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Met an old pal

Note: The essence of this post is that I accidentally saw a vehicle which I'd rented several months back. If this doesn't interest you, please check my April archive or March archive for more interesting posts.

September 2008, I’d booked a Ford Fiesta from carzonrent (Hertz India licensee) Bangalore for our Wayanad trip. 3-4 days prior to scheduled trip, Hertz told me that they’re upgrading me for free to a brand new Scorpio vls, as Ford Fiesta which I’d booked is unlikely to be available for the said dates. (probably due to extended rental)
rear view amidst tea plantationWe eventually enjoyed our Wayanad trip in that brand new Scorpio Vls (Scorpio Vls review * Wayanad travelogue) It was a maiden voyage for that 4 days old SUV. After that, it appears that there’s been huge demand for this vehicle and whenever I check with Hertz about Scorpio, I would get a response that it is not available.

Recently we (me and 4 others) were touring Ooty, Coonoor and Kotagiri area, in a Ford Fiesta rented from Car Club. Last Sunday afternoon, while driving in a jam-packed Ooty city, near bus stand, I suddenly noticed a vehicle with yellow on black number plate. Naturally it grabbed my attention and next moment I realized that it is a Scorpio. Second look at the number plate assured me that it is the same vehicle belonging to Hertz which I’d rented last September. Quickly asked my friend to take a snap.
This might look silly to most of you, but this is how I met my old pal (so what if it is not a human being?). he was looking as good as a new one-without any dents or scratches. A carzonrent sticker is the only addition.

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