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Lock On...ಈ ಬ೦ಧನಾ...

---- Not a serious post. Just mentions unbound imaginations around a simple observation ----

The IT park where I work has introduced a new measure to bring in some decipline among vehicle owners. They've started "locking" any car or bike which is parked in wrong places or parked in wrong way. Owners of such vehicles will have to pay a penalty and get the lock removed before they can drive home.

Usual way of locking a vehicle is immobilizing it by using a chain or something so that vehicle can't move. As an exception, I found two 2-wheelers locked in an odd way recently. Either due to cost cutting (why use two separate chain and locks for each vehicle) or with an intention of hitting two birds in one stone, the security guard ties both of these vehicle together instead.
 two vehicles chain lockedProbably this will serve the purpose (of making the owners realize their mistake and pay a fine), but there are chances that it won't.

The way two vehicles are tied, they are free to move together. That is, if both vehicle owners decide to drive side by side, they can comfortably drive out of the area. Since the vehicles were parked together almost at the same time, there is a remote chance that the owners know each other-say boyfriend girlfriend pair or two guys or two riders who know each other and came together. So if they chose, they can drive out together (can be tricky-they will need to drive slow and drive close, but not impossible), without paying any fine and also get to keep the chain and the lock as bonus! (It can be removed later by unscrewing few vehicle parts through which the chain passes)

So what do you think might have happened? The owners knew each other, met and chose to drive out together? May be guard realized his mistake after seeing them riding away? Or nothing of that sort happened (either they weren't smart enough or didn't know/couldn't wait for other vehicle owner or were honest in admitting their wrong parking) and they paid the fine to get the lock removed? Was the security guard smart to lock this way? Or was he just careless and stupid?

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  1. The photo can't be viewed completely. only the upper half is visible.

    On the lighter side, lookin at the pic, if TVS would have come across this idea, they would've come up with a caption "Why should humans have all the fun?" Hahaha!

  2. The photo is visible fine for me. Hope others are also able to see it. Please refresh and try.

    "Why should boys have all the fun" is caption of Hero Honda Pleasure, not TVS. But which non humans are you having in mind?

  3. I tried refreshing many a times then. ITs now visible. Thanks for the correction. I'm havin the vehicles in mind when I say that!

  4. I like the title more than the subject for this post shri... I have see similar chaining of vehicles in our area where in they don't have a parking space hence they do the 'Lock On' with multiple vehicles during night times on the roadside!

  5. Mohan,
    Glad you liked the title--As I said it is not a well written post- just went on listing my thoughts..


  6. I saw notices all over in Oxford too saying illegally parked vehicles will get deflated or the wheels would be clamped. If I was one of the vehicle owners I would be quite scared to ride a chained vehicle!

  7. ayyo paapa..yerdoo gaadi galige arranged marriage ageerbekoo :)

  8. Mridula,
    Give that a try :) (riding chained vehicles)

  9. very funny.. btw which IT park premises is this? :)

  10. hahahaha....We use cheaper way...just deflate tires if no contact info is known about the vehicle owner


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