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eNidhi India Merger plans unveiled

eNidhi India Board of Directors met secretly at an undisclosed location (probably in an abandoned LTTE Bunker) recently and discussed the option of acquiring two lesser known blogs under eNidhi India banner- the Ad critics blog and Shrinidhi’s photo blog and merging them into the main blog: eNidhi: A professional amateur.

Rationale behind this thought and some key considerations are listed below, though a final decision will be taken during annual general body meeting of eNidhi India, after taking all stakeholders into confidence.

The Proposal:
Merge the ad critics and the photo blog (both received lukewarm response and negligible page views) with the main blog and discontinue posting new entries in the acquired blogs. Make all new posts related to photography or ad reviews in the parent blog itself in order to consolidate reader base.

Rationale behind this move (consolidated from a Hi-Fi pptx that Chief Operations Officer of eNidhi India presented to its board of directors)
  • The photo blog and Ad critics blog aren’t getting expected response from readers and efforts invested in them is yielding negative returns
  • Quantity of new contents at these blogs were very minimal compared to parent blog and with such a low rate of new posts, comments and reader-base, it is not operationally viable to run these blogs
  • The interest from fellow contributors at the ad critics blog appears to be non-existent, which is suspected to be primarily because of poor readership
  • These blogs are causing dilution of visitors who land at profile page
  • Dilution of page rank and visitor count can be avoid by directing all visitors to one blog
  • During this time of recession eNidhi India needs to consolidate its reader base and contents effectively under one blog itself, instead of running several ‘not so successful’ blogs.
  • Existing contents on these blogs will not be disturbed, as republishing them on the main blog can irritate readers who’ve already read them.
Note: eNidhi India Chief Blogging Officer has clarified that all his blogs were real assets and this is not an attempt to replace fictitious assets with real ones.

Stakeholder opinion and investor reaction is being keenly awaited for this move.


  1. I agree on the unification / merger theory.

    You'll get more traffic to this blog in that case, and there's no need to worry that you'll lose your existing audience also.

    You'll also get more search engine traffic on a single site, which will be beneficial for your web stats and advertising potential.

  2. Nidhi,

    Did you make proper marketing(as it was done to enidhi.net during its initial stages) to popularize your photo blog?


  3. Hari,

    Yes, you reinstated what I believed. Thanks


    No. I started the photo blog with enthu, but soon realized that my photos are not that great, deserving a blog. Simply uploading them at flickr would be adequate than running a dedicated blog for it...

  4. Hi Shrinidhi,

    Its marvellous Nagala Explosion. Sorry for choosing shortcut in knowing the contact details for the accomodation. We are around 20 people and would prefer a Dorm for a night. We like this place and look forward for more guidence and contact details...

    Thanks in advance...Rajiv

  5. I too have gone through this phase, acquired multiple blogs but then realized it takes a lot of ffort and I am fragmenting my readership of the main blog. Agree with your idea!

  6. Merger is way ahead to make a company bigger. Good Luck eNidhi

  7. Raju,

    You're looking for accomodation near Nagala range of hills? Sorry-I'm not aware of any. The CTC group usually camps in the forest-with tents, sleeping bags and mats...

    Yes. Thanks

    Yes, eNidhi India is going to be bigger...

  8. Yes, a merger is a good idea. I had forgotten about your photo blog. To get to see all in one makes sense to me.


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