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A painter and his mission

I was at Tenth Planet Technologies, to attend the first Failcamp Chennai. TPT is an open source based IT services firm and they’d offered their office space to be used as a venue for Failcamp. Painted pillars in Tenth Planet office What caught our attention at the office was beautiful art work done on pillars and certain walls. Their conference room had huge painting of Dashavatharam (no-not the movie), all pillars were painted with images of god and goddesses. As we carried on with failcamp, later in the day, Kumaran Mani, CEO of Tenth Planet Technologies threw more light on these paintings. He said his idea was to have a palace kind of theme for the entire interior of his office, but the price being expensive, he is going slow. Kumaran told us that these beautiful paintings were done by Mr. P A Anandakumar, who holds a world record in drawing (16 hours non-stop drawing, without lifting his hand, as I later found out from the painter himself). This painter is working with a unique goal- to build a cancer hospital. Most of his earnings are diverted towards this ambition and he is reportedly half way through his ambition.

He made this wonderful painting for former president Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam using ball point pens. The image is formed by writing Abdul Kalam’s name all over (in various colours and shapes). They reportedly presented this painting to Mr former president himself, with a request for some funds for the cancer hospital. His highness returned the image to them, stating that he will collect the artwork back on the day he makes donation to the cancer hospital (WEST-Worldwide Education and Social Welfare Trust) is the name of the trust Anandkumar is running. They do not seem to have a website/blog, hence no links.

I spoke with Anand to find some more details on his initiatives-he said he charges anywhere between Rs 200 to Rs 300 per square feet for his painting- price depends on quality of materials used. (the designer wheel you see is probably 8 ft x 12 ft , costing around 25-30k - notice the 3D effect in the painting) He also said his cancer hospital mission is taking shape well. Stone wheel painting by Anandakumar

My concern was, what if the Tenth Planet had to shift its office building? The paintings done on the wall and pillar can’t be taken along to next office and the huge investment will go waste. If the subsequent occupant of the building does not like the paintings, he may just white wash all these things in one stroke. So I checked with Anand if he can provide paintings such that it can be detached and re-positioned. (something like on a canvass or so, which can be detached). He replied in affirmative, and that was a good thing. I liked his paintings and his mission, so thought of giving it a mention. Anandakumar can be reached at worldwide.trust at gmail.com More about failcamp in a different post.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, really caught my attention. I wonder what is the firm's view on their need to change office space in future?

  2. Oh and what a way to fund a cancer hospital!

  3. Really interesting.. never knew a office in chennai has such an ambiance..

  4. @ Magiceye and Guruve,
    Thanks for the comment and appreciation

    Not sure of the firm's view- forgot to ask

    @ Logesh..
    Now you know...its in Anna Salai, opp LIC building

  5. Nice paintings.. You should come over to my office to experience a different kind of environment. Each floor has a different theme and naming conventions.. One floor is completely for Indian culture.. but they aren't hand made paintings though. They are made of flex sheets that can be glued to walls. Looks similar to these paintings for sure!

  6. @ Mohan
    Yes, flex sheets are good idea- give you lots of flexibility...

    I'd love to visit your office- let me see if that can be made possible...


  7. It is also interestig to note that they allowed pictures to be taken..

  8. Yes- the CEO gave full permission to click and publish...


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