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10 Innovations I wish come true

Technology has changed our lives a lot. Today we are able to do lot of things which 50 years ago people never believed possible. But I feel there’re still lots of features/innovations/inventions possible which hopefully someone someday turns into a reality.

I’m listing few of the inventions I would like to see materialize- may sound absurd or stupid at this point of time, but serious thinkers can start working on it. You never know-100 years later all this could be for real.

1. 1.1. Digitize Food

Wont it be cool for your mom to be able to cook food for you and sent it as an email attachment? We’re able to send voice and video over net-wish someone invents ways to convert real objects into 0 and 1 such that your mom can indeed upload the delicious food and you can download and eat it next moment, sitting thousands of miles away.

2. Search real objects

I need to chop vegetables but unable to locate the knife. Is it at the bottom of the sink or is it hidden somewhere in vegetable basket or is it lost elsewhere? How nice if I can use Google search to find it out.

3. Bluetooth enabled brains

How nice it will be if we can exchange knowledge between two brains? You know a lot about calculus while your friend doesn’t? Just transfer it via Bluetooth to him. Nice na?

4. Be able to Backup brains

In line with previous wish, how about being able to backup whatever you have studied so far? One can reload contents relevant to a particular subject before going for exam on that subject or many other uses can be derived.

5. Be able to compress real objects

The road is not wide enough? How about being able to compress your vehicle a bit so that you can zip ahead? Airline has a 45kg luggage limit? Why can’t we use a winzip like utility which can reduce weight a bit?

6. Be able to deposit time and withdraw it later

As we can deposit money and earn an interest on it, why not a feature to deposit time when we have lots of it and withdraw it when we need (say the day before exams?)

7. Academic capsules

C urrent approach of having to spend 20 precious years for education is a total waste of time. If we spend so much time reading something that's already been studied upon, when will we have time for innovations? Just the way software programs come in a CD, why not have some capsules with all knowledge pertaining to a specific subject is stored and by consuming that tablet one can gain all knowledge of that subject. A tablet for English language, a tablet for wannable software engineers, a syrup for management skills….

8. Online voting in General elections

This is technically possible even now, but the question is will the politicians of our country ever let it happen. Why can’t I comfortably cast my vote online from the comfort of my home? Why should I go all the way to my hometown (where I’m listed to vote), stand in line for whole day and cast my vote in a 50 years old fashion? Well, online security is not foolproof at this point, but that can be fixed and is reasonably better option than risking life in some pole related violence.

9. Heat generating cubes

There’re chemicals which cause exothermic reactions, thereby releasing heat, when they are mixed with certain other chemicals. What I am looking for, is a compound, which is consumable/harmless and can generate heat when added to water.

Currently while on camping, to heat water, we need to setup fire, use a vessel and struggle a bit to get hot water (say, to make noodles). If we can have something like heat generating cubes, which if added to water instantly get dissolved and make water hot, it will be great. (There’re some chemicals which react with water to generate heat-but they are not edible and we just can’t consume that water post reaction.

10. Climate Control Solutions

Despite so many technological advances, we continue to be humble and helpless in front of mother nature (some of us may feel that’s how it should be). We are unable to protect a cricket match from rains or ensure fogs don’t disrupt our air traffic. We often fail to predict disasters like earthquakes- let alone control it. If our weather forecasting becomes little more advanced and if we manage to give at least 12-24 hour warning lots of life and property can be saved. Despite so much advances in technology we are not in a position to alert our farmers “tomorrow there‘ll be a sudden unexpected heavy rain-go protect your crops” Poor farmers lose lots of their harvest to flood, rain, draught and so on. I feel lot of inventions are due in this space.

I don’t know if this wish list will ever materialize. But if it does, I can take credit for being such a visionary. Can’t I?


  1. Nice list...I've been thinkin like this too for quite some time now.. Like sending food as attachment => Simply search/browse the food u like n click download.. have it arrive at ur desk in a jiffy...
    n like I can give missed calls to my mobile to see whr I've misplaced it, I can 'missed call' my important documents, my matchin dupatta or hankies/towels/socks n wat not..
    How nice to have a ctrl-F on all the books I read...
    How cool is that...
    And if i can talk to someone live jus by thinkin abt them, no phone dialing/internet voip chats...that way we ll nvr put up talkin to someone for later... :)

  2. No 9 and 10 are superb and reailistic!!

  3. Vikram,


    LIked that missed call concept.

    And if we could talk to someone just by thinking about them celebrities with lots of fans are going have a nightmare dealing with so many calls... What say?


  4. Online voting in elections could be the most realistic of the list. It might come true in the next 20-25 years in India.

    As for heat-generating cubes, don't we have enough heat already in the Indian summer? What we need is best utilization of solar energy and we could save so much on fuel and electricity costs.

  5. Hari,

    The heat generating cubes I meant were for emergency purposes, like say while camping or during medical emergency in a freezing mountain etc, wherein traditional approaches of heating water are just not available.

    I only hope online voting comes within the timeline you specified...


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. >> "And if we could talk to someone just by thinking about them celebrities with lots of fans are going have a nightmare dealing with so many calls... What say?"

    Well then, lets have a radio button somewhr to activate the option ;)
    1. Allow ppl to talk to me when they think abt me
    2. Do not allow...

  8. Namratha,

    gr8. Thanks for visiting again.

    If I ever ever happen to invent this feature, I'll remember to give a radio button. :)

  9. HI Shri...
    nice ideas.
    As far as my knowledge is concerned,
    I can give a idea abt ur 2nd wish,......
    Locating a knife in the house.....
    yday or day b4 yaday i saw a news in which in some country, a lady executive is trapping the temeperatures of people stepping inside the airport.
    If the temp trapped on a aprticular person exceeds a limite, he will be contacted and sent for the test for flu.
    like wise we can place some sensors in our home sothat simply sitting b4 our PC, we can see the things where they are just like goolge maps. give keywords for every room to the mostly used things (Like for kitchen, knife, spoons, glassware, lighter etc.,) and u can put a "search with in a room" option over there...
    Nice na...........

    Work from home

  10. Most of the items are on my wish list too. Specially need ctrl+f for searching things in the house!

  11. Meenakshi, Nice thoughts.

    Maddie, yes. verymuch.


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