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Book your wall space- Now!

Lest it will be an overdose of travel write ups, have a look at this. Have you experienced people making unofficial reservations by keeping a hand kerchief/other objects? Even political parties are not spared from this habit. Found outside some road side walls of Chennai- Some political parties marking their space on the wall by writing their party name and suffixing ‘FULL’ to indicate that they own the space from this end to that end.
Because the length of ‘this end’ to ‘that end’ was not wide enough, another party booked a part of space on the same wall…
I am just toying with the idea of drawing a horizontal line below these marks and book the space for myself…
Btb how do you undo these bookings? Simple- Just white wash over it and paint whatever you want. !

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  1. Funny! Of course any political party men are civilians too who reserved their seats in bus/trains before.. Now it is more of demand based - Reservation for campaign space :)

    Real-estate matters whether it is for geo or for web site!

  2. So Funny!!! :-0
    They are everywhere. Even in the Walls.

  3. Abhishek,

    I didn't understand your comment...

  4. Abhishek asks to reserve one space for him i guess.. he he he..

  5. Hmm, Ok, If I find another white wall I'll surely book it for his Maja Maadi...

    Supreetha and the 2 Anon readers: Thanks for the comment

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