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Chennai Roadies

Sharing a few photos clicked on the roads of Chennai. These are clicked over a period of time. You may have to click on them for a closer look.

1. Found on ECR: A nice big Honda Accord, Karnataka Registered and Belonging to Avis... Asked driver if it is available for self drive... Driver said yes, but said the cost is Rs 22,000 per day. Not sure if he is correct-Usually Avis doesn't give top end cars to individuals-they rent it only under corporate contract
2. Someone's getting down in style...

3. Wrong side: Not everyone cares to drive all the way to Madhya Kailash and take a U turn, covering 6+kms unnecessarily, while one can drive in wrong way for few hundred meters to reach their destination. Common scene near Tidel Park Signal
4. 2 B.E or Not to B.E?
5. Lock on... (read more about this here)
two vehicles chain locked
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  1. Nice Collection Shri.. I liked the operator overloading stuff :)

  2. Thanks Mohan.
    I've added one more at the end

  3. Interesting photologue.

    Incidentally, Hondas and for that matter Japanese cars are hard to find for rentals in US.. Honda Accords are very popular cars among Desis in America for purchase. That rate is quite steep- wow!!

  4. I think I know where the Alto incident happened

  5. And I am obsessed with which of your pictures carry copyright and which don't. Sigh, this will take some time to wear off.

  6. Nice collection of pics....
    @ Pic 2....that auto is meant for people with some disability..there are few in Delhi also..

    @Pic 3...this one is and can be dangerous...I once had a lucky escape when an auto with logs almost tipped over my legs..

    @ Mridula...hahhahaa

  7. Jennifer,
    ok, thanks for the insights... I had another photo of a Honda City being transported on a truck-couldn't find that image...

    I bet you know...

    All are copyright protected...

    thanks for that additional info. Guess those autos are for those who do not have left hand fully operational?

    All, I've added a few more photos at the end

  8. nice collection...

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  12. Janit

    Bath, stop spamming-your links wont work...

  13. Shrinidhi, youve got a nice collection there..

    but i do not find anything humourous about INVALID CARRIAGE..

    invalid means handicapped/disabled..

    I guess its pretty fine for a disabled guy to have an autrick to move around

    good work on the whole..

  14. dude itz not a hona city...itz a maruti baleno

  15. Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too.

  16. The Swift Looks nice and I thought the first car with yellow lightening strikes is opel Astra,I am rite

  17. Rifaq: WHere is Swift?

    First one is Honda city


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