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Tata Nano FAQs

A few of you might feel this blog has become an overdose of Nano related posts. Can't help it-After spending so much time with Nanos I have to take it to a logical conclusion. Have a few more posts about Nano and Nano Superdrive lined up (One complete review of the car and another concluding post about Superdrive),after which this blog will revert to normalcy.

I’ve answered several questions about the Nano during my road trip. These questions and answers provide a good review of the car and people's perspective on it. Here’re the 10 popular Nano FAQs, which public and media asked us during the superdrive. (If the topic doesn't interest you. click here to read best of 2009)

1 What material is the car body made from? Is it plastic? Aluminium?

Mr Ranjit Patel, who owns a shop in Prime Market, Surat, was very skeptical about the car and posed us with the above and many other questions. Mr. Jigar Shah, Customer Service Manager, Tata Motors, clarified that car’s body is made from Cast Iron and engine is Aluminum.

2 Is there power steering in any of the models?
No. None of the variants have power steering. I didn’t feel the need for it, except couple of times while attempting tough maneuvers for parking.

3 Can it climb up a hill?

It did. With 3-4 people on board, Nanos comfortably climbed western ghats with decent speed as we drove from Cochin to Coimbatore and other hilly terrains.

4 How much does a Nano cost on road?
On road price ranges from 1.4 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs depending on city. It was cheaper in Kolhapur, Maharastra compared to Karnataka, due to taxation differences. Standard version which costs 1.4 lakhs is the bare minimum version with no ac.

5. The supposed to be Rs 1 lakh car costs as much as 2.3 lakhs-How is it better that Maruti 800 that is available at similar prices? (Media question to Tata Motors Official in Goa)
At 2.3 lakhs, you’re comparing Nano’s top end variant with Maruti 800’s entry level version. Nano LX is available in BS4 while Maruti BS3, among many other differences. Further, M800 is being phased out, which means there’s no other new car one can buy in 2 lakh range.

6. Bajaj and others are planning on small cars-How will it impact?

Nanos are already on the road while the competition is still in drawing room or concept stage. Nano will be miles ahead of competition in terms of innovation, pricing and other parameters

7 Is Nano Available in CNG/Diesel?
People in North India were very keen on a Nano CNG version while those in South asked about Diesel. Unfortunately as of now Nano is available only in Petrol. However, Tata Motors officials have said off the record that they’ve a long term (10 years) vision for Nano and Nano CNG and Diesel versions will be launched in future (exact timelines not known) Also a variant with luxury interiors, targeting women customers, is also on the cards

8 How fast does it go?

I too was skeptical about Nano’s top speed and was expecting it to be around 60-70kmph. Initial few days of the trip we drove very slowly and cautiously, never exceeding 80kmph. However, once on Mumbai Pune expressway, we touched upto 110kmph and thereafter, wherever road conditions permitted, we cruised at decent speeds of 100kmph+. So that’s quite practical speed for city car.

9 Can I buy a Nano now?

Nano’s Sanand plant is now operational, with a capacity of 2.4 lakh cars per year (expandable to 5 lakh cars) Cars that have been manufactured so far will first be delivered to those who’ve already booked Nano and waiting. Once waiting list is cleared, fresh bookings would open. In about 2 month’s time, Tata Motor Officials are optimistic that one will be able to walk in and drive out a Nano

10. How's the response been from public for Nano?
The response has been great. Initial few Nano customers in each city proudly explained the celebrity status they got because of Nano (as everyone were curious about the new car) About the performance and other aspects as well, people were very pleased with the car. One journalist in Surat expressed that engine should have been more powerful. An elderly couple in Pune said they got only 15kmpl, a customer in Chennai mentioned about engine noise, A prospective customer in Mumbai wanted Nano with an airbag... Excluding few isolated cases like this, feedback has been great


  1. In your tenth FAQ, you mentioned that a Journalist said that he wanted the engine to be more powerfull. Well, I agree with him. Engine should have been a bit bigger and more powerfull.

    Doing 110 Kmph in a 600CC engine surprised me.

  2. Pushing is easier than pulling. So the rear engine is slightly more effective than front engines (Even Volvos use rear engines), hence Nanos are doing better than expected...

    A bigger engine means more cost, bigger size (might compromise on ground clearance)... May be Tatas will launch a Nano variant with more powerful engine option in future... let us see

  3. I have written an article on Tata Nano. Since you are the official blogger of Tata Nano superdrive, I would like to see your comments in the article.

    The article is here: http://hubpages.com/t/168201

  4. Thanks for your comment, I was happy reading your comment.. Thanks again..


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