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Readers’ Choice Post of the year 2007

I invite all my readers to pick 2 posts from this blog, published during the year 2007, one post you think the best and one post you feel the worst.
It’s quite simple. Pick one best and one worst post from my 2007 archive and drop a comment.

To simplify your task, I’ve listed five posts below which got highest number of comments and received quite a number of hit and good visibility on search engines.

1 Club Mahindra (164 comments, top 3 for Club Mahindra keyword)

2 Public Toilets can be made free (21 comments)

3 Skanda Giri Hills (17 comments)

4 Domino’s Pizza (17 comments)

5 Hyderabad-Bangalore by Bus (16 comments)

You need not select from only above fine. Feel free to select any post published during 2007.

Similarly below are some posts which didn’t receive a single comment, though I felt they did deserve some.
1 If Dell sells motorcycle

2 Holy water in whiskey bottle

3 16 Rules for happy life

4 Patronize your customers

5 MS discontinues office assistants

Please select one post you liked the most and one post you liked least. This will help me make a note of likes and dislikes of my readers identify where I can improve. Thanks in advance. Use anonymous comments if you wish.

Open till 15th Feb.


  1. I vote for your Club Mahindra article (the first one) as your best post of the year simply because of the widespread impact it had overall that went well beyond bloggers.

    On the other hand, I vote for your 16 rules for a happy life as your worst, not because you wrote it badly, but because it comes across as too naive and simplistic.

  2. Thanks Hari for the prompt feedback... in 16 rules post I was hoping to highlight the similarities between Kannada and telugu...

  3. Yes, I admire your effort in translation. It wasn't a bad post by any stretch of the imagination, it was just that I happened to think the ideas expressed were a little too simplistic.

  4. Ok. I understand that...Thanks again...

    Just like films, it is not possible to super hit posts every time and few posts can fail readers' expectations at times. I will try to keep such disappointments as minimum as possible.

  5. I vote Club Mahindra as your best post and that MS office thingie as the worst...


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