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Market Analyst’s job is very easy

Looks like it is one of the easiest jobs on planet earth. If you’re a market analyst your job is very simple-
If SENSEX is at around 21500 you’ve to say “Sensex has support at 21000 and resistance at 22500”. When it falls to 20800+ you’ve to say “market has strong support at 20000”. It falls below 20k; lower the support level to 19k, then to 18k, next at 17k. Tomorrow if it falls below 17k say “Strong support at 16000”

If round figure sounds unprofessional use 16255, 17872 etc to get an impression that you’ve done some deep analysis to arrive at that figure. Have some phrases (sub prime crisis, Reliance Power IPO, Recession, global trends, market correction, profit booking, FIIs etc ) handy to throw in occasionally.

I was of the opinion that astrologers have an easier job (they just need to keep a collection of 10-20 paragraphs containing generic statements (such as you will have a happy day today, trouble expected from close corners, good day to express your opinion, chances of loosing valuable things etc) and randomly map one paragraph to one zodiac sign and publish. But recently market analysts have beaten them…

No offence to both professions. Post written on humorous note.

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  1. Is it a continuation of the below humorous post. [:D]


  2. By the way, you have changed the layout and coloring schemes. Looks good.


  3. Not really but written on same tune...

    Colour schemes I keep altering a bit every now and then to give a new feeling..


  4. LOL... very funny, but true to some extent. :) It is true that no one can predict the stock market (future!). Well, if it was so easy (and if it worked), we would all be billionaries by now. What do you say?

  5. True... But then, why not these brokers and analysts admit that "Sorry I dont know what will happen to the market today" and keep giving wild guesses?


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