Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Manufacturing vs Services Industry-@ a glance

Giving a quick comparision of phrases we often get to hear in a production industry as compared to a service industry. While the former has been in existence for centuries, later is growing at high pace and posing a threat to manufacturing industry. Who will survive? Only time will tell...

Have a look...

Sl.No.Non IT (Say Manufacturing Industry)IT (Services Industry)
1.Buy 50 tones of steel, heat treat it and give to production unit
Go to a college, get 50 freshers, train them on XYZ and allocate them into project team
2.We need to export 5 containers full of abc to that country. Book the vessel and ask warehouse to release the goods
We need 3 abc consultants on site. Identify the resources and initiate their VISA/WP
3.Production is halted because machine is broken and we don’t have spares
Delivery is delayed because key resource has quit and we’re yet to find a replacement
4.Opening stock is dwindling , order fresh raw material
Not enough people on bench. Go on a hiring spree
5.Machines are lying idle. Can we try some by product?
Loading factor is poor Associates are sitting idle. Keep them engaged with some task
6.That machine is very expensive /sensitive. Maintain well and take good care of it
This resource is very critical. Pay him/her well and ensure he/she doesn’t join rival company
7.Our product is of superior quality and will last much longer. That’s why they cost a bit more
Our resources are highly skilled and experienced to ensure maximum value addition. You wont regret paying few dollars more for them (per hour)
8.Will fax you product specification
Will mail you the resumes
9.This product is ISI certified
This resource is IBM/SUN/Microsoft certified
10.Raw materials undergo thorough inspection before usage
All resources will clear background and criminal check
11.We’ll buy this raw material if you give free replacement guarantee if any defect is found
We’ll hire from you only if you can provide us with free replacement if the candidate doesn’t work for minimum of 6 months
12.We need more units of this product. Put that product Y on hold and engage 2 more assembly lines for this units
This project is very critical. Pull 2 resources from that project and put them into this one.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

About the ladies who call me every day

I haven’t written anything about ladies etc in my blog. Let me break that trend and reveal some secrets in this post. Trying some humor after a long time. Hope you like it.

Of late several ladies have been calling me, almost on a daily basis, not that my market value has catapulted overnight or any such reasons, just because I’ve chosen not to fall pray to any of the marketing strategies adopted by some companies.

My most favorite lady caller is Miss Caller Tune. She is very much upset (when people are upset they stop calling,but this strange lady is not like that) with me because I’ve not opted for Hutch’s caller tune subscription. She calls me everyday and complains about this. Once I accept her call, before I can say anything, she starts speaking like below:

"क्या यार् जब् भी कोइ तुम्हे फॉन् कर्ता है वही पुरानी ट्रि०ग् ट्रि०ग् सुनाई देती है| पता है? तुम् अपनी मन् पसन्द गाने को कालर् ट्यून् बनाकर् लोगो०को सुना सकते हो| इस्की कीमत् है सिर्फ् ३० रुपये महीना| हम् आप् के लिये लाये बहुत् सारे सूपर् हिट् गाने जैसे-

शक लक लक लक लक लक लक लक लक लक लक बूम् बूम|
इस् गाने को अपने कालर् ट्यून् बनाने केलिये १ दबओ| और् -
नो नो नो नो... नो नो नो नो नो. नो.. नो.. नो.. नो.. नो ऍन्ट्री..-इस् गाने के लिये २ दबाओ|

पल् पल् पल् पल् पल् पल् पल् पल् पल् कैसे कटेगा ये पल् हर् पल् -इस गाने से अपने कालर्स को दीवाना बनाने के लिये अपने मोबैल् से ३ दबाओ..."
in case Hindi unicode scripts do not get displayed properly..
(kya yaar…Jab bhi koi tumhe phone karta hain vahi purani tring tring sunai deta hein. Pata hain, tum apni man pasand gaane ko caller tune bana ke apne callers ko suna sakte hon. Iska kimat hein sirf 30 rupayee…Hum aap ke liye laaye hain bahut saare super hit gaane jaise..
shaka laka laka laka laka laka laka laka ….bhooom boooom boom…is gaane to apni caller tune banana keliye 1 dabao…aur No No No No...No.NO.No No No No No Entry...agar ye gaana tumhe pasand aata hein to 2 dabao…nahi to pal pal pal pal pal pal pal pal pal pal pal pal kaise katega ye pal… -is gaane se apni callers to diwaana banana keliye 3 dabao…)

(For non-hindi people: It is a pre-recorded voice which plays bits of films songs and asks me to press a particular number to set that song as caller tune)
(I've not kept a count of how many 'pal's, 'shaka's, 'no's 'laka's and bhooms are there in the song. Excuse me if there is a count mismatch)

Why can’t she go on singing every available song on this planet? Probably I might choose 631940th song as my caller tune! But I think she gets tired after singing 5-6 songs and call will disconnect eventually if I don’t respond. I never end her call myself as she gives me my daily dose of music.

Second comes this lady (real lady, no recorded voice this time). She begins in Telugu . నేను హచ్ షాప్ ను౦చి మాట్లాడతున్నాను సార్ (Nenu Hutch-shop nunchi matladatunnanu sir..Telugu for: I'm calling from Hutch-shop)I respond promptly నాకు తెలుగు రాదు అమ్మాయి. దయచేసి హి0ది / ఇ౦గ్లీష్ లో చెప్ప౦డి (Naaku telugu raadu ammai, dayachesi hindi/English lo cheppandi-Telugu for: I don't know Telugu lady, please tell me in Hindi/English) she usually shifts to Hindi. In sharp 7 seconds she completes her statement (practiced and perfected by repeating thousands of times daily): Her offer is that if I recharge for Rs. 75 I can make hutch to hutch calls and 30 paisa only, Hutch to other mobiles at 45 paisa only and so on. For this I politely say అవసర౦ లెదు (Avasaram lEdu-No need) Next comes the follow up question: Why sir? It is good no sir? OR Isn’t it useful to you sir? At this point, I feel the urge to explain the lady my detailed analysis (including ROI, minimum number of calls I’ve to make in order to reach break-even in that scheme, my usage for past one year etc) based on which I’ve reached the conclusion this scheme is more beneficial to Hutch than me. But since my time is precious I resist my temptation and end the call.
image of tele-callers
Third are credit card ladies. They are assisted by their “boyfriends” who will be waiting just outside my office to help me. All I need to do is walk outside the office with a copy of my ID card etc and hand them over to their executive. 99% of such calls I disconnect without saying anything. If I’m free and in a good mood, I manage to say “No thanks” to rest of the fortunate 1% callers. (These tele-callers are paid to call hundreds of people every day and they have to hear all harsh scolding from people whom they call (never bothering if people are in a middle of a meeting or sleeping or driving) and irritate. But venting your anger on these callers won’t serve any purpose, because they have no authority to remove your number from the list).

Next time onwards, I’ve decided to explain them the concept of blogging and tell them how they can sell more credit cards by blogging, than making unsolicited calls.

Bunch of other ladies are also after me. All they want is that I should waste my hard earned money on several stupid products and services-including cricket updates, ringtones you name it. Their faith in me (or their belief that they are going to convince me some day) is unquestionalble. Even if I say NO they do call back again, sooner or later, with fresh hopes of getting some business from me!!!
Note: Image sourced from external website. was used for Hindi and Telugu Unicode characters. Humorous writing only and no pun is inteded towards the ladies.

SMSs we get from them is another big story (even Novel) by itself...

News Update: Register your number with National Do Not Call Registry and tele marketers will be instructed not to call you. We hope this system works. TOI news here

Thanks to NA Azhar for correcting some of the grammatical errors in Hindi script above.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why Free Reliance Data card offer makes no sense…

First Half of this article shares my experience at Reliance Webworld and second half tells you why I did not buy Reliance Datacard. [Jump to Second Half Directly]

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There's a free Reliance netConnect Data card offer with most of the Notebooks (HP Pavilion, Lenovo etc).As one such HP Pavilion buyer who was entitled for a free Reliance netConnect data card, I did some research on the feasibility of this offer. This post tells you why this “free” data card is not so free and doesn’t make sense to pay over 3700 Rs for this “free offer”.

I had read several negative opinion about this product and subsequent service in several discussion forums and communities so was extremely reluctant to spend Rs 3700 (The cost of so called “Free” data card and three month mandatory subscription.)
Reliance Communications Logo
However I decided to check out the offer and registered in HP website for the claim. After few days my registration was conveyed to Reliance and I got several mails from different executives in various reliance web world outlets in Hyderabad. I responded to one of them and asked what all they need. Besides standard stuff like address proof etc he insisted I should submit Original product label with serial number from laptop box. I said I’m not going to give that and eventually he agreed for photocopy.

Next I went to their shop in Ameerpet and asked executive there for a demo. He said they can’t give demo now and I need to come after 2 days. One customer who had bought a new laptop and was configuring his reliance datacard there. I asked him if he is happy with the speed and performance. He replied in negative.

Next I went to Reliance WebWorld in Panjagutta. There the lady at the counter agreed to arrange for the demo, a store boy brought an old laptop from inside and switched it on, but he couldn’t login to internet because it was not accepting the password he was entering. After several attempts he closed the notebook and kept it inside. The lady told “Sorry sir, some problem is there. You pay the money and submit the application now; we’ll deliver the card in two days” I insisted on a demo so that I could check if the speed is sufficient for my requirement. The rep said “speed is very good sir, 128 kbps” I asked “I know it wont be that much, tell me what speed I can expect” He couldn’t respond. I asked further “Ok, tell me, how much time it will take if I have to upload a 1MB file as attachment?” He said “not sure sir but that wont take much time” That time another customer came there and opened his newly got datacard and tried connecting to net using it. This is the statement store rep made to the customer: “Sir the software needs 30 minutes to get activated. You need to install the CD, restart the notebook and wait for 30 minutes” Eventually he closed his notebook, pocketed the data card and left.
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Because of these experiences, coupled with following facts about wireless internet, below are the reasons why I didn’t opt for Free Reliance Data card (and recommend not to go for it)

1. Wireless internet is in its infancy in India. Though this has huge potential, the operators are hesitating to release enough bandwidth for internet usage, because 99% customers are voice users, hence most of the available bandwidth is kept for mobile communication. Its like egg first or Hen. If they increase bandwidth and give good speed and service many people will subscribe,(Mobility is very nice to have. For the same speed and reasonable price people would prefer wireless internet compared to broad band) but operators do not appear to be willing to do so till they accumulate enough subscribers, this in turn diluting existing customer base.

2. For the reason stated above the wireless connectivity speeds are pathetic (they claim 128 kbps, but for all practical purpose it will be just around 3-5 kbps or even less).Browsing at this low speed will be a pathetic experience. (You might just be able to check your mail with that. Don’t even dream about uploading/downloading a 2MB attachment.)

3. Since wireless internet offers high mobility, it is suitable for people who keep traveling a lot and need net connection just to check mails or browse latest news etc. Home users who watch videos, upload/download files, do a lot of net intensive activities (like online gaming, video chatting etc) will feel wireless internet suffocating experience.

4. Connection speed during peak hours will be of no practical use. Speed will be good if you can get up at 5 AM in the morning and browse, because number of users at that time is likely to be minimal.
images of Reliance, Tata Indicom data cards
5. There’s huge complaint about Reliance customer care. At any given point of time, in any reliance web world you can see one or two customers complaining with the front desk executives about one thing or the other. These executives are trained only to collect money and give receipt, for any complaints, best they can do is give you a most reasonable excuse. Shouting at them will be total waste of your time and energy. These front desk representatives neither have the technical skills to resolve your concern, nor have the managerial authority to compensate you/provide alternate solution. Complaints of excess billing, poor service etc is also rampant with Reliance. (Remember: मेरा बाप का सप्ना - सब का पैसा अप्ना…)

6. Reliance Data card regular schemes start with INR 650 monthly rental. But with this free Data card offer, I don’t have the option of subscribing for just one month by paying 650. I need to mandatorily subscribe for full 3 months, pay rent all in advance, without any commitment from Reliance on quality of service/buy back offer/refund option. The moment I make the payment, I can start regretting.

6. With such a slow speed, your productivity will be hit if you have to wait for few minutes for each page to load or a mail to open. So if you have an option, avoid going for wireless internet at this moment.

I've not purchased this card. To read opinion of a blogger who has bought this card and is not happy with it, read this,this and this post. Final Verdict: DO NOT BUY.
Tata Indicom appears to be relatively cheaper (less than 3k for one time purchase and rentals starting at 125 Rs per month) and better (10-20kbps)-I’m checking on it currently. Home based broad band are best option, unless mobility is your primary requirement.

Since India has huge population, these companies manage to stay in business as they can continuously find new customers to make fool of. What do you think?

Info Bytes: What is USB? What is PCMCIA? Which one is better?
USB cards can be used for both Notebooks and desktops while PCMCIA cards can be used only in laptops having PCMCIA slot. (The image of data cards shown in this post are of PCMCIA cards). PCMCIA cards are inserted inside the slot and only antena will be outside, hence looks good, while USB ones will be protruding out of USB port and look messy. Not all notebooks come with PCMCIA slot, so USB ones give better flexibility.

Updates: Corporate Customers of Reliance do get a slightly better service, most probably because Reliance might have dedicated bandwidth for corporate accounts (huge money is involved there, they dont want to loose that)
Further, latest price of Reliance netConnect Card (USB/PCMCIA)is around INR 2800 for direct purchase without any offer. If you pay one year rent in advance you even get fee Datacard. But beware, that will be like jumping in daylight into the well you saw in the night.

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Can't Tatas buy Volvo from Ford?

Update: I was wrong in my understanding. Volvo cars and Volvo trucks are different entities and Volvo Trucks is not for sale. This nullifies the very purpose of writing this post but you may read on. Thanks for Rajiv and others who corrected me.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Original Write up follows ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This article is a quick analysis of happenings in world Automobile market with particular reference to Ford’s interest selling off its subsidiaries: Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover.
Ford Motors Logo
Background Information (for those who have not been following recent developments in world Automobile market): Detroit based Automobile Major Ford Motor (NYSE:F) has been running in loss for quite sometime and is reportedly looking forward to sell of some of the other brands it owns: Sweden based Volvo (Nasdaq: VOLV), Jaguar and Land Rover (Europe).(BBC report says Ford has denied such possibilities. Ford has already sold off Auston Martin in March 2007 for US$ 848 million-BBC Report) News is that India’s Tata Motors (NYSE:TTM)is interested in buying Jaguar brand from Ford to help the former gain access to premium car segment and compete with the likes of Audi, Porsche etc.

Related News: Tata in Race to buy Jaguar (on Hindustan Times)
Struggling Ford May sell Volvo for US$ 7 billion (Telegraph)
Image of tata Logo
Now, I suggest (who am I to suggest? Anyway...) Tata to consider buying Volvo instead of Jaguar (or both. Jaguar and Land rover are far cheaper at US $ 1.5 billion, Volvo is several times expensive at 7 billion so funding might be a problem, but don’t think that is impossible)
image of Jaguar concet car

Rest of this article is dedicated to explaining why buying Volvo will be helpful for Tata’s long term success. (Assumption is that they don’t want to dilute their HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicles-Buses and Trucks) portfolio)

1. Tata’s truck manufacturing know-how was originally secured from Daimler Chrysler (NYSE: DCX)(Makers of Mercedez Benz). Now Tata is operating independently and Daimler Chrysler has recently decided to sell of its 6.6 % stake in Tata Motors [Reuters Report], meaning there’ll be no more backing of an international company (both from technology and funding perspective) for Tata Motors
Volvo Logo
2. Volvo buses and Trucks have been a huge huge success in India (as well as other countries). Volvo B7Rs have become a craze among bus operators who are on a frenzy to buy dozens of B7R intercity coaches (they cost nearly 70 lakh each, twice their nearest competition). B7R has been popular due to unique design (low centre of gravity, rear engine, unmatched comfort) Both Tatas and Ashok Leyland have desperately tried designing buses with rear engine but have failed due to design flaws. Tata low floor buses with rear engines were launched in some cities as trial service, they didn't succeed. (Rear engines have some unique advantages like short shaft length, pushing is easier than pulling etc).

Having said that, buying Volvo would strengthen Tata’s Buses and Trucks portfolio and give access to unique technologies Volvo owns. Volvo is also known for cars, marine engines and construction equipments, areas in which Tata already has presence and can expand upon.

3. Premium Truck market in India is hotting up with entry of Mercedez Benz (with their Actros trucks, to be assembled and sold in India[report]), Force (formerly known as Bajaj Tempo)-MAN, Volvo’s F9, F12, FM and other models (imported and assembled at Volvo India plant near Hoskote, Bangalore. Tata’s and Ashok Leyland are unable to compete with them in this segment. (With the supply chain management shifting towards hub and spoke model (i.e. heavy trucks bring the goods till city entrance from where they are distributed in smaller vehicles inside city) cargo operators are increasingly preferring trucks with high tonnage, higher fuel efficiency and express highways are aiding this). Mining and construction industry also prefers to get more work done in less time. Buying Volvo will help Tata corner a majority stake in these segments.
Image of Volvo Truck
Tata has shifted focus towards passenger car segment and is gaining popularity and market share there too. Buying Jaguar will no doubt increase their strength as well as reach by leap and bounds. But for that, should they loose focus on flagship buses and trucks segment?

It might look like a crazy idea but does makes lot of sense. I'm in no authority to dictate someone to spend 7 billion US $.Just my opinion. What do you think?

Note: All images are sourced from external websites.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Surviving traffic police in India

Statutory warning: This author urges you to obey traffic rules, co operate with traffic police and follow safe driving practices. This post only gives some basic tips on reducing inconveniences you might face with law enforcers and by no means encourages you to break rules.

If you’re driving across on Indian roads, you would have probably noticed traffic police pulling over people (99% of them two wheeler drivers, traffic cop dashes in front of the speeding vehicle to make them stop and pull over). They do not check each and every vehicle on road, but pull over few vehicles randomly.
Traffic police pulling violators aside!

How do they work and what are the steps I can take to avoid them?

1. They try to identify the changes in facial expression of riders. Ideally, if you have some fault (say not having a Driving License) your face will show a sense of disturbance/insecurity when you see a cop suddenly (Oh! I didn’t bring my DL what shall I do if the cop asks for it). Traffic police are trained to note this change in facial expression and will definitely ask you to step aside if you show a sense of fear (Most of the people they identify will usually have one fault or other). So, to protect yourself, DO NOT change your facial expression (Dark face helmets will help a lot). Do not make abrupt changes in the speed/direction/lane as well.

2. Use the right most lane. Traffic police are positioned at left most lane and those coming in left most lane become easy victims. If you’re driving in right most lane it is unlikely that the cop will cross one or two lanes and stand in front of you to pull you over.

3. Never make eye contact with the cop. That is suicidal. It is like asking “Should I pull over and show my papers?” In all probability the police constable will indicate you to do so. Keep your eye on the road and keep moving.

OK. I have full respect towards these cops. They put in lot of effort in regulating the traffic amidst hot sun or heavy rain (or however harsh the weather may be). The only complaint I have is that they don’t treat everyone equally. If someone doesn’t slow down but speeds away, these cops make no attempt to chase them and fine them (first of all they don’t have vehicles that can go faster than today’s top speed bikes and cars (Chennai police do have Accent-Details here). They don’t have the determination to make everyone (irrespective of their financial or social position) who breaks a rule to pay fine but need some bakras to cough up some money and usually middle class people traveling on two wheelers become easy targets. We hardly see any car drivers/RTC buses asked to pull over though truck drivers are targeted sometimes (probably because if couple of cars are stopped, there’ll be traffic jam…) Extremely rich people go Scot free, either because these cops don’t dare question them or the rich people easily scare these cops quoting their “high level contacts”. Extremely poor people are also eventually let free, because they have nothing to cough up. Only middle class people end up paying fine (or giving bribe)

Best practices when you’re pulled over:

A. Assume you’re asked to step aside and show your documents. How to minimize inconvenience at that time?
1. Keep all papers (RC, Insurance, DL, emission etc) handy.
2. Cooperate with them. Don’t enter into heated argument. That will make things worse.
3. If you have no fault with you (you have all documents, not violated any rules etc) then there shouldn’t be a problem.

B. Assume there’s an obvious mistake from your side:

If your mistake is obvious, you’ve violated a rule, PLEASE OFFER TO PAY THE FINE. Irrespective of what others do, that is our responsibility as a sincere citizen. Do not attempt to justify your mistake. (Not knowing the law is not an excuse)

Other tips:

1. Keep the emission test validity sticker clearly visible from a distance.

2. If possible learn some local language and try to speak to them in local language. Using other languages will give them a hint that you’re relatively rich as you’re here on education/job from elsewhere.
3. Don’t ever tell them you’re an IT/Call center employee. The fine/bribe amount triples instantly. Your old college ID card may come handy.
4. Keep minimum cash in your wallet. These people are also human and are kind enough. If you can show them that all you have is 60 rupees, chances are that they will take that money, keep Rs 50, return 10 Rs to you and let you go. If you have several crisp notes, it will be very very difficult to defend yourself or your money. Keep that extra cash elsewhere.

5. Never reveal you’re in extreme hurry. These cops have no value for your time. Stay calm, wait for some time, your chances improve.

6. If a lady is traveling with you ask her to take an auto and leave. (It is a general assumption that guys would prefer to cough up some money and leave quickly instead of arguing, when a lady is present besides, and cops (or anyone for that matter) would love to exploit this opportunity.

If you have any more tips, please share.

With all respect to these police forces and their duties, I recommend following below mentioned best practices while driving:
1. Carry all required documents (DL, Emission Certificate, RC, Insurance, No due certificate (for inter state vehicles) etc)
2. Do not break rules. Please respect them.
3. Do not overspeed. Speed certainly thrills, but only till it kills.
4. Keep your vehicles in good condition.
5. Respect other users of road
6. Do not cut lanes/honk wildly/jump signals/park at wrong places
7. Wear helmet/seat belt

Second image sourced from Chandigar Traffic Police website

INFO: Dakshina Kannada (South Canara) Police have an official blog: Read here
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5. Videos of Shrinidhi Driving a tractor

Watch this interesting video below of how vehicles regulate themselves in Hyderabad, India. It happens only in India...

Special Thanks to Mr. Harman, Chandigarh Traffic Police WebMaster for visiting this blog and leaving a comment. I only hope I will not be booked under official secrets act (or some other case) for revealing national secrets...Please checkout their website: for comprehensive information on road safety.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Publish new post by sending email

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Did you know this? If you have a blog on blogger (blogspot), you can publish new posts in your blog, without manually having to log in into blogger dashboard.


Yes. You need to send your post title and content as an email to a pre defined email address and the contents of the email appear as new post on your blog next moment.

How to publish new post by just sending email?

You need to do a one time setting for this. Check the image below:
Log into dashboard and navigate to settings –email . You’ll find something like mail-to-blogger address. Enter a string-may be your name or any other string in the text box before . Select the check box and save settings. Now you have an email ID something like

This is the email ID by mailing to which you can publish new posts. The text in subject line becomes title and rest of the contents of the mail, including signature AND DISCLAIMERS (if any) etc will become the contents of the post.

1. Very convenient: If you can not or do not want to login to blogger separately to publish new post, just do this one time setting and then publish simply by sending an email.

2. Saves time: Opening another browser, logging into blogger, clicking on new post etc etc will take lot of time. Sending a mail is simple and easy

3. Mobility: All you need is that email ID to which you need to send email. You can send email from your gmail account/yahoo account/company ID/directly from your mobile (if you can send emails from mobiles) or from friends ID etc whatever.

4. Group Blog: If your blog has multiple contributors, each member can create his own unique email ID like , etc

5. You got a nice forward and you want to share it with your blog readers, just forward that to your mail-to-blogger address, without any hassles of copy paste…
(WARNING: Do not add this email Id to our mail lists and do not flood your blog with email forwards, no one wants to read forwards on your blog, so unless it is verymuch interesting/useful, don't do it

1. You need to protect this email ID carefully (or keep changing it). If any one comes to know about this email ID he/she can misuse it by sending objectionable content to that email ID and getting it published it in your blog (rest of the world thinks you only published it). I.e. there is no validation of the source. Any communication sent to the ID, irrespective of from where it comes, will get published automatically in your blog, so keep it confidential.

Note: is NOT the email ID to publish content on this blog. It is shown only for reference and actual ID is different.

2. Images do not get published. I sent an email with a image as attachement, but only text got published and not image.

3. Not sure how to assign labels to posts while sending email.

4. Suitable only for plain text contents. You need to embed pictures, edit orientation etc manual log in will be required.

5. Can't edit by email. I mean if there was a mistake in the contents you just mailed, you can't recall the mail or send another mail to correct previous post. For editing you need to login manually.

This feature is very very handy but I think most of us are not aware of this potential. Hence this post.

Next time you feel you have no time to log into blogger, or want to share some quick facts with your readers or you’re unable to access bloggers try sending a mail.

Also when you feel you have nothing new to write, it might be better idea to share some nice forwards you might be getting in your mail box with your readers instead of keeping the blog idle without new content for months at a stretch.

Hari confirms availability of similar functionality in wordpress. Other platforms also must be having something similar..
Hope you find it useful.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Did Napoleon Bonaparte buy a defective dictionary?

Napoleon: There’s no such word called “impossible” in my dictionary.

Keeloo: There’s no use complaining now. You should have checked thoroughly before buying the dictionary.

Joke sourced from a Kannada news paper article (Vijaya Karnataka)(I read it for first time recently, hence sharing, with all due respects to the great emperor.

Request: If you came here looking for some factual information on Napoleon, please get them here on Wikipedia

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