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Vehicle number plate positioning-bad practices

One of the reasons why vehicles are mandated to have a registration number displayed properly in front and rear is that a passerby should be able to read the number plate and identify the vehicle, in case the car (or any other vehicle) speeds away after causing an accident. But several car owners resort to some practices which defy above purpose. In an earlier post several years ago, I’d written about Fancy Number plates, written in some strange fonts or designs which are very difficult to comprehend from a distance. In this post, it is about positioning the number plate.

All vehicle manufacturers give a designated area at the front and rear of the vehicle to affix number plates-usually at the centre. But some car owners use this designated space for some fancy writing and display the registration number elsewhere…

So what’s wrong in it?
First, when a car speeds away after an accident, we’ll have very little time to note down the number. By default our eyes look at the spot where we expect the number plate to be. By the time we realize that the required number plate is not there and it is located elsewhere, few precious seconds would have been lost and the car would have moved several hundred meters ahead, making it difficult for us to read the actual registration number. So this habit of misplacing number plate negates one of the core purposes of displaying the registration number.

Second, most of the car manufacturers provide a light on top of the place where we display registration number. Thus during night time there’ll be some light on this spot and one can read the number plate displayed under the light. When registration number is displayed elsewhere, there won’t be lighting on it during night, making it even difficult to read it.

So, shouldn’t the traffic police enforce correct positioning of registration number? What do you think? May look like a trivial matter, but when the very purpose of displaying number plate is at risk, I believe we should understand it and correct ourselves.

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  1. How can you expect the criminals to follow the rules when their core intention is to break them?

  2. Well, those who are determined to break will always have a work around, but the least we can do is spread awareness...

  3. seems like most of the vehicles in Karnataka do it.. are police in KA very lineant and doesn't bother about these things?

  4. Logesh,
    Well, I've seen few such vehicles in TN too. The black accent picture was taken in T.Nagar, Chennai

  5. Your article was really true and thought provoking. I might have some suggestion at my blog which is releted to your one.

  6. Sumit, thanks. Read your blog post..

    I don't like the idea of assigning one single agency for all number plates- that agency will charge very high for number plates... instead govt should publish a sample-font size and design and everyone should follow it.

    Microchip is good idea.

  7. That is truly ridiculous, is it not the part of law that there must be specific area and font for a number plate ? A driver can escape easily after hitting some one even having the number plate but with wrong specs.

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