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Showspace ETWow! international live performances

Aren't you bored with the traditional ways of entertainment viz movies, plays, parties? Have you heard of/attended corporate launch parties which involves performance from international artists? Have you seen some breathtaking performances on TV/Youtube and wondered what it will be to watch one live?
Just watch the image below: You feel it is mirror image of a person?

You are mistaken. What you see above is not just one performer and his mirror image-rather it is two performers sticking to each other. Above is just one such performance. How about seeing 8 such different and stunning acts back to back?

Showspace, a decade old Event Management Company is producing an international event of its own, to mark their 10th year in event management business. The said event is titled ETWow, or Extra Terrestrial Wow. 8 international performances (A laser man show who controls laser beams with his hands, German wheel stunts, single wheel cycling, acrobatics etc are few other performances that are lined up), back to back, totaling 75 minutes of Wow! : guaranteed!

Watch the promo video below to get an idea of what to expect at the show.

Show Dates, time and ticket details: Event will be organized in Chennai, Music Academy, Mylapore, Feb 3rd to 7th, 5 days, 3 shows a day, tickets priced from Rs 250-to Rs1500. I’m told about 5 shows are already sold out to corporate.

The amount of concentration, dedication and practice that takes to learn this kind of skills is not quantifiable and in that sense it is rightly names Extra Terrestrial. General public wouldn’t have seen this live earlier- probably the reason why organizers claim they guarantee a Wow! (Some circuses would have shown an extremely mild version of some of these performances)

I happened to meet some of the organizers of this event and could get some more information on the same. Showspace, if you didn’t know is the official event management company for Chennai Super Kings.(and of course many other brands) If their maiden production proves to be success, Showspace has ambitious plans to conduct similar shows all over India. The website has more details, blog and option to book tickets. Only downside I see is that Credit cards and paypal are the only 2 options I see there, with no conventional ticket purchase options.

Update: Extra terrestrial Wow live performance is back again for 2013. Happening again on June 13-15, Music Academy, Chennai

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