Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thirtharameshwara temple, Honnali, Karnataka

How many Brahma temples have you visited? As such there're very few and I happened to visit one recently, near Shivamogga, Karnataka.

Sri Thirtharameshwara temple is located near Honnali, Karnataka (Davanagere district). We stopped by this temple for sometime.
Main attraction at this temple is the source of water, shown below. The water is pure and tasty, claimed to cure lot of illness and believed not to get spoiled over weeks when stored. The water is claimed to be coming from Kashi in Uttarpradesh and keeps flowing through out the year. Believing the source and divine powers is left to you, but quality of water is not questionable.
Brahma idol in Shri Theertharameshwara temple. A glass mirror is provided, so that deities can see the fourth face of lord Brahma

Above: temple exteriors. Thirtharameshwara temple is located on a light hill and in the middle lots of greenery

You may not wish to travel all the way from say Bengaluru to this place, but if you are visiting Honnali/Shivamogga and have some time to spare, you might wish to visit this temple.

How to go to Theertharameshwara temple near Honnali?
From Honnali, 22kms, via Belagutti

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From Shivamogga: Savalanga-Nyamathi (39kms)

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Nearby: Windmills * Karadikallu * Shivappa Nayak's palace


Anu Menon said...

hmmm Brahma temples are rare. I remember there was a story for this:

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks for sharing the link Anu

R Niranjan Das said...

Nice post on Brahma temple.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks Niranjan

ihdus said...

Shrinidhi, thanks for the post. I heard about this temple recently and other than your post, there is hardly any information about it. Is this a very ancient temple? If you can briefly mention the history, I would really appreciate it.

- Sudhi Rao

ihdus said...
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mallesh appa said...

Butty full Temple in davanager day picnic ge supper place .temple near 2 more old temple is there that temple are also very butty full will once again that all temple's

Shrinidhi Hande said...

@Mallesh app
Thanks for your comment. Do work a bit on your English.