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Dandha-How Gujaratis do business- Shobha Bondre

Dandha is an interesting book which I bought recently from flipkart. This book talks about the life of few select Gujarathi businessmen, who had been very successful entrepreneurs. It is an inspiring book for wannable entrepreneurs. This book narrates real stories and not the gyan from some self promoted guru, hence it retains interest till the end.

Books MRP is Rs 199, but when I bought it was retailing at Rs 99 on flipkart, current price is about Rs 131.

It is well known that Gujarathi people have a flair for business and almost always succeed in what they take up. If you are interested in knowing how they began, how they dealt with various situations and eventually became successful, Dandha is the book to read.

  • Title: Dandha- How Gujaratis do business
  • Author: Shobha Bondre
  • Publishers: Random House India
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • ISBN 978-8-184-00312-3
  • Pages: 284
  • MRP:  Rs 199 (available for less online)
Reading this book also teaches you a lot about Hotel and Motel industry (I didn't know that most of the motels in US are owned by Gujarathis), Diamond industry and insurance sales. It also tells us how Gujaratis come together as family & friends, to help each other grow. Book also narrates perspectives from family members of the businessmen- wife, kids etc- about their thoughts, contributions and ups and downs they went through while supporting the business ventures.

Book is also available as eBook. I strongly suggest reading this for the hidden entrepreneur in you. 

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