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Chennai times quotes me on fuel price hike

Belated post. Two weeks ago, 6th of July, Saturday edition of Chennai times carried an article about fuel price hike, in which my opinion was quoted. Got an unexpected phonecall from TOI person asking for my opinion and whatever came to my mind at that time I just spoke out. Looks little silly if I read my own words now- could have given a slightly better and well prepared response if I had some time to think and frame my response.
Chennai times on fuel price hike
They also got my surname terribly wrong. (last time when TOI issued a clarification for publishing my photo without permission, they referred to me as "her"- Details here). Hope to see my name and gender appear intact in TOI next time, if it happens.

btb what's your take on the fuel price hike?

In other updates, Hyderabad based Prism had quoted me on begging menace sometime back. just completed 4 years in my first job

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  1. An actual quote from a newspaper. Actually what you say makes sense, though of course it sounds quite generic because that's the nature of the topic.

  2. How do you feel about getting quoted? :D

  3. Thanks Hari

    feels good, but I could have better justice if I could take some time to frame my response...


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