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Egrets in flight

These are some photos from the fields close to my hometown.

As I went for an evening walk with my 5100, these field workers were at work on the field. They were extracting the harvest. As they uprooted the plants, several egrets were watching eagerly. Egrets were there hoping to catch any earthworm or other eatable worm that might emerge as the workers uprooted the plants. The birds were not afraid of the workers and ventured so close to these workers, workers would have touched them by hand if they chose to. 
However, me being a stranger, birds would fly away a bit to maintain safe distance from me, anytime I moved few steps closer.

Using the burst mode, clicked a set of photos of these birds in flight. Few of them appear to be pretty good, in the backdrop of sunset.

Limitations of a 55mm lens is evident again.

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