been reading your blog for some time now. I somehow don't feel this post was upto the 'eNidhi' standard. I was expecting a much detailed 'business analysis' of the two sectors like their way of working, their strengths/weaknesses etc.

    ...and comparing resources with raw material is OK, but comparing resources with the product (in points 7 through 9) is not proper. The product of manufacturing industry is comparable to project/software of IT industry, not resources.

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  6. Dear Pravin,

    Noted your concern. But then, no hero can give superhit movies all the time...Same way some blog posts might not come as expected.

    Will try to give quality posts in future...

    Resources are commodities for Software companies which are traded for the effort they put, so I feel it is ok to compare.

    Thanks for your comment.


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