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Why hate hate communities?

Of late we’ve seen mails stating “So and so has created Hate XYZ community and is doing so and so…Please do this and this to stop this”

"The Aurangabad Bench of the Bombay High Court had directed the Maharashtra Government to issue a notice to Google for allegedly spreading hatred about India on its networking service Orkut."

The fact: Some individual has created a group on the internet with a sole purpose of spreading negative thoughts about something-Say a country called India.

Our Mindset: Nobody should hate India (or anything I/we like, for that matter) and if anyone say they hate us destroy them (get their community deleted at least)

What we do: Give huge publicity to these communities, forward them to all our contacts, and file a case in court, requesting these communities to be banned.

The result: Whoever said he hates India gets enough publicity all over India for free, people visit this community to see what’s there, and eventually, though his community is deleted, the message he wanted to convey gets conveyed without an iota of effort. Without any problem he can start another community with similar idea elsewhere.

An analysis: Internet is all about freedom of expression. If someone doesn’t like someone or something he/she is free to air his/her expression and others do not have a right or a mechanism to prevent him/her from speaking what he/she wants to speak. Internet is a huge world with trillions of users and the impact of few hundred people spreading some negative thoughts will be negligible, if any. Sometimes we get too sentimental or emotional to think and analyze things beyond a limit. After my analysis of these hate communities I’m left with following questions:

Given that there’re trillions of users in internet and billions of communities, just because a hundred people say they hate India and another 100 crores shout back “How dare you hate India?” does the rest of the world bother? Or a few people liking us or hating us on internet make any difference to our lives?

Just because he/she doesn’t like us should we go and prevent him/her from speaking (It’s their freedom of expression after all)?. Why are we giving them world wide free publicity in doing so?

Do we have a mechanism to prevent them from speaking? We may close one community or two. Another hundred may come up elsewhere in no time. How long will we go about wasting our time and energy on these while their impact, if any is negligible?

Why are we blaming Google for this?
Is Google supposed to monitor who posts what? It has only given a platform for people to share their thoughts and there’s no rule that all thoughts must be positive all the time. For every 100 people who like something there’ll be around 10 people who may not like the same thing. Should we identify these 10 people and kill them?

No one can do moral policing over Internet. Because Google has offices in India Indian courts are in a position to issue a legal notice. What if Google shifts its office outside India? To whom will these people complain? Even if Google blocks these communities they’ll take a rebirth elsewhere.

So why are we wasting our energy and time on this? Why can’t we just ignore them and proceed with our daily activities?

Disclaimer: I love my country, I love India. By posting this writing I’m not supporting those who hate India. Because I analyze everything from an independent viewpoint I found that we’re giving too much importance to these Hate communities. Hence this post.

If you fight with a pig in dirty mud, only you’ll come out in dirty cloths while the pig enjoys the fight.Its purpose of making you dirty and having some fun gets served the moment you start fighting, irrespective of the pig winning or loosing the fight. People outside are matured enough to take independent decisions irrespective of who hate and who love India. We’ve proved our potentials and the world realizes our capabilities. So as long as we stick to our principles and values and be honest in what we do, a few desperate people shouting outside is not worth giving a damn. Let us respect their right to expression of speech. Instead of trying to shut their mouth let’s work hard and convince the world that their statements do not carry any significance.

If we demand/beg or insist that everyone should love India do you think the whole world will agree?

Hate communities are out there for everything. Different people hate different things based on their individual judgment. Its neither feasible to please everyone nor dictate everyone to like something.

Few things shouldn’t be demanded. They’re to be commanded.

What do you think? Do you agree with my view?
Note: Sincere apologies if I have hurt your patriotic feelings.

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  1. bogalo naayi kachchalla anthaare!

    For Kannada Illiterates, it means that 'Barking dogs wont bite". We shudn't care for such communities. Though i wont stop reporting them as bogus!

    Nidhi! I have my own hate community but it was created long back! You can find it in my orkut communities!

    I am not making it public, those who accidentally sees it n get interested will join! Till date, it has only six members!

    You may check it if you want! Thats totally my opinion! Have a look at it if you want!

  2. Shrinidhi..
    this is an excellent thought...every time i get one of these kinds of links demanding me to help them in deleting a community, the same thought flashes across my mind..as i do not have the patience and the mindset to write wat i have in my thoughts..i never am able to express my dissent and complain...however such sane and wise thinking of yours is a virtue that has to be deeply appreciated..good work dude... and a nice blog section u have..keep it up...

  3. Few things shouldn’t be demanded. They’re to be commanded.



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