Skywatch Friday Coorg Special

Encouraged by good number of comments received for my previous Skywatch Friday post, publishing another one, this time a few handpicked snap from the recent Coorg Trip

Lone Telephone Post: This single telephone post, without any wires passing through it, was clicked at Kakabbe in Coorg, at a fairly high altitude, near Kings Cottage campus. It signifies the growth of wireless technologies (just kidding) or may be implies the need for staying disconnected when you’re on a vacation.
But Kakabbe had fairly strong mobile signal, so the need for landline phones were minimal

Our plans of an early morning trek to Tadiandamol went for a toss as no one got up on time, so we headed out to visit Cheluvara falls.

We missed a stop and went ahead and once we realized that, instead of taking U-turn and going back, we decided to explore where that roads would lead us to. We reached a set of scenic hills, which we could climb easily and enjoy a 360 degree view. Clouds concentrating around the peak made a nice view, and all hills appeared connected-  if we had the time, we could have walked on from one hill to another and so on...(missed the endeavour here-had to park the Innova and walk a bit, Endeavour would have taken us closer)

Below: Two more photos taken on top of the hill!
jump shadows


  1. Nice view on the hill. You could have tried a 360 degree panorama shot..
    Any plans of going back there again?


  2. I am somewhat poor in wide angle and panorama shots- haven't tried them much.

    No plans for near future...

  3. Lovely shadows and I also liked the hill mist. I also do not know how to take panorama shots but wide angle is easy I thought!

  4. Coz u got a wide angle lens...

    In fixed lens cameras its often limited and ineffective

  5. No. Not yet. Sketching for one, but do not have a ROI, hence postponing

  6. the jumping snap is what I like the most.

    ROI for a DSLR is that you will add photography as a skillset. Then, who knows, you can really become a pro. Maybe, it is a hidden talent :-)

  7. Thanks Sankara

    I should be biting the DSLR bullet in another 6 months time. Let us see

  8. Thank You Thank You

    Meanwhile, Read Sandeep's travelogue here

  9. Any future trips to spots outside India? I suggest you do go for 3 main reasons - It is a great eye opener to observe a culture very different from our own, you are probably getting a nice chunk of change from monetizing this blog, fares to tourist hot spots like Dubai, London, Bali, Bangkok etc have become so low :-)
    (please do not do like other desi bloggers and go to Sg/Malaysia pretending to be a world traveler, ha ha)

  10. yeah sure. Saving funds now... You wanna sponsor?

  11. Hi Anon

    Eventually I happened to go outside India- made 3 international trips this year- Srilanka, Chile and Malaysia. The locations you mentioned- Dubai, London, Bali etc are still on the wishlist and let me hope they happen soon. Bangkok looks feasible, once I build up some savings


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