Colombo Beach area pics and sunset

This post shares a set of photos taken at Colombo beach area…Twin-towers seenfrom-beach
Sunset in Colombo, as seen from the beach area…
sunset-at-colombo-beach observationn-deck
View of the beach from Observation deck
Military personnel conducted what seemed to be their daily routine- lowering the National Flag and folding it respectfully
lowering-SL-national-flag military-personnel-folding the flag
Further in the ocean, a ship was sailing. Subsequent zooming revealed that it was a cruise ship carrying tourists on board. It went for a small round in the Indian ocean and then returned towards the port area. 
An observer on a watch tower kept watch, under a flag which I couldn’t understand what… Looked like the Karnataka state flag inversed…
Just like Indian beaches, petty shops and hawkers to exist in Colombo beach, doing brisk business during the weekend evenings.
kite-sellershops-at-colombo-beach    cartcart-2 
An air force base was present nearby
helicopter-at-a-militarybase-nearby statue 
Did I say we spotted Bret Lee in Colombo? More pictures of him in this post

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