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Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai-Comparison of 3 cities

IN past few years I stayed at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. This post lists the ups and downs of these three cities-the pros and cons, from my view.

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City Name: Bangalore (Bengaluru)
Garden city and IT capital. Bangalore was not initially designed to grow this big; hence infrastructure limitations are causing a major hindrance to cities growth potential. Facing stiff competition from Hyderabad and Chennai.

-Good things:

1. Multi Language, multi cultural support
2. Cheap Food (No other cities you get Mini meals for Rs 10)(Updated Darshini price:Rs 15-20)
3. Great weather
4. Most number of educational institutions (Ready Man Power)
5. Relatively cleaner better and more frequent Metro Bus Service
6. Daily Bus Pass Rate is cheapest
7. Magazines and movies of all languages available
8. Highest amount of Software export, conducts BangaloreIT.in, annual IT event and still retains IT Capital, Silicon Valley of India tag.
9. Considerable weekend spots and hangout places [Skanda Giri][Nandi Hills][Big Banyan Tree][Mysore][Wayanad][Talakona][Coorg] [Ramanagaram] [Antaragange, Kolar]
10.Volvo City buses details)

11. Good number of public gardens in almost all locality. (Though open for few specific hours in morning and evening, these are good places to inhale some fresh air and relax)
12. Maximum number of malls and multiplexes
13. Kamat Restaurants on all important highways on the outskirts of Bangalore. Ideal place to have food while planning a trip. Couldn't find any decent restaurant on highways outside Chennai (except ECR)
14: Bangalore now is the only city in South to have Metro. Chennai has local trains and metro is under development.
15: Major industries: Toyota, Volvo, Infosys, Biocon, Wipro, ISRO, HAL, NAL, BHEL
16. Lots of self drive car and bike rental options

1. Over crowded roads and unbearable Traffic
2. Land cost and house rent-too expensive
3. House advance-10 months rent min (Other cities 1 to 5 months rent)
4. Highest Petrol Cost
5. NO local trains (Both other cities have it) [update: metro is operational now, but covers a very short distance]
6. Shortage of Hotel Rooms and high cost
7. No stable government for past few years
8. Cost of transport high and No concept of Share Autos
9. Very strict traffic police, who accept bribe happily
10. Several under construction flyovers

11. Competition is very high for almost everything-space, jobs etc, compared to other cities
City Name: Chennai (formerly Madras) [Go to TOP ]

A typical south Indian city, kept itself away from influences of north India but Chennai businessmen are now forced to learn Hindi to prevent loosing business from IT people. People here are loyal to either DMK or AIADMK. Politically stable and slightly economic compared to other cities. More temples and religious places than other two cities, but not many places of tourist interest as such.

1. Cheapest Petrol
2. Only city out of three with Beach and Sea
3. Share Autos available
4. Cheapest Bus fares [2011 update: new fares are almost at par with Bangalore]
5. Local Trains
6. Accessible via Sea, Air and Rail
7. Out of all 3 cities under considerations, Chennai is the only one in Metropolitan Category (Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta are other 3 such cities). This means your company allowances for food and stay etc will be maximum for this city.
8. Preferred of late by major manufacturing Companies (Dell, Motorola, Nokia, BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford etc) for their production units. (More employment opportunities)
9. Stable government and less red tape
10. (NEW) Volvo City buses
11. Presence of US Consulate (and many more consulates)
12. Very good number of trekking spots and mountain ranges within 100-200 kms range. [Read travelogues: Yelagiri * Talakona * Tada Hills * Parvathamalai, Nagari, Nagalapuram ]

1. Language barrier for North Indians. No Hindi speaking people and signboards
2. City Buses are extremely aged, overcrowded and unclean (Some new buses, including Volvo are introduced recently, but most of the scrap buses still rule the road)
3. Hotel Stay bit expensive dues to 25% luxury tax
4. Hot atmosphere and humidity
5. Meals cost relatively high
6. Least number of weekend spots/picnic places

7. Not enough gardens...Beach is the best and only place for walk...
8. Both Hyderabad and Bangalore have two airports now, while chennai has only one...Not a major shortfall but having second airport helps...
9. Toll roads right inside city-additional expense if commuting on OMR...

City Name: Hyderabad [ Go to TOP]

The city appears to be strong enough to absorb the impact of IT boom and expand itself rapidly. Living here will not be a problem. Similar to Bangalore in operational aspects. Famous for Biriyanies and hasn’t changed much in past one year.

1. Widest Roads and minimum traffic jams (except a few regular traffic jam spots)
City with lots of rocks- Maximum driving pleasure for adventure seeking persons as the roads include lots of ups and downs and turns giving a sporty feeling
2. Liberal traffic police-You can see vehicles of all states (Registered in states other than AP) driving comfortably in Hyderabad.
3. Metro Trains
4. Magazines and movies of all languages available
5. Share auto facility available
6. Maximum number of tourist destinations/picnic spots around the city
7. Hyd has been just categorized as A-1 city (Higher HRA and CCA for govt employees in this city)
8. Legendary Biryani...

1. //deleted
2. Food is too spicy, not liked by many
3. Land prices soaring due to IT boom.
4. Urdu influenced Hindi accent

5. Max number of bomb blasts (compared to other 2 cities)
6. Extra cess on petrol and cars planned.

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  1. Hi Nidhi,

    Some comments from my side
    In Bangalore, I have not found a hotel serving mini meals for Rs 10/-.Over crowded buses are there for most of the times for selective regions like ITPL, Electronic City, Koramangala. Other areas still buses are not so.

    In Chennai, please elaborate on 'Share Autos' concept. If Chennai has been chosen by major manufacturing companies Bangalore is by Software companies (even after talks of poor infrastructure Bangalore continues to attract more companies and provide employement opportunities).

    In Hyderabad, your listing of Helmet compulsory in Cons section is not convincing as well as the "City with lots of rocks- Maximum driving pleasure for adventure seeking persons as the roads include lots of ups and downs and turns giving a sporty feeling" in Pros section. How a bumpy ride in roads excite somebody in morning hours going to office?

  2. Hi Raveesh, I appreciate your comment. My reply:

    I was refering to Darshinis of Bangalore which you can find in almost every street where mini meals are available at 10-12Rs. This economic option is not available in other cities (unless you choose to eat at street side 4 wheeled carts)

    Regarding overcrowded buses, my statement was an overall judgement.Exceptions are possible.

    Share auto is the regular autos shared by multiple passengers. You need not pay the metered amount and driver charges a fixed sum say 5 Rs for travelling between two points. Driver will pickup other passengers going to same place hence you'll be sharing the auto but saving some money

    I agree with your comments on Software companies coming to Bangalore. To be honest its a part of business continuity plan for software companies to have offices in multiple cities.

    Helmet compulsory is a con from convenience point of view.Agreed that its a safety issue.

    When I said rocks I didn't mean roads are full of rocks. I meant the tracks are not straight, but have lots of ups and downs and turns giving a sporty feeling (atleast to me)

    Again what I wrote is my opinion, not binding to anyone and obviously differs from individual perspective

  3. A good analysis of Hyderabad driving style and also the you wont find the hyderabadi culture in any of the two cities..and ofcouse the famous hyderabadi biryani....

  4. Hi Nidhi..

    Nice Observation ..Comparing even small things.....Great Info...

  5. very good analysis! i would say only climate in Bangalore and chennai differs, other ways both the cities go parallel mostly!

  6. I have been to allthe three cities,and worked in the past,working...i find your comparison is very neat & to the point.i like :)

    however have a feeling that cost of living in bangalore is high compared to hyderabad.

    Helmet mandatory for two wheeler riders in hyd.that shouldbe in pros section.right?

  7. Thanks all for your comments.
    @ Logesh: Chennai is at sea level while Bangalore is on a hill...

    @ anjelo:
    I think I should bow to the majority opinion about Helmet as a Pro...

  8. Hi Nidhi

    I have lived for 8 yrs in Hyd, 8 yrs in Chennai and 6 yrs in bangalore ( 5 being my childhood).I think u are right in your views. But i beg to disagree on picnic/hangout spots in chennai. If u want to see places, u can go to marina beach, besant nagar beach ,mahabalipuram which is 1.5 hrs from chennai,then you have Mayajaal in thoraipakkam which has a mulitplex and sports village, u have INOX, Sathyam theatre etc. What's wrong in having temples? Even the other 2 have good temples. Going to temple is also good . There are some historical temples in Chennai like the Kabaleeswara Temple in Mylapore and Parasarathy Temple in Triplicane. There is TTD in Venkatnarayana road. I would say that Chennai is a good and secure place compared to the other 2. I think one's attachment to a place is purely pyschological. I was brought up in Hyd, so i tend to prefer hyd to chennai but still chennai is not a bad place.

    1. Iam agreed with u sir.except climate everything is good in Chennai.we have so many places to njoy.main thing is cost of living is also less.there also we can find mini meals for Rs15/-.mainly if we compare to other cities in transport facility Chennai is best and fares also reasonable.mostly I likes simplicity in Chennai.

  9. Dear Bharadwaj, thanks for dropping your comment.

    Again, likes and dislikes are very personal. I like some, you like some.

    Theatres, temples and resorts will be there everywhere. They can be used to hang out Yes, but didn't find anything unique that's all.

    I've given a mention to Chennai as only city out of three with access to sea.

    Security issue I'm not sure, as I didn't come across any problems in all 3 cities till date.

  10. Hi Shri,

    Your writings are crisp n clear, I've been lived in all three places u mentioned,
    I don't thing Bangalore food is cheapest, No where in B'lore u get food for 10rs, where as in chennai or hyd u may get.
    Bangalore is not so pleasant as earlier coz of Traffic n implied pollution, ofcourse traffic polices irritate alot.
    Chennai is hot but Beaches supress n give immense pleasure in the evenings, especially Beasant nagar.

  11. fairgame, I was refering to Darshini Hotels where Mini meals are available for Rs 10 onwards (At present they might be charging bit more-15-20 Rs). I couldn't find below 20 meals in Hyd and Chennai.

    Beaches, though getting ugly, are quite relaxing...


  12. "eNidhi", Good observation & listing of points.

    Even comments posted by folks are interseting & ur replies. - Yes, as u said vies differ from person to person. And if one has attchment towards a certain place, one can't accept at comments being made out - Even in devloped contries, like - US, people don't like some cities & people from those cities within their own country :-)

  13. A nice analysis of the 3 big cities of the south. But I don't see how Urdu mixed Hindi ( Which is actually called "Dakhani") is a con for Hyderabad.

  14. Dillu, some aspects toggle between pro and con based on personal tastes. What I like you may not like and vice versa.

    Thanks for info on "Dakhani"

  15. Hello Srinidhi.. that was a really cool post
    I am from Bangalore Mirror and wanted to know if I could use this post for the Blog Talk section in our paper.Pls do let me now my email id is nt.balanarayan[at]gmail[dot]com

  16. Hey Srinidhi,
    You hav missed out a point which is very important NIGHT LIFE man!!:)

    according to my observation
    i find tht there is no night life in chennai or banglore.
    You dont get anything to eat or drink after 11:30.We hardly find shops selling food.
    Where as in hyderabad we get Biryani round the clock :)
    And reg traffic, i found that chennai traffic is more disciplined than the traffic in Hyderabad or Blr.

  17. Srujan,

    I agree with your observation. In chennai I've seen Neelgiris closing at 8 PM...

  18. Great comparision on 3 happening cities.

    I have had the Rs 10-12 mini-lunches you mentioned at Darshinis. These prices were in 2000 (BTM Layout) and continued even till 2004 (Thippasandra near Indira Nagar). These days the prices are higher bcoz of price rises. Just in 2007, prices increased two times.

    To give another e.g. of the food price rise in darshinis, a plate idli and coffee used to cost Rs 13 till 2006. Now (Feb 2008), it costs Rs 22 at the same darshinis.

  19. I have been staying outside Bangalore for nearly 2 and a half years now...Need to check again when I visit next month...

  20. Ok, here goes.. what i appreciate in a city, most importantly in a metro, is how the things are ordered in such a way that it does not become a bottleneck for the free living.

    What i look forward is, neat and tidy city streets, no traffic/pedestrian interferance,
    efficient transportation,and i think that the educational, cultural aspects of the people
    living there directly affects the 'orderly' being of a city.

    So, keeping in mind my aspects for appreciation, let me compare Chennai and Bangalore. I have been living in these cities for quite a bit of time.

    Let me tell you, living in Chennai was the toughest part. First of all, the heat, during the summer, sometimes unbearable, and dust and smoke of the traffic going haywire most irritating. What i meant by traffic going haywire is, most of the time i can see these traffic police people getting into the road and tries to control the uncontrollable, yelling, shouting, and sometimes running after the bikes!! Whatta fun!

    Since i was in bangalore previously, we used to spend time, anytime, anyday, in any of the
    available gardens for a breath of fresh air. I dearly miss some cool green place where i can sit and sip some ice cream or spend some time with someone. This feeling will drastically increase when you are dreaded, tired, and under the hot sun. No where to go, in Chennai

    And talking about about free roaming, it is such a horrible thing in Chennai, as i experianced , since i have to wade through incoming traffic, sometimes i have to get into the road, avoid being hit by a truck, at the same time trying to avoid the wastes that are
    dumped to the road sides. Not to mention the road sides invaded by those so called 'mobil shops' and parked vehicles. Litterally, there is no FOOTPATHs. In Bangalore, i could walk hours without sweating and straining and thoughts of being hit by vehicles.

    And about transportation, i never missed a bus in Bangalore, all i have to do is, start from the KempGowda bus station, to anywhere, within the city or into any other state. Not to mention about the superb Volvos.

    In Chennai i do have difficulties in reading out the boards, which are entirely written in Tamil. I wonder whether they are insisting us to learn Tamil before anyone hits the city. And yes, some of the buses are like crap and time's imminent for selling them as scrap!

    And oh yes, i do appreciate the Metro rail service, only wish that the surroundings to be lil more tidy and spruced up, to the metro standards.

    And what else?? Yes, the sewage. Almost all the sewages i have seen are not at all covered, and the black polluted liquid stings like anything.Not even a barricade for safety in some places. And this leads us to causage of overpopulation of mosquitos. Man, its kind of they are litterally breeding them all the year round. Terrible. Sewage there, sewage here, oh there's one just near to the house where i stay, another mosquito hatchery.

    These irritating things that i hav mentioned here, that i have gone through in Chennai, and still going through, was a never a big deal in Bangalore, i was happy there for the time i was there, otherthan some costly bits and pieces, that was necessary for keeping myself juicy all the day.And yes, the cost of living does matter, and i think that aspect is more compromising in Chennai than in Bangalore.

  21. Praveen,

    I agree with your observations.

    I realize that I have missed mentioning about Bangalore gardens- will update the post with that.

    I think sewage problem exists in some parts of Bangalore also...

  22. Yes Shrinidhi, there might have sewage problems, electrical problems, transportation problems etc etc.. what i pointed out is that Bangalore is more refined in most of the areas than in Chennai. Offcourse we cant compare any Indian city with international metros.

  23. well i think in bangalore the malls are coming up in numbers .
    The multiplexes in bangalore screen flims of 6 different langauges at the same time.
    its the only city in world where flims of 6 langauges hit the screen at same time under a common roof and gets equal response.
    in bangalore outsiders dont feel as if they are away from there home.we can find number of tamilians and andra people who are living like kannadigas.
    i think this type of multilinguality and homely treatment cant be found in chennai and hyderabad for outsiders.
    well if we spend a bit more money ,travelling in bangalore with volvo buses is luxurious with ac and music played in buses, its cool and the traffic dont account.

  24. well i being a bangalorean.
    bangalore is well recognised in western countries compare to others.
    bangalore being called the IT capital of east,silicon valley of east.
    the competation is huge in all fields in bangalore compared to others.
    with engg colleges incresing day by day.with around 40,000 engineers being produced every year its tuf being a tecni in garden city even the chances are huge.

  25. Hi Nikilesh and Nikil,

    I agree with both of your comments. Will include them in the post as appropriate when I update it next time.


  26. Gud comparison of big cities in India!!!

    I have been to H"bad recently after a year of stay in Sydney... and observed that there is a drastic increase in traffic on roads. It takes 1.5-2 hrs to travel a distance of 2-3 kms on a 2 wheeler in H"bad... there's a huge increase in pollution... and some immediate steps needs to be taken by each and every citizen in controling pollution

  27. Hi Neelam,

    Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences.

  28. hey,bangalore and hyderabad are getting only one airport........chennai and mumbai are the first cities to have 2 airports....update it.....chennai new sriperumbudur airport is slated for 2015

  29. tpk,

    Blr and Hyd have 2 airports, though only one will be operational...Other one serves as business continuity and can be used in emergency purposes.

    Since Mumbai is not covered in this post let me drop that...

    Once Chennai's second airport becomes operational I'll include.


  30. Very good analysis.
    I totally agree with you..esp language barrier in CHN.
    Hindi is not a mandatory subject in schools. It is a major drawback.

    I have been to B'lore and Hyd, but never got to know more. Thanks for the brief comparison.

  31. hi nidhi
    wonderful work . ur observation is simply superb.from my side these three cities make no difference when it comes to traffic in the sense if u look at it the no of vehicles in chennai,hyd and blre r almost same.but hyd looks the best bcos of its wide roads. defenetly it scores more than blre here. i also think blre is so chaotic partly its a smaller town than the other two and abnormal growth as well.

  32. Srinath,


    Bangalore is growing much faster than the other two. Few decades ago Jayanagar was considered "too far". Now kengeri is also not considered far...

    Chaotic? Seems true to a reasonable extent...

    1. Yes i agree but chennai is Older and larger than other two cities..Koyembedu bustand was entrance of the city in 2001 but now it is increased 30 kms outer only...Now the city length is East to west 90 KMS and North to south it is 110 KMS..

  33. Hey Shrinidhi... nice unbiased analysis of the three big cities of the south.
    I have stayed in Chennai for the past three years and here in Bang for two months.
    Abt the things I like better in Bang.
    1) Ultimate cool weather (Being a resident of Mumbai and studying in Chennai) I have never slept with blankets during summer!!
    2) Wide footpaths... understandable development was late and hence more planned.
    3) Though its not a problem for me in Chennai.. being a tam but ppl in Bang almost everyone understands Hindi(added advantage!)
    4) Lot of decent neighbourhood to stay in and city is far better planned with whitefield being a completely indus area. and is blessed with possible expansion in all directions.

    The things I miss:
    1) You talked abt the scrap buses, that was true a couple of years ago. But now deluxe buses of much higher quality, in cases better than the proclaimed BEST of Mumbai have hit the roads. And the point is most of the deluxe class buses have normal fares... Cmon which place in the world can u go 12-14 km (IIT to Chennai Central)and 1 hour of travel time in Rs5/- in a bus which has a head rest!!!!!!
    It aches to pay Rs 8-10 for 15 mins journey in Bang and I wont talk abt Mumbai cuz the cas is different with local trains.
    And believe me the small private vans which I am forced to take becoz of the less availability of BMTC buses suck big time.. they thrust in 40-50 ppl in a small van.. don the traffic police notice it.. Try doin that in Chennai!!!
    2) And abt places to hang out, why shoul only malls count as places to hang out... One must say they sure are heavy on the pocket. No mall anywhere in Bang, Hyd or even Chennai can be compared to an evening stroll in Beasant Nagar Beach... Believe me one of the cleanest beaches I have ever seen, You must have a look at the Juhu beach(Mumbai) to appreciate its beauty.
    3) Retail prices slysha cheaper than Bang(I aint sure abt this) and way way cheaper than Mumbai (which is unfairly costly) with comparable facilities and a added advantage of a clean Beach.
    4) Though it wont seem at the first look... infra is surely better. I have never been thrown of my feet standing in a bus and hit my head on the roof of the bus anywhere else in India except in Bang.. Not even during the times of travelling in the crapiest of the buses in chennai.

    Just a correction in one of the comment... I am pretty sure in most of the buses in Chennai its written in Eng... but ironically adn shockingly i hardly find any buses with a speck of english in Bang.. Cmon it hurts to ask the conductor everytime... though not writing in Hindi is understandable cmon Eng is a global language....

    And as of my final verdict...
    Being a tam, I have a psychological attachment towards Chennai and an instinctive attachment towards Bangalore...
    I would kill to live in any of the two great cities!!!!!!

  34. @Virgin

    That was a lengthy comment... Thanks for sharing.

    Yes, many new buses are inducted recently (I've mentioned it in the post)

    Chennai has shared auto concept while Bangalore has vans in some places-both carry more people than their designated capacity.

  35. Well. All three cities are far from being 'Great'. You may probably think its unfair to compare our cities to US or European cities, but if we want to be recognized as 'world class' lets do it. I've seen old photos of Chennai when the river 'Koovam' (its a sewage canal now) was almost comparable to 'Thames'. Dotted with lots of trees, Chennai looked definitely better those days. Bangalore... Hmmm what to say.. in 1996 when I visited Bangalore for the first time, I wondered if such a beautiful city could exist in India!! When I look at Seattle's Redmond area (where Microsoft is located), it almost reminds me of Bangalore! Hyderabad was made cleaner by Naidu, but its losing its charm to the multifold increase in Traffic!
    We say Indian economy is developing.. but why are our cities getting uglier? My hope to see clean, green, less chaotic cities now lie with smaller cities such as Mangalore or Mysore or Coimbatore (I preferred Mangalore to Bangalore when I was given a choice). Not if they follow the same pattern of these 3 cities. Hopefully there will be some serious urban planning involved to develop these cities when they expand.


  36. @Venky,

    Well, traffic is an issue in all Indian cities, though Bangalore is notorious for this.

    Yes, we're far behind international standards.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and opinions.

    Lets hope for the best

  37. Good points even i have stayed in 3 places .i find cost of living is cheaper compared to hyd and blore.hyd is some how better than banglore in cost prespective....reg climate alone blore is best....rest all traffic,bus,metro it has negative points...also traffic police are very corruptive in blore.in chennai metros are very convinient and cheaper.as far as food considered hyd is best of all 3...that too ameerpet and sr nagar of ammerpet and bavarchi :-)

  38. @ venkatesh,

    I've not visited Bawarchi.

    Agree with your observations. That's what I mentioned in the post.


  39. hi nidhi,

    well to begin with,i would appreciate for getting most of ur facts right abt the three cities.....but u hav missed sumthing vital abt chennai...they are

    1)chennai is a leader in medical tourism(apollo,shanker netralaya)
    2)chennai has many advantages like biggest port,plenty of schools,colleges etc
    3)chennai also till date is only city till date which has an us embassy and also houses most of leading corporates after mumbai.

  40. Hi Kumar Naidu..

    I've updated with US Consulate thing, but medical tourism and schools and college-i feel its bit difficult to decide which city has upper hand. For example, NIMHANS and Jayadeva Heart Foundation in Bangalore draw quite a number of visitors... Number of engineering colleges are more in Bangalore and surrounding areas I guess-if there're some reliable reports that give a count as to which city has how much please share...

  41. Hyderabad has got an US consulate now.

    I too have lived in these three places (born and brought up in Hyd but am working in Bangalore, and relatively no much exp with Chennai).

    Some observations --
    Traffic in Hyd is still less when compared to Bangalore. Some of the junctions (esp. close to Banjara Hills, Punjagutta are crowded) but the rest aren't for sure

    I guess you are out of Bangalore for quite some time now. Even road side vendors don't offer anything close to 10 bucks, forget about a mini meal. Any darshini charges you a minimum of 20 bucks plus. I wonder if Hyd can't fetch you food at cheaper rates. I mean, its just impossible that food costs more in Hyd than in Bangalore.

    Travel, Bangalore is virtually out of its bounds. I work in an office in Marathalli but stay in Mathikere, and trust me, its simply not possible to get a bus without much crowd in this route. Its the busiest as I see, but that is no excuse. APSRTC, on the flip side, boasts of the largest bus fleet in the world. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andhra_Pradesh_State_Road_Transport_Corporation).
    There is no way that you can get stranded out there. Infact thats the basic reason why no private buses actually work in Hyd (save the Setwin's). APSRTC has a monopoly and they do well at serving people.

    Fares in autos and buses, need I say anymore ? And hyd has recently forced all the auto waalas to fix digital meters.

    The only things that you can have against hyd are lesser economy (I mean lesser job opportunities due to lesser IT companies, but over time that would be taken care of .. say another 3-5 years) and the climate in summers. Otherwise, hyd would be a rocking place anyday !!!

  42. Interesting comparsion.

    I am from madras(yess,i prefer the old name to 'chennai'),and I have been living in hyderabad for the past one year.I have visted bangalore thrice but never stayed there.

    Hyderabad,I love the auto guys here,travelling around is really cheap,the share auto concept is also there in madras,but it is confined to certain parts of the city.But even three seater autos have become share autos in hyderabad,about 7 ppl sit in one auto,for ppl from madras,this would be shocking,to say the least.

    Traffic,Hyderabad has a lot to learn from madras,but bikers would love it in hyd.

    Language,Madras has a long way to go, 'pleasee saar,no indi',i dont understand this!!

    Buses,scrap buses are things of past,new buses have been introduced and trust me,they are very good,a/c volvo buses and BOARDS ARE IN ENGLISH AND TAMIL,in bangalore mostly everthing was in kannada and i didnt find any english.In hyderabad,i found the boards in all buses only half visible,so still trying figure whether the boards have engligh on 'em !!!!

    Well,I disagree when you say there are no picnic spots near madras,there are about 5to 6 big amusement parks in madras.You have mahabalipuram,pondicherry,vedanthagal,scenic beaches along the ECR.

    There are no Amusement parks in hyderabad,i guess there is one near hussein sagar,but i have not been there and it looks quite small.If they are,plz tell me!!

    The other thing about hyderabad is I couldnt find malls in here.I am not saying that madras has got very good malls,but it has decent malls,hyderabad central is a 'Bazaar' and not a mall.I love good old spencers.

    Since i love biking,I loved hyderabad's rocky roads in jubilee hills.But being a hardcore madrasi,nothing can beat a ride on the East Coastal Road.

    I stay in madhapur,near the famous hitech city of hyderabad,while the roads leading to the hitech city and the roads in hitech are wide and too good,madhapur has got no roads !!
    no drainage system,the suburban areas in madras are much much better..
    I have a feeling that i live in a village,mud roads are ok,but they should be even atleast..!!

    Being a tam and a person who loves madras,my comments may be biased,so plz feel free to point out if i have gone wrong!!

  43. Hi Naveen and Ghurram,

    Thanks for the comments. I'll review and implement suitable points where applicable and respond in detail little later

  44. as regards bus services please see -http://nitawriter.wordpress.com/2007/12/21/which-city-has-the-coolest-bus-service-and-website/
    This gives a fair picture of bus services in most of the Indian cities. I think Hyd has not been included.
    Otherwise your study of south is ok.

  45. @ RVR
    Yes, I've read her blog. Will consider linking it.


  46. Hi shree - first leme appreciate yo work and also all the folks who have responded to yo words . The thing that freaks out any non tamilian is ego for their language , which z infact creating conflicts with other communities . They don accept Hindi as their national language !!! Had rivalry with north india all these days . Now when good times came for KANNADA and TELGU to get the honour for being the ancient languages , all Tamilians started opposing it . Their statement for that was " No language can get the same honour what tamil has got . No language is as old as TAMIL . Infact , tamil is older than earth " Seems a joke , but some idiot told that :) So they are tryna start issues with south indian states too . Eventually , who are gona support them ? US ?

  47. Its was me , ashzboss who scrapped the above message and i know the discussion going on was b/n cities and not language . Infact language is a part of city . No i think its the heart of city . Expecting frank reply

  48. Ashzboss,

    If they feel they gain more than what they stand to lose by not learning Hindi, it is their choice. I do not want to comment on it saying that is right or wrong.

  49. Hi,
    I stay in Hyderabad, Hyderabad WAS a very good city and it is still; only in a few aspects. I visit Chennai often, Chennai is disciplined compared to Hyd, the auto guys are irritating in Chennai.Hyd is far more cleaner than Chennai. I came here in December last year after 2 years, and I found a lot of improvement in Chennai. Hyderabad is deteriorating when it comes to traffic congestion etc...Well u cant find Tamil or kannada movies in Hyderabad, whereas in Chennai u find telugu movies and even hindi movies(Hindi being opposed).Auto fares in Hyd have also increased following the fixture of digital meters that makes Hyd in no way different than Chennai.

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  51. hi srinidhi,
    I have been to chennai, hyderabad and bangalore... let me tell you about my observation

    Hyderabad: very nice city.
    totally built for software industry.
    1) transport - you can get cabs at very cheap rate.from hitech city to secunderabad it costs only 10 rs in a cab. but buses are very bad.always crowded. trains are good but not that much frequent. traffic is very bad.

    2)foods.. there are lot of non veg restaurents but i hardly find any famous veg restaurent(though i am very fond of non veg).

    3)language.. its combination of hindhi,telugu,urudu and english..

    4)places to hangout - most of the crowds come to necklace road. apart from that i dont find anything. as usual malls,theatres..
    if u plan for trip from hyd its waste.. only place where u can go around is nagarjuna sagar dam.

    5)climate - very very hot.. only differnce b/w chennai and hyd is in chennai humidity is very high so lot of sweating..

    bangalore - nice city.
    totally depends on software industry.. very very posh city.

    1) transport - depends only on buses and there are no trains to support which is very very big drawback. and traffic its worst.

    2)foods..Nandhini restaurent is very famous for non-veg.lot of veg restaurents are there. but Y they put sugar(vellam) in sambhar.

    3)language.. hindhi,kannada,telugu,tamil and english. people can speak most of the languages and so lang barrier is null.

    4) places to hangout-- lots of park and malls.. but they dnt have that much theme parks.. wonder la i guess is good. but apart from that nothing is there.

    5)climate- the best climate..
    and one more thing bangalore is

    famous for girls in trendy dresses.

    Chennai. very nice city..

    depends majorily on software, manufacturing and other small scale industries. this gives chennai edge comparing other cities. lot of jobs...

    1) transport - excellent transpot facilities. busses are pretty old but now they are slowly getting replaced. and trains facility is excellent. it runs inside city and that too its very very frequent.
    traffic. during peak hours its bad but we can manage.

    2)foods.. ah.. here i must say chennai is best place.. it has got variety.. lots of veg restaurents like saravana bhavan, vasantha bhavan etc... and non veg restaurents like anjappar,kumarakom etc...

    3)language.. only tamil and english.. the main problem in chennai

    4)places to hangout -- offcourse beaches marina,besant nagar,mahabalipuram, tiruvanmiyur beaches.. excellent entire ECR stretch..lots of theme parks like kishkinta, queensland etc.. you find lots of malls and theatres..

    5)climate- very very hot and humid.

    and cloths to say. very very cheap..

  52. hai.....i am dr.senthil....from chennai.....but i have visited both b'lore and h'bad as a tourist.....although not known the other 2 cities to depth i accept to your comparison.......
    but 1 thing i feel disturbed by heart is that dont alienate chennai by repeatedly posting that chennai is anti hindi city......after all chennai.tamil nadu is in india only na....and also you are praising b'lore and h'bad as if all people there knows hindi and no one in chennai knows hindi.......
    chennai being one of the 4 metros since british ,have people from all states and all language..their own schools and colleges.....and also many people here knows hindi....
    dont blame tamil people for the mistakes made by politicians.....its hurting by heart.....this is not only the reflection of me but most of the tamilians....i have learned hindi in my school days and i am able to manage if i am in delhi or patna.....
    and also you all should understand the historical fact,why the tamil people reject hindi is because if u go through the indian history, the tamil heartland is the only region in india , in which there was no rule of a hindi king for centuries.....
    even karnataka,ap have been under guptas/mughals/hindi kings....but tn have been ruled mostly by south indian kings of chera,chola,pandya,pallava and vijayanagar.....thats y they found hindi as alien to them at the time of independence......
    but now people has adopted to them....and also i should point out that english is quite better here in chennai..even common people like auto walas could manage here in english which is called butler english.....and all buses have 3 things in their display board 1)number 2)tamil 3)english....so it would be no problem here

  53. Anon,

    Agree with your views-just a few add ons:

    Hyd-A veg restaurant in Somajiguda, off Panjagutta- Shanti Sagar or something is very nice.

    Venktagiri hills, Ramoji film city and Bidar are places that can be considered for one day outings apart from Nagarjuna Sagar

    Not sure which restaurant adds sugar in sambar. Metro train will come in couple of years-till then, traffic woes will continue...

    Lumbini gardens is a small scale theme park which's come up recently. neeladri amusement park is also there.


  54. Senthil,
    Well, business compulsions or other reasons have made many people to learn Hindi over a period of time, so outsiders are able to manage to some extent. No offense. Localites learn Hindi a bit and outsiders learn little Tamil and it'll be win win for both.

    Appreciate your detailed explanation. Butler English- hmm and Butler Hindi also...For bus numbers, asking someone sitting inside is best option when referring to board becomes difficult. Thanks

  55. Here is a objective assessment of the three cities with rating out of 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best)
    Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai
    Climate *** **** **
    Cosmopolitan **** *** **
    Heritage & Culture **** *** ****
    Civic Administration ** **** ***
    Education, Healthcare *** **** ****
    Science & Research *** **** **
    Monuments & Tourism **** ** ***
    Temples / Worship places *** **** *****
    Movies / Entertainment **** *** ****
    Eat-out / Hang-out *** **** ***
    Pubs / Bars / Discos *** ***** **
    Sightseeing / Weekend **** **** ***
    Business Climate *** **** ***
    Livelihood Opportunities *** ***** ****
    Transparency ** *** ***
    Drinking Water & Sewerage ** *** **
    Govt. / PSU Establishments *** *** ****
    Public Transport *** **** ***
    Traffic condition / sense ** ** **
    Roads / Flyover Infra etc *** **** ****
    Housing layouts / colonies ** **** ***
    Citizen friendly services *** **** ***
    Parks / Playground / Green ** **** ***
    Law & Order (Crime rate) ** *** ***
    Safety for Girls / Ladies **** *** ***

  56. Vinod,
    Thanks for detailed rating. More or less I agree with the the same.

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  60. I wanted to write more but space does not permit so here is the separate entry for each city...

    I feel ppl in Hyd have a more laidback, chalta-hai attitude (transitioned from its nawabi culture) which is clearly visible in its lack of civic sense, traffic sense. This has its pluses too; you need not adhere to the traffic lights and be flexible yet careful. Though roads are wide, you will not find the greenery or pavements in most roads on B’lore. Further, there is a clutter of dirty wires hanging loose across the street light poles, which put you off. You see ppl spitting on the roads right from the buses, and old city is a blot on the map of Hyd with its narrow lanes, and shanties more like a mega slum. Except for the new areas around Madhapur, Gachhi Bowli, and KP, other areas resemble a mess. Himayathnagar has undergone a sea change lately. I think Hyd is a slow-catcher and whatever comes to B’lore comes to Hyd in 3-5 years time (be it eating-out, malls, nightlife, flyovers, transport, etc. except for the new airport). Public transport is okay, but buses (around 2200) are inadequate, MMTS popularity is growing but it is high-time the second phase is commissioned to fully utilize the vast railway network. Autowallahs were polite, courteous, and obliging earlier, however there used to be rampant tampering of old meters, following which digitization of meter was mandatory. Now they are no better than Bangalore autowallahs in demanding extra fare, not agreeing to ply on meter, and not agreeing to ply to your destination as they don't have tampered meters now. Ppl in Hyd show more hospitality and welcome ppl from all regions with open hands. It is a true confluence of north-south and culturally rich. You will not find the local language imposed upon you, and even the shops and establishments widely use English as the only display language. Local ppl are warmer, friendly, helpful as well as casual. Climate, except for the summer months is pleasant. The city admin has to pull up their socks and provide more infrastructure, facilities to its citizens and ppl need to obey traffic rules, be more responsible towards environment and shun the take it for granted attitude. Rents are affordable but is slowly catching up with B’ lore. However, the quality of construction, and services offered are not up to the standards. There are a lot of options for non-veggies and they can enjoy the authentic hyd'badi biryani at bawarchi, paradise, Hyd house and so many other places. There are a good number of veg hotels too and darshini concept is fast catching up. Movie theaters are any day best in Hyd with great facilities at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy your fav movies at a multiplex for as little as Rs. 100 on a wknd whereas it can go up to Rs.250 in B’lore. You find great sofa seats and ambience even in the suburban cinemas with great audio and picture quality. However, you cannot expect Tamil, Mallu movies in regular shows. Nightlife is catching up for those who are game for it and there is a long list of quite / serene wknd getaways, Durham cheruvu, gandipet, RFC, N'sagar dam, etc.

  61. Bangalore
    Now the pluses of B’lore, many narrow yet alternative roads, you can reach your destination easily by more than two routes albeit with almost same amt of time, tree-lined avenues lending cool shade (though the number is decreasing lately, thanks to the Metro and new airport). I find traffic sense in B’lore is overboard with signals running into minutes just every few yards even though no traffic is coming from the other side, which is inflexible. Public transport (read BMTC buses) is good with more than 4000 buses plying and good, neat buses with pneumatic doors, and the Volvos are great, though the price is bit on a higher side. The only drawback is the boards are written only in Kannada (except Volvos / Suvarna), which is drawback to those not well-versed with Kannada / Telugu script. The less said the better about the Bangalore auto-wallahs. They bluntly refuse to ply to your destination and you need to negotiate 10-20 autos to get lucky. Civic sense and citizen orientation is very good here with numerous beautiful layouts, greenery, parks and playgrounds. Old layouts like Jayanagar, Vijayanagar, Malleshwaram, and Indiranagar are pleasant, if you could afford the high rents there (clean roads, parks, swimming pools, and vegetable / dairy markets of its own). Of course the new swarming areas are in a mess. There are too many eat out options with Andhra food widely available (Nandhini, Mayura, Nagarjuna being popular), Shanti Sagar chain is good in vegetarian with good mix of south / north Indian delicacies. In every street you would find scores of darshinis with affordable yet delicious food. Opportunities are on any day more in B’lore than Hyd, and that’s the reason I am here. Except house rentals all other costs are on par with Hyd, which is also catching up with high rentals. B'lore is the pub capital and has an active night life of late curtailed by police though. B'lore is a great cosmopolitan city albeit with local language being imposed on you be it buses, shops and even s/w co's despite there being hardly 30% Kannadigas here. There are a bunch of wknd getaways (nandi and skandagiri hills, mysore, wonder-la, hoggenakal falls, banyan tree etc) and even hill stations like ooty, yercaud, coorg are not too far for a wknd trip. B'lore with its salubrious climate itself pleasant for outdoor activities sans the heat and sweat

    The best thing is its beaches, while the worst thing about Chennai is its hot, humid and sultry climate (two sides of the same coin). In between all this there are a good mixture of good and bad of Hyd and B’lore you will find in Chennai. As said by many, transportation is good and affordable (except autos, as is the case with other cities) with numerous buses, and the new MRTS train service, Eat outs are good, and you will find the original south Indian delicacies viz idli /sambar. If your are strongly inclined towards culture and spirituality, Chennai is the place to be (not the nightlife type). Being a vast Metro city, you will find good and bad places to live and see. Chennai is also a good place to shop for those who have affordability high on their mind, and you will find the prices of sarees, silk and garments much more affordable than B’lore. The decades or rather centuries-old language barrier seems to fading with the globalization. However, more than Hindi, English seems to be well-responded to, which is more than enough. Mamallapuram and the sea resorts along the OMR road is a great way to unwind next to the sea. Marina and other beaches though good is highly polluted and crowded during weekends. Being a Metro, Chennai is home to a lot of consulates and regional headquarters. Movies are a serious business with a strong Tamil film industry belting out innovative films by the year.. And being home to the great maestro AR Rehman, and of course our own Michael Jackson, Prabhu deva, it is the entertainment capital of India.

  62. A thing or two to clarify the language barrier that has often been pointed out while discussing anything about chennai.

    Point 1 : Chennai has never ever opposed HINDI, as a language, right from the british days. There are more private schools teaching hindi here than anywhere else in the country. General public, who are hindi literate readily help out outsiders when faced with a so-called language barrier. Also, it doesn't hurt one, if he/she could pick up some basic tamil words, while preparing to stay in chennai. After all Tamil is also an INDIAN language, and outsiders referred here are INDIANS too. Look at it in a broad perspective and it will be fine.

    Point 2: Chennai (or rather the old Madras state comprising of whole of TN, parts of Kerala and Eastern Coast of AP) had Opposed HINDI IMPOSITION. It was done so, in order to prevent the elimation of the global language ENGLISH from the hands hardcore north indian chavunists of UP/BIHAR to wrest power from others and dominate the politics by sheer numbers. Due to various reasons, AP, KE and KA never really took this issue seriously in 1960s, for political support, whereas in TN it became the single most factor to power. And such brainwashing continues even now, just for vote bank politics (something similar to Telangana issue in AP, Cauvery Issues in KA etc). And for this sole reason, none of the TN state schools have hindi in their curicullum. It may also be noted that Hindi developed mainly due to the huge urdu crowd(around 40%) in Hyd and in the rest of AP, its just a subject to pass the 10th exams. Believe it or not, try speaking in hindi in AP cities like Nellore and Guntur and you would get a far worse reaction that what you think you would have got in Chennai. The same holds true in KA and Kerala as well.

    Bottom line : Be a Roman in ROME and enjoy the warmth of the locals. Ask the scores and scores of "outsiders" in the Sowkarpet area of Chennai, who have made the city as their second home and they would answer.

  63. Here is a objective assessment of the three cities with rating out of 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best)
    Hyderabad Bangalore Chennai
    Climate *** **** **
    Cosmopolitan **** *** **
    Heritage & Culture **** *** ****
    Civic Administration ** **** ***
    Education, Healthcare *** **** ****
    Science & Research *** **** **
    Monuments & Tourism **** ** ***
    Temples / Worship places *** **** *****
    Movies / Entertainment **** *** ****
    Eat-out / Hang-out *** **** ***
    Pubs / Bars / Discos *** ***** **
    Sightseeing / Weekend **** **** ***
    Business Climate *** **** ***
    Livelihood Opportunities *** ***** ****
    Transparency ** *** ***
    Drinking Water & Sewerage ** *** **
    Govt. / PSU Establishments *** *** ****
    Public Transport *** **** ***
    Traffic condition / sense ** ** **
    Roads / Flyover Infra etc *** **** ****
    Housing layouts / colonies ** **** ***
    Citizen friendly services *** **** ***
    Parks / Playground / Green ** **** ***
    Law & Order (Crime rate) ** *** ***
    Safety for Girls / Ladies *** * ***

  64. Hai Hyderabad is best city compare to other cities.Here living cost is very cheap,transportation is ok,food is excellent(worst in bangalore & chennai).So many places to see.Many cinema halls.good for shopping.He worst thing is people of Hyderabad has no traffic sense,nobody follow traffic rules.Eventhough roads here are wide u dont get route to move farward.No civic sense.Ovrall Hyderabad is best place to live

  65. Thanks Vinodh and Sheshu for sharing detailed comments

  66. chennai is the best city.Though bangalore and hyderabad are developing now,chennai is the oldest city once it ruled bangalore and hyderabad. It is the detroit of south asia.

  67. chennai accounts for country's 60% of software exports and 50% of leather exports and 40% of clothing exports..Its the best in all industries and its a leader in IT exports. Its the second largest IT exporter behind bangalore according to Indian industry of software exports and Wikipedia.

    Dvelopment, exonomy and trade thrives in chennai.Living condition is based on individual preference and i like to live in this city considering the options available.

  68. Hi Nidhi,

    This is a great topic to talk about. I grew up in chennai (25 yrs), Worked in bangalore (5 yrs), lived in hyderabad (2.5 years) and currently back in chennai (6 months) for work. Though me being a tamilian, i did'nt find any warmth with the population. This could be because of language. Moreover chennai when compared to other cities has to highest number of political parties varying from caste, religion and legacy. All to gether, from autowalas to policing, politics rules. You can find different flags on almost all the autos and private vehicles. People also misuse power for personal benefits. As far as i know, there is no good place to visit in chennai. Roads are always under construction. Extended chennai in OMR, ECR and other does not have drainage, metro water but prices are high. The biggest problem is parking in chennai You need to find a space for your car before buying it. Loads of land deviations led to narrow roads and moreover oneway bridges. I have never seen bridges as narrow as chennai bridges are. No social drinking places. Liquor shops are owned by government and you can hardly find a bar to hangout. There are pubs and discos in star hotels but unlike Bangalore or Hyderabad you cant hangout for a cheaper price. Food is very tasty, expensive and less in quantity. The best example is saravana bhavan. House on rent are badly maintained. Beaches are used as toilets by public. Moreover hooliganism is at heights. People don't respect people here. They talk less and do more. Very harsh. I loved chennai when i was in college, but when i visited the other two cities, i found that chennai has a long way to go.

    Bangalore has got a big time problem of clutural presence. People are more inclined to kannada and their culture which i respect. I loved learning kannada and its culture, but the way it is politicized is bad. People have a feel that migrants are alliens, though they dont show up it is evident (especially for tamils. hehehe)

    I love Hyderabad. Its a cool place, less commercial. Its value for money. But the recent telangana issues irks the present situation. Roads are excellent. People are friendly. Language is not a barrier. IT companies are restricted to balance with traditional lifestyle.

  69. I am from Chennai, I agree with many comments, but dont understand why many people here bitch about Chennai doesn't know Hindi. Frankly 95% of name boards including buses have both Tamil and English.
    One of the guy who posted saying "are they expecting us to learn tamil", dude we are not coming to your place and forcing you to learn our language, If travel to spain you better know some spanish and be happy if you can get around with English there, but dont complain, that they dont know Hindi. People commenting about Tamils attitude on Hindi, should change their attitude and give respect to other cultures and languages.
    Every language is great to it own people, so is Tamil to its people. I don't think its our disadvantage that we dont have compulsory Hindi in our schools, we can communicate with the rest of the world through English, infact I am grateful the politicians here stood against and resisted such a cultural invasion.

  70. Wow just happenend to browse and found this interesting blog
    I am from Chennai worked in Hyderabad for 2 years and Bangalore 1 year . My obeservation in addtion to what was written

    Best place for career for IT person
    Great weather in summer compared to other two
    Good busses but I dont like these hub and spoke method, I like point to point
    Great place for pubs /discos (other cities have those but usually more expensive and available at premium cost)
    Great place for Music concerts(all hip rock stars visit Blore )
    only Tier 1 city in south (NCR, Mumbai and Blr are Tier 1) Chennai and Kolkata may be metros but they are still not tier 1

    Remove House rent advance 10months
    its always been like that in Chennai except Hyd
    Can't drive with a car (horrible traffic)
    Very bad health issues for person with sinusites and can cause allergies (ask a asthma person in blore)
    - Power cuts
    - Public transportation ( it takes more time to reach anywhere besides traffic )

    Great career opportunities in Manufacturing and IT as well
    Rent is cheap compared to Blr comparable to Hyd
    lots of tourist places in the city
    Have you heard of theme parks http://www.chennaihub.com/amusement-parks-around-chennai.html
    Great place for Classical music
    Lot of theater, play activities (both english and tamil)
    Great place to enjoy local arts (chennai sangamam )for free
    Decent pubs/discos
    Great place to raise kids tons of great schools(International school that charges 16000$ per year to good schools that charges 12000Rs per year)
    Lots of sporting facilities for kids (tenneis academies, golf, swimming schools, boating, yacht training, you name it)
    Multicultural cuisines are available in all 3 cities but ii want to mention here because people tend to think Chennai does not have mexican or thai food easily)
    People are inherently family friendly
    All signboards have both English and Tamil in buses to business stuff
    Tons of new malls coming up

    Buying a Hous is expensive than Blore or Hyderabad on an average

    Hindi is not a spoken language
    No kannada movies
    you get telugu , mallu, hindi and english movies here
    Humid weather requires A/C
    People in middle class neighbourhood are very conservative (Divorcees/single moms cant have male friends visiting again this depends on where you live in Adayar no one cares but in w.mambalam is bad)

    - Infrastructure in Fast growing suburbs are on par with NCR delhi
    - Good place to launch IT careers in product companies (chennai lacks Blore Rocks )
    - cheap housing
    - Best movie watching
    - Good schools
    - Variety of Indian foods (both north and south indian)

    Hot weather in summer (unbearable trust me Chennai is much better inMay than Hyd)
    Not lot of culture activities (music, Drama , theater etc)
    - people are conservative here too
    - Riots/bandhs

  71. Referring to Deepa Ramans comment,
    You said that Chennai account for 60% in countrys software export.. I dont know from where you got this false data...... Bangalore rules the software industry & it accounts nearly 40% of countrys total software export. Chennai accounts nearly 15% (It was given in business India, economic times)
    & Bangalore is the fastest growing metro, in coming years it wil overtake chennai in all major fields... In Bangalore highest no of skyscrapers are being built compare with other 2 cities...... Bangalore is more posh, clean, modern & hi-tech city. It has maximum no of malls & flyovers. It is a house for most famous & biggest companies & businessman.

  72. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing.How do you rate these 3 cities.
    I got offer from Bangalore and Hyderabhad. Which one should I have to choose.
    When compared to Bangalore cost of living is less in Hyderabhad.
    Regarding hot climate I can buy AC.
    I dont like to loose all my money because of climate.
    pls let me whether Hyd is that hot like a desert?

  73. Thank you for all your valuable inputs.
    Appreciate that.
    It helped me a lot.

  74. Hyd has a lot better companies than bangalore .. only infosys and wipro being the home grown all else are forign
    Hydbadi companies are far competitive and GVK , GMR , SATYAM ,LANCO are all our home grown companies .gmr are building airports , gvk is a biotech and infra company , d.r reddys is quite well known and one of the biggest pharma companies in india ,satyam is the 4th largest software company in india moreover we have the microsoft development centres , googles development centre ....
    coming to the tall buildings ... lanco hills are gonna be the tallest building in south asia and one of the tallest in the world .. wonder if bangalore can ever get a hallmark structure as that .
    By what you say i understand you have never been to hyd and live in your small world called bangalore

  75. Except traffic, Bangalore is a wonderful city, even with such a real estate boom, it is highly appreciable to see so many water bodies, parks(almost in all layout). Darshini system is the best in India. Where you can get any veg food. Hopefully with metro coming up, traffic problem might get solved.

  76. buddy's.... dont forget that chennai, is one of the 4 metropolitan cities of India...historically a centre for Indian Independence Movement in south india....its is grossly injustice to compare an adult with juvenilles(bangalore,hyderabad)....chennai is chennai and no way could b'luru n h'bad cud compete with it even for centuries to come....try to understand geography....b'luru n h'bad development complements chennai development further , since it is in the hinterland of chennai port...the comments above are farcical...likes should be compared with likes....b'luru and h'bad are landlocked and tech cities ...booming in post 90's IT revolution....but chennai is a port city with largesr airport in south india,largest port of south india and further adding to this is executive centre of govt for southern india....(the other 3 being delhi 4 north,mumbai 4 west and kolkata 4 east)...so better comparison wud be between chennai,mumbai,kolkata,new delhi..... and between bangalore,hyderabad,pune,ahmedabad....

  77. In my experience,chennai is far more better place when compare to hyderabad.......... no fun spots in hyderabad... except shopping malls and cinemas.....

  78. Refer to the comments by Mr.Senthilraj,

    I would like to tell u ...that you are totally contradicting yourself Mr.Senthil...can understand emotional attachment towards one's native is bound to take the front seat..but you cant tweak the facts & say somthing which is completely new to most of em.To start of with, Bangalore has traffic woes..yes agreed...but what has brought in this kind of change in our city...its influx....n 1st thing what ppl tell is coz of the IT Boom....yea agreed its a primary factor...but there are students who are studying here from other parts of the Country...mainly from TN, AP, north India etc....what makes them come here in search of Jobs, education leaving chennai, hyd etc...Bangalore is today compared among the top cities in the world & this gentleman senthil compares it to pune, ahmedabad etc...get your facts rite buddy...coz of our welcoming & friendly attitude..ppl have been able to make blore thr homes..leavin thr own natives...thrs no comparison at all...though we should take a leaf out of a developed city to make our city better...& another gentleman has talked abt bangalore losing its culture..infact having no culture...dude ..blore has a rich history ...may be your history is tweaked again.....google it.. well i hope i made no offens to any1...n also wrt a gentleman who has rather stated dat only 30% kannadigas are in bangalore...u probably must have done a sensus dude :P may be you are living in 1 of those so called Tamil/telegu dominated areas in bangalore..!! iI may have sounded harsh…im sorry ..but me being a kannadiga…& havin grown up along with the Rapid development bangalore has seen ..& yet accommodating every other outsider for his/her career objectives , greener pastures etc etc…u ppl gotta have som gratitude & give back something atleast to our city instead of criticizing…wich has given you outsiders a lot ..& to all those ppl u dnt respect our land, lang , ppl etc…we don’t care a damn ..n its high time we chhuckk few of em out n clean the mess .. Peace be upon every1…bengaluru rocks anyday… !!

  79. Bangalore is best city to live and chennai is beyond the 5 years then bangalore.

    If we see real estate and IT and infrastructure Bangalore is good.

  80. Thanks for your comments people... unable to respond to each comment

  81. Hyderabad is the best one for all cost of leaving because there are lot of hostels in Hyderabad. In Chennai it is too costly to stay in Chennai.

  82. yes we dont agree that hindi is the national language of india.

    chennai always rocks.

    city meant for tamilians.

  83. Recently companies are putting on hold their expansion plans in Hyd due to Telangana uncertainty. Hope that gets resolved soon

  84. i love chennai because most of the consulates are there in chennai..... bangalore and hyderabad lacks that international touch......!!!

  85. refer to mr.rohit

    hello rohit... i understand your feelings towards b'lore....and also appreciate u r gentle criticism....we are all here for gentle arguement....our word may upgrade/downgrade each city....but the fact is India is shining and will shine in days to come....chennai,bangalore and hyderabad are equally good in its own sphere and all of them are second to none in whole of india....
    let the comments continue and i love critics of each and every cities....
    for me CHENNAI will rock ever.....
    but MADRAS is still peppy to heart.......!!!

  86. Appreciate the good things told about Chennai.But travelling in chennai is very costly.The discourteous auto wallas,the dirty roads and the locals who do not have a civic sense. They spit and pee any where and every where.Street brawls are very common upon minor provocations which often continue for hours and turn violent.Driving is very dangerous on chennai roads.No traffic rules are strictly followed.Buses are overcrowded and passengers are often troubled by groups of so called college students who force their way into the public buses and demonstrate arrogance & rowdyism.This is a very commin site in chennai buses.Those who disagree with this are probably blind or deaf.

  87. I do not disagree with this article!!

  88. What a truly incredible blog..

  89. bangalore is huge , bigger than those 2 cities its sq km is 741 ..........hyd is 650 and chennai is just 185..........

  90. Hello
    PLEASE dont forget that BANGALORE S A HUGE METROPOLITAN CITY NOW.EARLIER it was only a small city.But just look at the way it has grown in 15-20 years.No city can grow this fast.Chennai was under the british province and hence it WAS bigger than BANGALORE,but not anymore.If BANGALORE has grown 50 times than what it was 20yrs back and Chennai would have grown 10times MAX!!!Just look at the growth rate here!!Its not comparable with any other city in the World.Its the second fastest growing city in the world after Las Vegas in the united states.It is the IT capital of the country and silicon valley of India.I have visited almost all major cities in India and i can confidently tell you that BANGALORE is one of the cleanest places in India.People in chennai LACK basic civic sense.they spit where ever they want, they dont follow traffic rules,they throw garbage almost everywhere,all the sewage drains are OPEN!!totally OPEN!People here know and speak only tamil which will be a hardship for new comers and tourists.commuting from one place to another in chennai is a horrifying experience!! its not because its size is big,it is same as BANGALORE or less than that !Its only the mode of transport available for commuting.the cheapest mode of transport in chennai is bus which is not frequent of not good or whatever!autos are very very expensive.Talking about cost of travel BANGALORE s on the higher side i agree but we don't mind paying little more,we get a very good quality of service .In BANGALORE you can take an auto,bus,taxi or now that METRO is also operational you can use the metro also.

    many comments will follow in the days to come!!Ill highlight many things what many of them are not aware of!!!

  91. Chennai has a strong lineage and appreciation for music- classical to modern to film, sports- cricket is all over the country, hockey and football in many parts, but for tennis, golf, polo, chess, motor racing like niche sports Chennai is the true mecca. When it comes to movies and popular arts, it is on par with the best in India, while in classical dance and music it's numero uno. Even in adventure sports it has some truly great outbacks- sky diving, paragliding, water skiing, scuba diving, surfing are all available, and for the less brave there are numerous bowling arenas, video parlors, etc. And for the couch potatos there are pubs too.
    Yes, there might be not be a super active night life. But what about early morning life---a walk on the beach, listening to music early morning, warm cup of coffee/ tea at the numerous Nair kadais...is almost priceless. If you call this lack of entertainment, then I am afraid some of you guys lack the art of appreciating the finer aspects of life

  92. Bangalore is perhaps the best city I've seen in Entire India , the cons mentioned about bangalore even applies to one of most developed cities of the world like New York , Paris etc.There is a support opportunity and growth for every person from any part of country or world. It is for this reason you can find entire India in bangalore , I mean there are people from every state who have migrated to bangalore.
    If there is only one city that is developed to a very high position and if all other cities are not developed to this stage people obviously choose to live in blore and hence there is a scarcity of resources here.
    If there s anyone who can come with a negative thing about bangalore I ll prove them how the other two cities is more worse than Bangalore , of course not the price issues cos even though blore has high prices salaries and other payments are equally high .......

  93. I'm with Frank.... I lived in Bangalore for 5 years...now I'm in chennai.... Can't even compare d two cities... The only reason chennai is here in discussion is nly cos of British.... I agree traffic is a issue in bangalore..but d roads;trees both sides, paintings on almost all compounds or walls roadside, clean safe new busses, etc r awsum.. n abt city transport: 6 to 7 thousand buses t in bmtc now.. biggest in asia.. v can find bus terminals in major areas like jayanagar, banashankri, shantinagar n many mor..Der r diffrnt types of busses.; Volvo, volvos vth WiFi, mercedes ac, Tata marcopolo ac , even normal fare busses luks hitech vth evry bus having led display in both Kannada n English n even display n audio inside d bus showing next stop..n imp thing is language.max no of people spk hindi , English...so no diffclt for outsiders. N food; ny type of fud is available in almost every area..from kashmir to kerala evrythin is available..n most imp thing is Bangalore is clean. In Chennai everywer dirt. Even big subways in Chennai wer thousands of people go through smells like hell, waste water ...yukk!.. n atleast railway stations in chennai r not clean... Don't knw wat authorities r doing here..just building useless flyovers...totally bangalore scores more... Metro is another feather. To dis, a hybrid Volvo bus has already started trial run for city transport making eco frndly n eff transport....

  94. Hyderabad is a best currently no more discussion or comparison, case is dismissed.... Zain Khan

  95. Hyederabad is the only best city not only in Southern region but i take pride to disclose that it's a best City in India where i can show you many things to prove like Asia's N0.1 Air port at Hyderabad, Asia's No.1 Central Bus Station, Asia's No.1 Film City in Hyderabad, Asia's No. 1 Hospital in Hyderabad, Asia's No.1 Metro Project is also coming up next year, so subject of comparison is pretty much clear, so no more discussion or comparison, Hyderabad is a best City in India. case dismissed

  96. I am from North india settled in Chennai, travels frequently to Bangalore. As a planning point of view, I find Bangalore is more violated in terms of building norms. I noticed ten storey buildings in just 40ft road, whereas in chennai, only four storey buildings are allowed in 40 ft road. Because of this condition, built up space increases, in turn there is traffic congestion in bangalore. Moreover, zoning in bangalore is very improper, i noticed commercial buildings in almost all the roads. But in Chennai, i noticed entertainment parks along ecr, IT parks along omr, Industries along Sriperumpudur, Refineries along Ennore and heavy industries along Avadi, which distributes the traffic in all directions. I am happy about the city planning of chennai more than Bangalore which concentrates only on IT which is zoned in Electronic city and saturated nowadays.

  97. I really cant understand why people are expecting night life? People who are writing in this content are all IT and IT related guys. That is why i am hearing bangalore as best city. Just think of daily wage earners and big entrepreneurs (They don't blog normally)will only vote for chennai. Of course chennai cant be compared to Delhi or Mumbai in terms of infrastructure. It is a city for indian people where you still see - down to earth human beings which i am not seeing in bangalore.

  98. Hyderabad is the no doubt a best place compared to Bangalore and Chennai.
    Hyderabad is becoming diversified in IT/ITES, Pharma, Bio-technology, aviation, business schools, etc. These are things required for any city in the developing countries and Hyderabad leads than others.

  99. Hey Nidhi,

    I loved your article. I am from MP but due to fathers job at Bank of baroda I kept transferring and I have been to Bangalore and Hyderabad ( never seen Chennai sorry :P)

    Anyways I felt that Hyderabad is better especially for north Indians and apart from that i donno i love the place and you get a peace of mind over there which i failed to find in bangalore :P

    And what i have noticed is that alcohol laws are more strict in andhra compared to karnataka i mean when i was in bangalore almost every resteraunt i went to was filled with the stench of smoke and alcohol ( im a brahmin so :P) and in hyderabad that is not the case so maybe thast why people tend to prefer bangalore ??

    anyways economy wise DEFINITELY bangalore but do you think hyderabad has a chance in the rat race cause culturally it is definitely a better city at least for me :P

  100. i lived in chennai 3yr hydrbd1 and n 1year in banglore,ithink banglore is the finest city in those cities because here cool and countries biggest shopping maul in here cool parks speed metro it is the hi-tech city in our country 3rd biggest city,i think it is superbbb for hi-tech people

  101. Guys thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions and experiences. I am unable to respond to each comment individually

  102. Hi everybody,

    when compared B'lore nd chennai i like b'lore. i don't knw about Hyd(never seen :P). But i'm from AP. So, i love Hyd bcoz that's our capital city :D

    B'lore is a city with lotss of colorful flowers, cool climate. Even a kid talks in English. That much of development is there in B'lore.

    When it comes to chennai everyone talks in tamil. Even if they know English or any other languages they use speak only in tamil and not even in English.

  103. Hahahaa... this article makes the debate of which place is best for them. undoubtedly most of them defends their place for sure. same goes to me also.

    Above one or two guys told tht chennai is so small compared to the other two cities. i really wonder did they ever visited chennai or not ! first thing ppls must know something about chennai.

    Madras is the first corporation in india.
    Manufacturing plants for numerous automobiles and also Chennai the detroit of south asia and holds the number two position in software export, not much far behind Bengaluru. being all the major IT companies are branched in chennai also.
    All major consulates and embassies are in chennai than remaining two.
    One of the biggest port in india.
    Gateway of south india.
    Biggest entertainment industry in india.
    And extremely such a vast city one could not even imagine with other two. but u can compare the each of other two cities with any of north chennai / central chennai/ south chennai but not the whole chennai. for centuries none of those cities can become as big as chennai.

    One must not forget tht chennai is the mother for all south indian states. it was chennai not grown in last 10 or 20 years but from the olden age itself it has its own heritage, roots and power in all aspects.

    One cannot compare chennai with bengaluru or hyderabad. the later two can be compared with pune, ahmedabad, coimbatore just like tht.

    Do u know the metro rail distance of chennai and bengaluru ?
    I think it was not even 5 or 6 km in bengaluru, and that of constructed for only one line. such a small city is bengaluru. but if u look at chennai, two metro line projects are in construction from north to south. one line at the distance of 43 km and another line to the distance of 38 km. already there runs the local emu in every direction and still another transport called mono rail has been sanctioned for public transportation yet to start the construction work.

    It was chennai one of the biggest metropolitan city in india.

  104. I feel.... Hyderabad could have been much much better if there were more temples. And if people - hindus and muslims - all leave happily.

    It seems as if Hyderabadi Biriyani and all such stuff is important, why cant they produce good lemon/curd rice and glorify it???

  105. In bangalore, I would have liked if people followed their hearts more... than getting influenced by others. There is a city peer pressure for fashion, girl-friend boy-friend, being cool .... most of the people who are there my origin ... they were never like this ... they were broad minded yes, they encouraged fashion, technology, YES. But now, they are getting influenced by others, and not from their heart. Hope Banaglore rediscovers itself.

    I feel, it is absolutely fine if any one comes and settles in Bangalore, but issue is they knowingly or unknowingly degrade the society (pre-marital, etc etc). And then they either go back to their land and brag about what they did at bangalore or settle down and make everyone related to them, like them!

  106. hand down its is hyderabad.....
    banglore- very expensive
    chennai-- madraasi people

  107. I am from North india settled in Chennai, travels frequently to Bangalore. As a planning point of view, I find Bangalore is more violated in terms of building norms. I noticed ten storey buildings in just 40ft road, whereas in chennai, only four storey buildings are allowed in 40 ft road. Because of this condition, built up space increases, in turn there is traffic congestion in bangalore. Moreover, zoning in bangalore is very improper, i noticed commercial buildings in almost all the roads. But in Chennai, i noticed entertainment parks along ecr, IT parks along omr, Industries along Sriperumpudur, Refineries along Ennore and heavy industries along Avadi, which distributes the traffic in all directions. I am happy about the city planning of chennai more than Bangalore which concentrates only on IT which is zoned in Electronic city and saturated nowadays.

  108. Anon:
    Thanks for that perspective

    Paramgyani: Ok

    Anons: Thanks for your input

    Mathan: I compared these cities because I lived here. Agree that Pune/Ahmedabad are better compared with Hyd/Blr than Chennai.

  109. good comparison of 3 cities. i do not know much about chennai. i was there in hyd for 5 years & now here in bangalore for the last one year.
    my observations:

    blr: ultimate
    hyd: good. except in april & may

    blr: okay
    hyd: excellent

    blr: horrible
    hyd: good

    other infra
    blr: need to improve a lot
    hyd: scores.. with its new 8 lanes, access controlled 158km long outer ring road

    blr: excellent
    hyd: good

    visiting places
    blr: very less in & arround city
    hyd: so many in the city itself

    blr: good
    hyd: okay

    career oppurtunities
    blr: more
    hyd: coparatively less

    public transport
    blr: good
    hyd: good

    blr: good
    hyd: good

    cost of living
    blr: costly in every thing
    hyd: cheaper

    blr: ??
    hyd: has its unique culture

    airport & railway stations
    blr: okay
    hyd: airport is excellent & better railway station

    blr: some kannada people impose kannada on you (i personally experienced 2 or 3 times)
    hyd: no language barrier



  111. Very good assessment. THough I didn't understand why urdu accented hindi in hyd is a disadvantage, because on the other cities hindi speakers are almost looked down upon. I have lived in all the three cities and I found that the local people are most accommodating in Hyderabad.

  112. U forgot to tell about one more thing Movie industries.

  113. Bangalore One And Only Good-Big-Jobs Opercunity-Multy Language-Strong Hindhu Culture-Natinality-Top level Hi fi Life in Bangalore only city

    Jai Karnataka

    Chennai is only 4th metro politan city, i think chennai is a waste city, becusae in chennai and bangalore population campaire bangalore population is rich 1 crore, and chennai population is 45 lacks only, bangalore has metro train, chennai not metro, bangalore has IT BT and so many industries, not in chennai, the chennai people also come to job in bangalore now,and chennai is only peoples living for tamils, no other language given to respect there in chennai peoples, the accsept only tamil,
    and hydarabad matter is waste, becuase hydarabad is population only 60 lack, and hydarabad image is now gone, (in america forien ministry has said not safty place living of americans in Hydarabad) and they are 10-15 years strugaled for thelangana issue, and telugu people is not in unity, only karnataka peoples said -- Jaya Bharatha matheya Thanujathe Jayahe Karnataka mathe (First Bharath{India} next Karnataka-- this is real indian culture karnataka and Kannadiga is most respect to the our nation and indian culture, Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka,

    email: vijaya2339@gmail.com

  114. as hyderabadi.......hyderabad is mini india its fact ....each one area belongs marathis,gujarathis,punjabis,rajasthis mixture of all indian cultures and are friendly people share the culture and food,and local foods easpecially u no were find like hyderabadi biryani taste northindian foods and south indian foods and every month compulasary a festival.mean total indian festivals thts nly hyd rocks

  115. one of my freind said Chennai is oldest city..no boss Hyderabad is oldest city in India..built in 1591 ad..next mumbai in 1603ad then delhi 1613ad...all the other cities were built later...Hyderabad is best place equal to chennai,b'lore

    1. pls c in d wiki chennai is established in 1600's but d built of of d city s not mentioned ie the built dated could not be found out. there s difference bw built and established.

  116. hyderabad a muslim city.....
    maximum number of terror networks also maximum bomb blasts....
    telangana one more disturbing issue.

    Bangalore and chennai are far better in terms of these....

  117. Sirs

    I feel , being a North Indian, I prefer hyderabad. ..feels like home..hindi is spoken by every one from 7 to 70 .. no need of worrying about local language Infact the observation is though telugu is state language all converse only in hindi..food is awesome ..north indian dishes are really awesome .. for south indian dishes thumbs down.. as day starts with samosa, puri..coming to madras, language is the biggest barrier..culture is awesome.u can see lot many temples which you can see nowhere in India..most ppl are helpful except rickshawalas..the best place for eating south indian dishes..particularly sharavana bhavan..the pleasant taste when eating in banana leaf can be experienced only in madras..so comparitively 5* hyderabad..3* madras..

    PS Never been to bangalore..and I hope I have not hurt any bodies sentiments. .Jai Hind

  118. weather
    hyd: Good. Except in March,april & may

    blr: okay
    hyd: excellent

    blr: horrible
    hyd: good

    blr: excellent
    hyd: good

    visiting places
    blr: very less
    hyd: so many


    blr: good
    hyd: okay

    career oppurtunities

    blr: more
    hyd: coparatively less

    public transport

    blr: Excellent
    hyd: Good


    blr: good
    hyd: good

    cost of living

    blr: Too High
    hyd: Varies from area to area


    blr: ??
    hyd: has its unique culture

    airport & railway stations

    blr: okay
    hyd: airport is excellent & better railway station


    blr: Mostly no..
    hyd: no language barrier

  119. Sunil, Anon, Madhu,Ramprasad, COB: Thanks for sharing your views.

    Bangalore is now facing severe water shortage and power crisis... Lots of flyovers have eased traffic a bit.

  120. Very simple. British developed chennai as main city in south. Later Indians spoiled chennai. After independence Indians developed hyderabad and bangalore which is already spoiled.

  121. Vignesh: Lol... Which city is not spoilt?

  122. Nice Observation on three beautifull cities.

    Bangalore : * movie ticekts are expensive
    *kanada worst movie industry ever
    *peoples in bangalore are so arogant,rough they just know to show off themselves they dono to analyze things
    *no local trains
    *metro rail distance is small
    *transport tickets are high
    place where oly one class of peoples live happily
    *climate is good nothing else
    *food worst
    education is business
    *traffic horrible
    * only because of high software influence the city has developed
    *there english pronounciation is so worse,peoples stress there words so bad they say saaatturday for saturday,they pronounce english as they speak kanada lol funny peoples

    Chennai :
    *Oldest city in india
    * all class of peoples can live
    *movie tickets are cheap
    * tamil industry the best
    * many talented peoples are from chennai
    * city is so user-friendly
    *since the city is the oldest one its really hard to maintain koovam
    * bangalore has jus started developing few years back so no use of comparing with chennai
    * In Malls also there no much difference nagalore has 20 malls nd chennai has 16 malls(2 under construction)
    * metro rail & mono rail is in queue
    * metropolitan city
    * if peoples don like chennai can easily go out of our city instead of sitting nd commenting

    * No comments
    worst peoples
    bomb blasts,floods,fights,no unity undeveloped city undeveloped peoples

    Thank You....

  123. For all those people who believe that hindi is our national language, u r wrong. It is just an official language like english in central govt. source wikipedia. when people in up/ bihar wanted hindi as sole language for entire india, sensing that we will be handicapped in job prospects in central govt(though we still are), there was anti hindi movements. hindi hard core groups wanted english to be out of country just like british. But south indians(mainly tamils, also kannadigas) argued hindi for us as alien as english. history remains that hindi is still not our national language. Yet there is no restriction not to learn languages. knowing more languages will help to broaden your prospectives. u can learn hindi/ punjabi/ bengali or spanish or french based on your need or interest. south indians learning hindi is left to them. Nothing wrong in not knowing hindi.
    coming to the cities i do agree with most of your observation. appreciate for being impartial. inspite of me being a telugu i would still prefer bangalore over hyd. there are likes of raj thakrey mushrooming in hyd who r against fellow telugu people from other regions. contrasting to bang where i have been comfortably received by my kannada friends. its my personal experience. given anyday i would choose bangalore. I donot have much experience with chennai. I LOVE BANGALORE.

  124. This is just for Chennai Haters :) Please see this.


  125. Hyderabad is the best place when compared to banglore and chennai.
    Hyderabad has many historic places to visit and great architectural buildings. In future 'Greater Hyderabad' is far bigger in area than banglore and chennai. In food wise also hyderabad is best. No language barrier, all can happily live. Hyderabad has the biggest film industry when compared to chennai and banglore and produces more number of movies than any other industry in the world.

  126. Now a blore resident :

    Interms of living blore stands first then chennai just be so of d weather. Blore is pensioners paradise still.. Hasn't grown up yet .. Thanks to some infra projects like metro .. But pace is damn slow !!

    Chennai is more safe when compared to other cities in india. Roads in blore are narrow when compared to chennai. Blore-Traffic is horrible and a reason for employees to leave early from office .one could find lot of one ways.. Night driving is a threat in blore .. Beware of dogs especially !! Chennai is more active than blore . For years I have seen tea stalls opening at 4 am and closing at 12 midnight in chennai..

    Food in chennai is cheaper and tastier .. Obviously for an outsider it is not so since I m experiencing now in blore..
    Apart from big beaches in chennai there are smaller parks which need serious attention however parks in blore are nicely maintained .. Real time killer .

    Reaching airport from city takes two hours .. Any sudden choke in d traffic will be a disaster in blore ..

    Metro trains are a great boon to chennaites for years which is not found in blore .. Still people depend on buses.. Even route boards r still in Kannada .. Chennai buses have both English and Tamil ..

    Education system in chennai is far good when compared with other South Indian states ( because I had education both in Karnataka & TN ).. There are good schools n engineering & medical colleges .. My opinion People from chennai or TN r more employable compared to other two cities..

    I currently work in an automotive MNC in blore where I could c lot of comparison b/w Karnataka employees and other state employees which does not prevail in TN or AP .. reason being lack of competitiveness .. Often people in Karnataka( irrespective of language) are not outbound or do not reach out when compared to other states ..ppl are more confined to one particular job or domain ..

    1. Better go to chennai...if its gud y u come here..bitchin

  127. There are many places to visit within Bangalore itself like LalBagh botanical garden, Cubbon park, Vidhana Soudha, Bull temple, Gavi Gangadareshwara temple, Hesaraghatta lake, Thippagondanahalli lake, Bheemeshwari fishing camp...etc. Nearby to Bangalore itself you have Shivanasamudra falls, Western ghats(Chikmagalur, North Canara district, Jog falls....etc). It's surprising nobody has mentioned about this?! If Traffic police of Bangalore is not strict, then more accidents are going to happen in Bangalore; hence how is that going to be a Con? Somebody said that 60% of software export is done by Chennai; but it is actually Bangalore.................many people commenting b'lore lacks heritage. I would say those people have just seen 'Virtual' b'lore(i.e. IT b'lore) but the real b;lore has got 1,200 year old temples like Begur temple, Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple, Bull temple...etc; B'lore is also a old city founded by Kempegowda in 1537 AD........Carnatic music was discovered in Karnataka by Purandara Dasa & Kanaka Dasa; people shud go & watch cultural events being held at Ravindra kalakshetra & Chowdaih hall b4 commenting that b'lore has only pub culture...... During 1860's B'lore had 1000 lakes, but now only 100 lakes; how much more do U expect B'lore to sacrifice?....Going back to the history even Kannada Kings of Karnataka(be it Kadambas, Chalukyas, Rashtrakutas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagara, Mysore wodeyars, Gangas) had ruled not just today's Karnataka but also other areas like Goa, Maharastra, South Gujarat, southernmost parts of MP, Rayalaseema, Telangana, Orissa...etc; so why always boast about achievements of Tamils and Hindi speaking people?

  128. some one has given 3 star rating for bengaluru in case of cosmopolitan city. but the fact fact is 5/5 for namma bengaluru in case of cosmopolitan culture........

  129. Hiii,
    I have worked in all the three cities. currently i am in Hyderabad, While compared to other 2 cities Hyderabad is having less Traffic,but the mentality of people drivers is very harsh,very poor traffic system and i found the worst buses here and the worst bus drivers,they will never give way to anyone and crawls in everywhere,even if they dash also they have no problem.People are not at all help full, they are not even ready to adjust for small things. while compared to other 2 cities there is no plus i can find in Hyderabad except less traffic and some tourist spots. Bangalore is good for its climate(Climate change is happening now) and better forwarded living. Its good happening place for weekends and night outs. Chennai is a vast city and transport facilities and infrastructure is excellent. Tamil people are very helpful and caring,cost of living is very low, only climate goes up as a problem,if Chennai was holding the climate of Bangalore or of Hyderabad it would have been the best city in India. There are lot of Malls and wide roads in Chennai. Frequent suberbment trains are really helpful and fare is very cheap. Overall climate playing a major role i prefer Bangalore is the better city to live in out of the three and Hyderabad is the worst city to live in.I plead the Hyderabadi people to change their attitude and regarding Biriyani if you people come down to Calicut,a disrtict in Kerala, you will get biriyani which is 10 times better than Hyderabadi damn biriyaniii..

  130. Lots of things have changed since I first wrote this article. Good to see opinions and inputs still flowing it. Appreciate the support.

  131. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I have visited Bangalore and Chennai . There is no place like home to me! :P
    Hyderabad rocks.

  132. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20150116-living-in-2015s-hottest-cities

  133. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20150116-living-in-2015s-hottest-cities

  134. Bangalore is the worst place in India. People are animals and no respect for each other. Even the food is very spicy!

    I would rather go to Hyderabad the world's best place for food and living.

    1. Yu muslims are fit in hyb only...bang is for posh ppl

  135. Hyderabad: Cost of living is less.accessing place for north indians.Bomb Blast is been highest in Hyderabad.Extreme cold and hot weather respectively. Many Parks/resorts to visit.More schools. Metro train only on bridge. BPO is good ,software and Pharma business is best. Biriyani is best in India and non-veg is best in south india.schools fees are not costly.

    Chennai: Chennai is Hot and safe place to be. Language problem.Cost of living is moderate. Religious place. Resorts/beaches to visit.Less schools. costly place than Hyderabad.Metro trains under ground and also on the bridge. Automobile business is best in India. Software is also good.BPO is ok. Chennai is known for Gold,Steel,wood and clothes and less price too. Not a place for north-indians. school fee is costly

    Bangalore: Cost of living is high. Many parks. Metro on bridge. accessing place for north indians.Software and bpo is best. Rains a lot and the weather is good.school fee is costly.

    Conclusion: My choice is chennai as it is not costly or cheaper place to be. challenge is learn Tamil. shopping centers are more or less the same. fun places in all cities. Hyderabad is good for north indians as it is less costly place to live than others and they dont have language problem. Bangalore is good for high earning people.

  136. well.. we can not expect some change to hyderabad within 10 months the state is formed since constructing a flyover itself will take 2-3 years.
    But, the new Telangana govt. is keen on developing hyd. because it is the heart and soul of telangana state.

    few initiatives taken by TS govt sofar..
    1. T-HUB - an incubation center for startups.
    2. Restoration on 160+ lakes in hyd city.
    3. construction of signal free corridors in important road stretches and also multilevel flyovers with grade seperators.
    4. 150 crores allocated to 'slum free hyderabad' scheme in 2015-16 budget
    5. planning to plant 10 crore saplings in the coming 3 years in HMDA region under 'haritha haram' project

  137. Hyderabad the best livable city in india c the latest surveys at international level next is pune not bangl or chennai....
    Another recent international survey highest number of multimillionaires in south india with number hyderabad- 510
    Next banglr with 440..onlyy.....
    Chennai 369....
    These are the most recent surveys at international level...u can check anywhere
    In fact every one know that hyd is best place for every north indians...as hindi is jus sufficient ....lowest coat of living..
    with the hot biryani..
    Now its the capital of state with surplus budget ..
    Love hyderabd....

  138. Here is the proofs for my statement on most livable city and. Highest number of multimillionaires in a city... Hyd rocks...

    Hope you got it....

  139. We have made restaurants menu price comparing website http://comparefoodprice.com
    Currently perhaps the only website for finding cheapest restaurants nearby. Feedback will be appreciated.
    This website will not tell you 5 best restaurants of bangalore but will atleast tell you 5 cheapest in your area.
    For example you can see the list of all restaurants in kormangala area of bangalore city sorted by the price of paneer butter masala or butter naan or butter chicken or any food item.

  140. Bangalore is the best city compare to all 3 ,Chennai language problem you to forcibly learn Tamil,Hyderbad always political issues telangana and Andra.. Bangalore is the coolest place for every one its a class city for except traffic and expense

  141. Thanks Veera,Udaym Venksp and Bandi for your comments and observations.

  142. I appreciate the comments of varied people here.
    Want to add only one thing as a clause below:
    There is a Vast difference between, not knowing something(Tolerable), and Hating Something(Intolerable). So please clear your vision before clarifying about language issue in chennai.

  143. mr daya hyderabad is never ruled by chennai it is a dynasty
    britishers ruled india for 200 yrs but they can't step into the hyderabad
    that is the greatness of hyderabad

  144. Nice effort :).. Interesting comparison criteria taken

    LOL !! How is Urdu influenced Hindi a con in Hyderabad??
    And what about the bomb blasts?? Does it make a city less liveable?? Really??

    Even Hyderabad and Bangalore have only one airport each - the old ones are not functional.

    Also, Hyderabad is dominated by Telugu and Hindi movies - all the others are showcased rarely, unlike Chennai(Yes!) or Bangalore.

    Just my two cents...

    P.S: I am a Chennai guy brought up in Hyderabad and now living in Bangalore :P

  145. Hi Gautham

    Thanks. THis is a 9 year old post still attracting comments. Haven't been to Hyd since several years- should visit again and update this post. Will try, Thanks.

  146. Bangalore is the best place i ever seen,so cool,dont have communication problem.Though,my native is not Bangalore.I have been to all three cities(bangalore,chennai,hyderabad) Bangalore became my favourite, no home sick :)

  147. @Anon- great. But BLR has this new garbage problem of late

  148. Shrinidhi Hande..

    First of all congratz fr d work u hv done. All the points u told are worthy & clear.

    I have lived in Bangalore & Hyderabad fr yeras.
    living in Chennai since 2 yrs.

    Every city has its own strengths.
    I will clearly let u knw my opinion & observtions.
    What i feel is ppl are less aware abt d varoious Assets that Hyd has.
    Though Chennai & Blore are wellknown.
    So let me share wt i knw abt Hyd.

    1."Hospitality & Recieving" :

    It is the 1st major thing for a city to be liked.
    In this Hyderabad stands above all.
    Hyd has 100s of yrs history for embracing ppl of all race, creed & lang.
    *U knw Hyd hosts even today turks,Rohillas,Abessenians,Yemens,French& Anglo-indians,Iranians
    Besides.. Gujaratis,Marwadis,UP,Rajastn,
    (Reasn y i lyk Hyd !)

    So its a truly Global & Cosmopolitn Home.

    Chennai is nt a diverse city.
    Blore is bcoming a confluence of various Telugus,Tamilians& North
    bt not a truly" cultural" confluence..
    wr all races can feel home-ly

    Bangalore is best. with gardens& coolness.
    Hyderabad has got excelent weather bczof Geog advantage but
    May is hot !(rest super.)
    Chennai weather is sultry humid

    Fr a concrete jungle, gardens & lakes are a reliefe & add beauty.

    Hyderabad has got many beautifl lakes (Total above 500)
    eg. HusainSagar, Gandipet, DurgamLake,Shamirpet Lake etc
    Also KBR PARK, Sanjevaya,VengalRao,NTR Garden, Lumbini& Nehru ZOO etc

    4.Culture & Heritage :

    Chennai has rich Tamil culture to boast. Marvels Temples. Its own delicacies.
    B'lore has also got Kanada& Tamil cultures. Udipi hotels,Darshinis.
    Hyderabad stands top wth rich Heritage of Qutubshahis,AsafJahis,& Kakatiyas.
    A unique dialects of Telangana & Dakhani languages.. knwn fr humour & compassion.
    Gandhi called it GangaJamunaTehjeeb
    Ambedkr recimmended as 2nd capital of India.
    It is Gateway to South !
    Meeting point of North, South & Islamic cultures.

    Chenai boasts of rich Temple Architecture. Marvelus carvings.
    Also Forts in Port city built by British.
    Blore is a recent Mega city.
    & has less architectural heritage.
    Hydrrabad rich in Architectures & Forts of Islamic & Hindu kings.
    Golkonda Fort, RachaKonda, BhongirFort, etc
    Falaknuma Palace, Koti British Residency Osmania Palace Purani Haveli Taramati Baradari
    BirlaMandir, Sanghi Templ
    Kolanpaka Phanigiri Budhist sites


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