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Ford Driving Skills for Life (DSFL)

I took a break from regular work and visited Ford India factory on GST Road yesterday, to attend Ford's CSR initiative, Driving Skills for Life (DSFL)

Driving Skills for Life is an initiative by Ford to train drivers around the world on safe, fuel efficient and eco friendly driving. I had attended this training in 2010 during Discover Smart Drive. The difference in yesterday's event was that trainers were from Advanced Driving School, South Africa and we could get safety demonstrations on Ford's test track.

Ford also launched a book called "First Gear", giving out complete set of tips for first time car buyers and kick started an online initiative wherein users would Pledge to drive safe. In the pics above: Tom Chackalackal, Executive Director, Manufacturing, 2nd from left and Minnie Menon launching the book.

Why programs like Driving Skills for Life are important? Because of multiple reasons
  • In India, getting the license is easy. We should be lucky if most of them at least know how to drive, let alone safe driving
  • Many of us think we're invincible. We see accident news everyday, but when behind the wheel, we have a super confidence that nothing would happen to us.
  • There're lot of myths circulating, w.r.t safety and fuel consumption. These need to be corrected
  • Advanced technology in our cars may give us false confidence. Technology has its limitations
  • Only 15% of driving is physical (changing gears, pushing accelerator, turning steering) Rest is mental (Judgement, estimation, knowledge of vehicle, road etc, decision making)
What DSFL Does?

DSFL trains drivers on factors related to safety, fuel economy and eco friendliness. More sensible drivers, less the number of accidents. Ford India has trained over 4500 drivers so far, including employees, police, truck drivers and students. (50k in APAC)

After the event we were taken to Ford's test track, wherein the trainers demonstrated various safety aspects. Seeing is believing.

Detailed tips I learnt from the event and the book will be shared in a separate post. For now, Check Ford India page on facebook or visit (2020 website not working now) for details. Any interested individual can register for this program. Once there're adequate no of interested people in a City, Ford would arrange for a session and notify the interested people.


  1. Ford really did a great idea on their campaign for a driving skill.Pretty awesome like this article.

  2. Its a great idea for a driving skill by ford!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience,expecting more from you!Can you upload as e-book this driving tips. url has a spelling mistake missed one letter 'L'

  4. Thennarasu:
    Thanks for pointing out. Corrected.


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