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Tour of Nilgiris (TFN) 2010 needs Official Blogger n Photographer

My experience/exposure to cycling has been bit minimal. Chennai-Mahabs and back is my longest ride on cycle (about 100kms). However, cycling is a noble way to save environment, save money and gain good health. Lots of cycling related events are happening around, Tour of Nilgiries is one among them and this post has more info about the event and an opportunity for bloggers and photographers to get involved.

Tour of Nilgiris
, better known as TFN, is an acclaimed cycling event, being organized for the 3rd year this time. Tour of Nilgiries reportedly started in 2008 in an informal way among a few friends who were cycling enthusiasts but in a very short span, picked up momentum and is now a much awaited event for cycling enthusiasts and organizers are putting in efforts more than professional event management companies to ensure smooth sailing of cycling event.

As the name suggests Tour of Nilgiries focuses on Nilgiri range of mountains in South India, spread across the state of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In the 2009 edition, participants covered over 900 kms on cycle. The 2010 edition (named TFNTEN), Scheduled for Dec 16-23 2010 will cover about 1000 kms, starting from Bangalore-Kollegal-Gundlupet, Ooty, Wayand, Coorg and back, spanning about 8 days.

Ride a Cycle Foundation (RACF) is the organization behind Tour Of Nilgiries. TFN is not a cycle race, but a leisure (well, reasonably leisure) ride on a bicycle across the scenic mountain routes. The participation is restricted to 100 members and exact cost is not known to me. (Website says advance donation of Rs 16000 and balance as communicated by the organizers as tour date nears).

Now, why am I writing all these? There’s a provision for one official blogger and one official photographer. I had all plans to apply for Official Blogger spot and was preparing for that. Unlike other scenarios where we’ve to garner online votes, here the aspiring bloggers need to write about TFN and list why they should be selected as Official Blogger. That might sound as self praise, but I felt defending our candidature by listing our merits is better way than going around asking for votes. Hence I made a list of reasons why I should be considered for the post of Official Blogger for Tour of Nilgiris 2010.
  • Considerable experience in Blogging: Blogging since May 2006, 550+ blog posts, 500+ visitors per day, PR 4
  • Experience serving as Official Blogger for Tata Nano Superdrive, Green route, a 26 days road trip covering all of South India. Well experienced in documenting daily happenings in an interesting way, for any tour/event.
  • Experience in live blogging conferences and events, organized by IAMAI, CII and others [More details in About Me page]
  • I enjoy travel, long drives, photography, cycling and nature
I might have gone on adding a few more points and submit my entry to the organizers, but something big happened last weekend. My ability to attend Multi-day events depends on availability of leave from my employer. A career related development [do not ask more about this, nothing worth making public yet] has made it very unlikely that I’ll be getting 10 days leave in December, to travel along with the TFN cyclists. So with considerable uncertainty hanging over the head, it doesn’t make sense to press for Official Blogger position. Even for organizers of the event, it’ll be better to select someone more certain of joining.

I wish all the best for TFNTEN organizers and participants. Hope to be a part of Tour of Nilgiries 2011 edition.

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  1. All the best shrinidhi! may you be the official blogger of this event and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't be :)

  2. Obviously you didn't read the post... I am not contesting... Unlikely to get 10 days leave

  3. can i have a driver to drive the cycle uphill only? :D

  4. Loggy,

    Better idea will to fix a small electric motor to the cycle- like in sewing machines

  5. That is interesting, wonder who the lucky ones will be.

  6. All the best.
    Cycling s the way to go.


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