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Santiago De Chile- Street pictures

This post just shares some street pictures of Santiago City, the capital of Chile…

One of the multi lane roads that lead to Mercado centre
A lone neighborhood street near my hotel, 8AM in the morning
Another street near northern part of the city, near Marriot Hotel

Sunrise happens very late, at about 9.30AM or so, hence the streets look like 6Am equivalents of India. More photos soon. Sorry for very little text and more photos in recent post


  1. I believe Santiago is well maintained traffic also looks bearable

  2. great going nidhi. i am loving those. keep posting more pics.
    meanwhile, i began my project365 again and as you were following earlier, i would expect your inputs this time as well.


  3. Ram,
    Sure. Another week max

    Umesh sir, yes it is

    Saurabh: will check your blog next week


  4. streets look more tidy and clean.....sunrise that much late there?put more such photos ........

    hi really u r god cameraman/reporter also :-)


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