Shivappa Nayak Palace, Shivamogga

Though I have been visiting Shivamogga town of Karnataka quite frequently, Shivappa Nayak's palace is a place I've not explored till date. During a recent visit I ticked it off

Shivappa Nayak is probably Shivaji equivalent of Karnataka- a small but very brave and popular ruler and war strategist of Keladi dynasty. More about Shivappa Nayaka here

We reached the campus on a Sunday afternoon. It was all shining and spic and span. We learnt that the palace had got a round of polishing and maintenance just a week ago. Teak and Rosewood pillar and structures look great with a shine.

Originally believed to be a much larger campus, only one building(Durbar Hall) remain erect now. Others are reportedly lost/damaged in various wars

Shivappa Nayak's palace in Shimoga (whatever is left of the original) is a two story building. Has just about 4 rooms and lots of open space. One of the room houses his weapons. Several precious stones and monuments of his time is preserved behind the palace.

The campus has a big tree, a garden with lots of flowers, a Bell and few others things. Facility is maintained by ASI.

There're no entry fee or camera fee to visit this place. However a caretaker there may ask for "Coffee money"

On the floor, these holes are made. They are used to play a game called "Channemane".[A related poem here]

River Tunga flows adjacent to the palace

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