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Self Drive rentals: cost comparison, procedures and more

Of late, I’m getting various questions from multiple directions about self drive car rentals. Most of them are pertaining to cost aspect and few are about the procedures and formalities involved. Many of them change their mind after hearing about the cost, security deposit and risk involved. My earlier posts [read them here and here] on Self drive rentals notwithstanding, this post is an attempt to answer few such questions.

Cost Comparison between self drive rentals and normal chauffer driven rentals- Will it be cheap to rent on self drive?

Honestly speaking, for most of the circumstances, self drive rental is NOT economical, except for long trips and high end cars.
Case 1: Short Trip (say 1 day, 150-200 kms, economy vehicles like Indica/Sumo etc): For short trips self drive won’t be economical. Example, for a 200 kms 1 day outing the normal rental of Tata Indica with driver would cost about Rs 1500 (Rs 200*6.5/km + driver batta, effectively Rs 375 per person for four people),the same trip, on self drive would cost about Rs 2300 (1500 rent+500 fuel +Rs 300 delivery & collection charges, Rs 460 per person for 5 pax)
Case 2: Medium trip (Example: 3 days, 1200 kms, Toyota Innova): For medium duration trips , Self drive and chauffer driven rentals can almost break even (Self drive at Rs 3300/day,3600 fuel= Rs 13500, Chauffer driven: 1200*10.5 Rs/km +900 Rs driver batta=13500)
Case 3: Long trip (4 days, 1800 kms or more, relatively high end car): For long trips self drive is far economical than regular chauffer driven rental. Say for a Skoda, 4 days, 1800 kms would cost Rs 20,000 (Rs 16000 rent+4000 fuel). If you want to hire a skoda or similar car on conventional per km rental, you’ll realize that not many agencies will have such cars on offer and those who have will quote exorbitant price. Hertz quotes Skoda at Rs 25/km for non corporate customers. Even at Rs 15/km, 1800 km trip would cost Rs 27000. (Also why would I rent ever a Skoda if I can’t drive it???). Even for economic cars self drive is cheaper for long distances.

Please note that above calculations are based on current rental rates in Chennai. Rates are subject to change w.r.t time, city, rental agency and other factors. Also, if you’re sharing the expenses or want to carry maximum passengers possible, please note that you can save a seat in self drive mode and per head expense can be less, even if total expense is marginally more than regular rental.
Self drive rentals are popular abroad because hiring a driver is expensive there. In India if you are trying such adventure it could only be because a. you enjoy driving, or b. you’re 5 or more in number and don’t want to waste a seat for driver or c. you want full privacy.
Let me reiterate the risks and advantages of self drive as I find it:

Risks: You need to return the car without any dents, scratches or other damages. Else damages can mount to several thousand rupees. Vehicle will be covered under insurance for accidents and third party liabilities and if there’s a genuine (not arising because of driving on bad roads etc) technical failure (say you’d to replace a spare) rental agency will reimburse the expense. But in either case, you can’t abandon the car on the road and reach your destination in another vehicle (which could have been an option if it was a regular rental with a driver). In case of major incident your trip will go for a toss. So, you need to be confident about your driving skills and be prepared for the risk factor involved. Long driving can be stressful at time and one small mistake is all it takes to cause an accident.
I've taken various cars on self drive rental 4 times in the year 2008 (Skoda Octavia, Scorpio, Innova and Swift) and was lucky not to have any unpleasant incident, except for flat tyres. Hope my luck doesn't run out one day.

Advantages: I go for self drive rentals because I don’t own a car yet and find it convenient to rent some relatively up market car and enjoy the drive. Other advantages are: Saving on an extra seat for driver, not having to pay inter-state border fee (in some cases), privacy and complete ownership on the car, for the duration of rental (to flaunt it or to experiment or to explore). Also, the white board cars won’t have that boring white colour and taxi like feeling

What are the prevailing rates for self drive rentals?

Approx per day rental for various cars are given below- These rates may differ w.r.t agency and with age/variant of the car etc. Also most rental companies will give good discount if rented for longer duration.
Santro, Indica: Rs 1300-1500/Day, Getz/Swift: Rs 1800-2000 per day, Ford Ikon, Accent: Rs 2000-2200 per day, Ford Fiesta, Honda City: Rs 2200-2500 per day, Civic, Skoda Octavia, Toyota Corolla, Chevy Optra, Scorpio, Innova: Rs 3000-4000 per day. Note: A security deposit ranging between Rs 5000-25000 will be payable, in addition to full rental amount at the time of taking delivery. Some agencies may insist on some advance at the time of booking confirmation. Any damage to the vehicle is at renter’s risk. Delivery and collection charges of Rs 100-200 may be applicable and few agencies put a limitation on max no. of kms (150 or 200), if rented for just one or two days and additional kms will be charged extra at say Rs 5 per km.

In comparison, conventional car rentals with driver, charged on per km basis, can approximately cost as below: Indica: Rs 6.5/km, Sumo/Qualis/Tavera: Rs 8.5/km, Force Traveler (formerly Tempo Traveler): Rs 9.5-11 per km, Toyota Innova Rs 10-11 per km (Minimum rental of 200 or 250 kms may will be applicable along with a driver fee of Rs 200-300 per day)

What is the procedure for renting a car on self drive?
You can either approach an agency (like Hertz, Avis) or contact individuals who give it on rent, Agencies will have pre-defined rates, requirements and formalities. Usually they need you to own a credit card and hold a driver’s license 3 years old.[Detailed eligibility and websites of self drive car rental companies] Rental amount + deposit will be blocked on your card and upon return, deposit amount will be unblocked. Few individuals who rent their cars may have slightly different procedures. Usually they’ll keep an original document as additional security and need rental and deposit amount in cash. There may be an agreement or any other formality at the discretion of the person.

Jan 29 Update:
Note: 1. Chauffeur driven options needn't always be safe- You won't know how experienced the driver is and how stressed he is (say because of his earlier trip). In self drive you'll have option of hiring services of a driver, if you wish, at an additional cost of approx Rs 300 per day, so that you can ask him to drive when you're tired or otherwise.
2. Most of the travel agencies will have basic variants of cars without ABS, Airbags and other safety & entertainment features. In self drive you can get full details of the car before booking it so that you can know the age of the car, variant, features etc.
3. Be sure to check fuel type. A petrol car may cost cheaper but a diesel car can save substantially in fuel expenses, even if rental cost is more by few hundred rupees.
4. Also enquire about the age of the car. Avoid old cars as they are likely to have worn out tyres. Be sure to note the existing damages while taking delivery

Disclaimer: Personal opinion and observations only. Rates and terms are subject to change without prior notice. eNidhi India recommends safe driving with seatbelt on.


  1. Nice guide Shrinidhi. I am very apprehensive over renting a vehicle from service providers in India. I have stories from friends who have paid hefty penalties for even small scratches.

    I prefer to take out my own car than opting for rentals!

  2. As usual, a well researched post. I'll bookmark this post for later use.

  3. Thanks alot for the information. This post is very useful for me.
    I was searching for this on Google, which doesn't help. Thanks once again.

  4. Hi Shrinidhi,

    This one could not have come at a better time for me. It was very helpful.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Mohan,
    I understand that... Happy driving..

    Kalyan, Durga and Ramanan, glad you found it useful

  6. You are back to writing on your favorite subject, car rentals and car reviews? You do such a thorough job!

  7. Really an eye opener. I was in the opinion that self driven are highly expensive and felt glad that they are economical for long trips. I also found happy to note that good high end cars are available. I am an automobile enthusiast who dreams to experience lot of cars but confined to by motorcyle due to economical constraints. SD cars will certainly help to realize my desire.

    Thanks Srinidhi.

  8. Hi any one looking for car hire can also see this site, i think this will be usefull...

  9. Mridula,

    Thanks. yes, it is one of my fav topics

    You're welcome... Enjoy the drive. Yes for those who don't own a car, self drive is a nice option to try out various cars for few days as if they own it...


  10. Thanks for the very useful information.actually i was supposed to give my marriage invitation to my frinds in tamilnadu...i was really surprised of this deal.....
    i am happy to share my experiance too... i spent many hours in net to find a good deal and i found one who offered me at very very cheap cost.(Rs 1000 per day(24hrs)vechicle cost + no extra chage like driver bata and other charges).Fuel on actual i traveled. he charged 12kms/liter of diesel. i spent 2 days and one night at my home. that was so nice of tamilnadu people.... i told him that whenever i visits tamilnadu i will call him for my trips..and this good behaviour immpressed me to visit some more places in tamilnadu mahabalipura,pondichry,... am planning for it too :-)

    Guys give your opinion..

    Car owner Number : 9444423271
    model : indica a/c.

    good tamilian drivers....

  11. Thanks for that info.

    but what do you mean by he charged 12kms/litre of diesel?

  12. Hi Shrinidhi,
    Thanks for all your posts. They were very nice.
    I need to rent a self drive car for 12 days from bangalore Airport. My trip is into Coorg and Wayanad (mostly hilly areas).
    My budjet is Rs 2000/day making it to Rs 24,000/- for 12 days. I can make it even to Rs.30,000/- for 12 days including taxes, etc.,
    I have contacted Avis, Hertz, Car club and so many individuals and currently in a confusion.

    As it is pretty long trip (Just me & my wife)Which car do you recomend me and which travels do you recommed me?

    Please note, I need more boot space as we will have more luggage(it is a 12 day trip). I really dont want to go for any economy segments like Santro/Indica as their boot space is very small.

    Also, is it worth to Take CDW (Collision damage Wavier)as they anyhow take a deposit amount from our credit cards.

    Just to let you know, Anil of hertz said that they are buying new cars from July 2009!

    Please help me out.
    I am sincerely expecting your reply at the earliest.

    Kindest regards,

  13. When you rent for a week, you get one day free-i.e. you can pay for 10 days and get 12 days. At 30000 or 3000 per day, you can comfortably get a sedan like Ford Fiesta, City etc, inclusive of taxes. If you can bargain and depending on availability you may even try for Scorpio/Innova (They cost in the range of Rs 3200-Rs3500 per day inclusive of tax, but you can try negotiating)

    Hertz is slightly expensive than car club. Avis asks for huge deposits. Try autorider as well.

    Thanks for informing me on Hertz buying new cars.

    Take CDW if offered, but you'll still end up paying heavily for various expenses in case of an accident (God forbid)

    Does this help? If not feel free to shoot specific question

  14. Dear Shrinidhi,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. As I am travelling through Kingfisher Airlines, I get 10% discount with Hertz.
    I will try to negotiate with them.

    Kindest regards,

  15. can any one give me the contact of the person who gives the car for self drive in hyderabad.

    i am in need of a self drive car.

    mail me at

    or 9885964917

  16. Siva,

    Update us on your experience.

    Don't have contacts in Hyd. Try Hertz in Begumpet (near Bajaj showroom) or check local classifieds.

  17. Dear Srinidhi,

    I haven't heard back from Mr. Anil of hertz yet.

    But, I got an excellent deal with Budget rent a car.

    I am getting a Toyota Corolla (Variant: 18J Petrol, 2008 model) for Rs. 8400/week!!!!

    yes, it is true.

    Let me brief you about it.

    The rate chart is as below:

    Swift: Rs. 5400/Week or Rs. 700/day
    (Deposit: Rs. 20,000)

    Ford Fiesta: Rs. 6600/week or Rs. 800/day (Deposit: Rs. 20,000)

    Toyota Corolla : Rs. 8400/week or Rs. 1200/day. (Deposit: Rs. 50,000)

    Toyota Innova: Rs. 9600/week (Deposit: Rs. 50,000)

    CDW: Rs. 100/day
    Tp: Rs. 100/day

    All the above rates are valid from may 27th through August 31st 2009 only.

    But you can contact them for even better deals. They are quiet friendly and very prompt in service.

    I will update my trip details on the 13th August 2009 to you when I am back.

    For Prakash,
    The best search engine to search for anything related to business in India is Just Dial.


    Seach for your city of requirement first and type in as 'Cars for Self-Driven'. You get what you need in that city.

    For all of you guys reading my post here,

    Contact details for Budget rent a car:

    Contact : Mr. Mukesh: +(91)-9739901366, 9739901367, 9845081174


    (dont book it online as the rates are different here usually very costly, take caution, contact them first for better deals)

    Address: No.150, Kadadisanahalli,Marathalli Outer Ring Rd, Varthur, Bangalore - 560087

    You can contact Mr. Mukesh and can give my reference as Siva from UK.

    Can you enligten me with the Toyota Corolla (18J Variant), 2008 Model car?

    Is it a trust worthy car?

    As I am travelling through a lot of hill stations Coorg and from there to Wayanad, is it a good car to travel with?

    Have you ever taken any car from Budget rent a car, bangalore?

    Any suggestions or comments about the car model and Budget rent a car would be much appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

  18. Hi Siva,
    Thanks for the detailed info. I have seen few Budget cars, but hadn't tried. Looks really cheap. Will try it out next time for sure.

    Toyota vehicles are generally good. 2008 model Corolla is good- has ground clearance almost as same as Innova- so should be good companion for your trip. If you're very much concerned or if you have time visit their garage one day and take the car for a test drive and see if you're fully satisfied with it...

  19. Dear Shrinidhi,

    Thanks for your reply. I cannot go out and check out the cars as I am currently in UK.

    I am landing in India only on the 31st July 2009 and will return back on the 12th August 2009.

    I shall update you with my experience with the car later then.

    Thanks once again.

  20. Dear Shrinidhi,

    Could you please help me out with the following details?

    The vehicle I am hiring is a Karnataka registered (KA reistration vehicle) and I will be entering into Kerala.

    What documents should I possess and request from the car rental company to ease my formalities through border checks while entering into Kerala?

    What documents did you had and how was the procedures at the tool booth when you entered into kerala for Wayanad?

    Do I have to stop at karnataka state check post to enter back into Karnataka?

    Please kindly respond.


  21. Hertz and other agencies gives original vehicle documents during rental- that is adequate for Kerala border. At the max police at the check post may demand 20 Rs for coffee- (off topic-try carrying some coffee in flask instead... :) )

    1. Hi sir. What is the interstate Permit cost for ? As I want to travel with zoom car from bangalore. Is there any extra cost as we r travelling in rent a cab license. Please reply

  22. Thanks Shrinidhi for your information...I will reqquest the same from them.


  23. Siva,

    I spoke to Budget cars today. As suspected rates quoted were much higher:
    Swift: Rs 1275+ Rs 600 CDW+TP = Rs 2800 per day
    Fiesta: Rs 1500+600 CDW+TP= Rs 2200 per day
    Corolla: Rs 2200+600= Rs 2800 per day.
    These are weekend rates. Week day rates are slightly higher-by Rs 500 for Swift and proportionately for others.

    I've not tried negotiating as I didn't have a particular requirement in mind. Guess you got lower rates mainly due to longer duratin of rental.

    Otherwise if true, Rs 1400 per day for corolla is realy cheap, -Cheaper than Santro offered by Hertz or Car Club. Hope it is true.

  24. hi Shrinidhi,

    I dont know how you got cars quoted on such a huge rate from Budget and the rates they have given to me are completely cheaper and I have also confirmed my booking with them along with my credit card. I hope they dont change the rates for me at the last moment.

  25. I do not call them very high rate. Rs 2200 per day for Swift is at par with what car club charges and is slightly cheaper than Hertz. And rates come down drastically as duration increases-so you might have got great deal due to nearly 2 weeks duration. Or may be some offers/promos might be running when you booked-not sure.

    If possible ask any of your friends to call them and get an independent quote-see if that matches.

  26. Correction: Rs 2200 per day for Fiesta, not swift.. (hope it is diesel and not petrol-haven't checked)

  27. shrinidhi, I am sending in an email to Budget car rents, (just in case :-)).

  28. Ok. Better to have an email invoice than just relying on telephone conversation.

    Keep me posted.

  29. Hi Siva,
    I got email quote from Budget.
    The quote you got is correct.

    Only if I am renting for just a day or two, my earlier mentioned quote of Rs 2800 per day for Corolla is applicable.

    If I rent for one week it is 8400 per week and Rs 1400 per day for every additional day. Hope this clears the confusion we had.

    In other words, Budget Cars will be expensive to rent for just a few days and very economical for long duration rentals.

  30. Dear Shrinidhi,

    It is good you got the same quote as me. I have mentioned your name to them already in my previous email and got a reply back saying that they will check it out.


  31. Siva,
    An update for you: Highcourt has ordered that National Highway that crosses Bandipura reserve forest connecting Bangalore and calicut via Wayanad be closed from 9PM to 6AM, so that wildlife doesn't get disturbed by vehicles.

    You may wish to plan your trip accordingly

  32. Thanks for the update Shrinidhi.

    I will be in India tommorrow and revert back to you on the 13th August.

  33. OK. Welcome to India. Enjoy your drive and vacation. You can update us on your experience once you return.

  34. Hi Siva / Shrinidhi

    I am planning to rent a car from budget car rentals during the last week of Sep. Cld you send me some feedback on the service they provide? Are the cars well maintained and in good condition ?

  35. Hi BPM,

    The car quality at Budget rent a car, bangalore was excellent. They had brand new cars with them.

    I took a Toyota Corrolla withm, which was just 25,000 Kms run car. Then when I came to bangalore, I took a toyota innova which was also a brand new one, then once I took a mahindra Logan, which was also a brand new one.

    Go ahead, enjoy your ride, but drive safely, always wear your seat belt....


  36. BPM, I've not tried Budget cars, so I'll go with Siva Sir's opinion.

  37. Thanx for your feedbacks. I spoke to Mr Mukesh yesterday. His offer for Innova is 2200/- (per day) + 300 CDW (per day) + 300 TP (per day) and 50000 deposit. And above this, the free mileage is only 150km per day. They charge 8/- per km above that. Seems to be on a higher side than what I saw in the posts earlier :(.

  38. Hi BPM,

    Yes, my previous post in this blog was about an offer I was given during that period.

    Budget Rent A Car usually runs some offers every time. So, better seek out for that, as it will be really cheap.

    Good Luck.
    Siva :)

  39. Dear sirs,

    Thank u very much for informative updates on self drive.
    I would like to know what TP and CDW mean and their purpose? and are they mandatory ? and do car companies like Budget rent a car, auto riders & car club offer private vehicles or cars just ment for Self drive with ( yellow nos on black plates). Is it ok to accept a private vehicle for self drive. Expecting your valuable information. Thank you

    Sri Bharath

  40. TP is theft protection and CDW is Collision Waiver Damage. For a small premium they offer protection against huge financial burden you might incur in case of a theft/head on collision while car is in your custody. ( we will still have to pay certain minimum amount, to the tune of security deposit collected)

    Most of the agencies make it mandatory, while a few give it as optional. Check with operators.

    Most of these agencies have yellow numbers on black plate for self drive.

    Owners of private vehicles are not permitted to rent them for commercial use, but lots of people do rent it out, often against the security of some important doc like passport. If something goes wrong it will be for the two parties to get it resolved...

  41. Nice post.
    I am looking forward to take a car on hire from Autoriders. After my extensive research they seem to give best deal in economy cars for 4-5 days.
    I have one doubt, as these cars have special number plates (black with yellow letters), are they treated as private or commercial vehicles at various toll tax points on highways. I have seen there is a significant difference in both the rates. Also , do we have to pay some charges for interstate travel ?

  42. They are treated as commercial vehicles for all purposes. But drivers needn't wear uniforms :)

    I've driven Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore and Bangalore-Mysore Wayanad and Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty with these vehicles- didn't have to pay any extra tax. But not sure if you're entering Andhra Pradesh-heavy tax might await you there..

  43. Hi Srinidhi and other guys,

    I hope you all remember me. I am "Sanatan Dharma Project" blogger named Siva. I have written blogs on this website.

    I have due to my passion for cars started a car rental business at Chennai.

    Based at CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, we offer SELF DRIVE CARS and CHAUFEUR DRIVE CARS on hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and yearly basis according to the needs of our guests. Contact: +91-9003036401 or visit to enjoy a classy journey for your dream destination.

    Best regards,

    Managing Director,
    Classy Drivez Pvt. Ltd.

    My blogg:

    My website:

  44. In Hyderabad, if you are looking for a self driven car on daily/ weekly/ monthly rentals, please contact Mr.Chandru at +91-9989820119.

    Available cars are: Hyundai Accent, Santro, i10 and Maruti Esteem.

  45. Srinidhi

    Do you have any idea of self driven car rates for Toyota Corolla 18J and Innova and which would be an ideal agency at Delhi?
    I am thinking of renting for around 10 days and intend to do a Rajasthan tour.

  46. Nachi,
    Unfortunately I do not have an idea of Delhi car rentals. Avis counter in Delhi airport had asked for 75k deposit for a Swift... Why r u particular about Corolla and Innova?

  47. I want to hire a self driven car in mid may'10 to travel to bandipur and ooty with my family, any "promo" for self driven cars from any company,I want car for one week,swift fully automatic is a plus, can someone help me with the rates and contact numbers please.

    thanks in advance.

  48. Hi Salman,

    Please contact Classy Drivez @ +91-9003036401.

    They offer good quality cars for self drive based from Chennai.

    Their website is


  49. Hi Siva,

    Thanks for Info, but I need car from Bangalore.

    Kind Regards,


  50. Salman,

    Hope you got the car for your trip. As far as I know, automatic cars aren't introduced for self drive by any of the agencies yet...

    You can try ford fiesta from Carclub, or Scorpio from Hertz, both Bangalore. Else check local newspaper for classifieds offering self drives

  51. I used a car from joycars chennai. the experiance was good. Car did not give any trouble for the trip period of 3 days

  52. good one mate..! cheers!

  53. If any one is looking for self driven car in bangalore at the best price kindly contact me at 09632866782.

    Cars tarrif:

    1. Ford Ikon,Accent,Swift,Baleno : 1600- 1700 per day.
    2. I10,Chevrolet Aveo U-VA : 1300-1600 perday.
    3. Fiesta,Sx4 : 1700-2000 perday.
    4. Alto,Wagon R: 1200-1400 per day.


  54. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to jump in and get to introduce GPS Technology, which can be helpful and handy to monitor & control fleet owners, most important in case of self driven cars.

    Came to know that Digizone, have good track record in GPS tracking.

    If some one is intrested, please visit or call 9840409620.



  55. If any one is looking for self driven car in Hyderabad at the best price kindly contact me at 09966813823.

    Cars tarrif:

    1. Ford Ikon,Accent,Swift,Baleno : 1800- 2000 per day.
    2. I10,Chevrolet Aveo U-VA : 1600-1800 perday.
    3. Fiesta,Sx4 : 1900-2100 perday.
    4. Alto,Wagon R: 1400-1600 per day.



  56. self driven car in Hyderabad:

    1. Tata Vista 2011 : 2000 per day.
    2. Tata Manza 2011 : 2400 per day.
    3. Swift VDI 2010 : 2400 per day.
    4. Hyundai I20 2012: 2500 per day.
    5. Varna 2009: 2400 per day.
    6. Innova : 2800 - 3000 per day.
    7. Scorpio :2800 per day.
    8. Xylo: 2800 per day.



  57. I recently used Zoom Cars from bangalore, they offer self drive cars and do not ask for a deposit. Had a good experience driving a scorpio to Coorg and Nilgiris, They are now expanding to other cities as well.

  58. Hello,

    I am looking for self driven car from Mysore-Ooty-Mysore for 5 days. We are total 8 family members. So looking for 8 seater car. If anyone know any contact in Mysore kindly share. I am coming on 24th DEC 2014 in Mysore.
    Thanks in advance!

  59. I suggest you rent one from Bengaluru- Zoomcar or Carzonrent.

    Not aware of any operator in Mysore

  60. Hi Shrinidhi,

    I represent am writing this to ask if details of our site can be mentioned on your site. This will definitely help alot of people who are asking only for such service. Car Drivers Bangalore have been providing service to customers for the last 7 years and have been catering to all types of customers, households / politicians / corporates etc.

  61. Hi Pranav

    Noted. Will refer your services to those in need

  62. Different states have different pricing- depending on no of seats, duration etc etc

    For AP Zoomcar refunds the permit fee.

  63. yes sir agree but some people have commented that police guy was unable to understand the zoomcar self drive concept instead he charged 1500 extra from them as considering them not holding driver license badge . please clarify me

  64. I think that is not required. All cars carry a document that authorise self drive. If traffic police is ignorant, that is no reason to pay fine Haven;t come across such a situation.

  65. I have opted for Joy Cars, Chennai for a rental self drive car and just to mention you it was a pathetic experience so far. Joy Cars are not a professionally driven firm, their sales team is worst in customer handling. Its been 4 weeks now and I have NOT received my security deposit amount back. I am getting frustrated by following up with them continuously with no luck. Probably I would have to take further legal action, so that they can not repeat this with someone in future.

    Sankalp Dhimole

  66. Hmm, Once Carzonrent and Zoom have expanded like crazy, there is no need to go to small time players who use white board cars and have complicated process

  67. Hi, I'm looking for a self drive option from my sore to coorg for 3 days between 25th and 27th Dec. Car zone rent doesn't have any availability. Please suggest options

  68. @Sokkalingam
    Try They are new agency in Bangalore.

    Dec last week is peak season- all cars are very likely to be sold out. But try zoomcar and If nothing works out, try 2 days before. If anyone has cancelled last minute you might get lucky. ELse rent a taxi

  69. car drivers in Bangalore


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