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Blog Survey results

This post shares some findings from the blog readers’ survey conducted last year. 34 responses were received over a span of 2 weeks, which were very encouraging.

Mohan, Navaneethan, Sandesh and Mridula were the first to respond (My first response team!). Survey results are self explanatory. Sharing the questions and the answers below:

Travelogues and reviews were most liked, while self praises and paid reviews were least liked. Lot of entries said they don’t mind paid reviews or 1 or 2 per month is fine, but they will be reduced to minimal to zero in the overall long term interest of the blog.

3. Your preferences about paid reviews at
Please don’t do it 7
1 or 2 per month 8
I don’t mind 17
Others 2
4 When I have multiple small but unrelated updates, do you prefer
1 post with multiple updates 27
separate posts for each updates 6
Others 1
5 How do you access/read
Feedreader 16
Follow link in twitter/gtalk 3
I've bookmarked 4
I type URL in browser 5
Blogrolled 4
Others 2
6. If you don't leave a comment it is mainly because
I feel lazy 14
Its inconvenient to comment from my feed reader/email 4
Technical Reasons 3
I can't connect to topic of blog post 5
Others 6
I don’t find value 2
7. How closely do you know me
I don't know you outside this blog 13
I've met you few times 5
I know you very well 4
I know little about you through your public profile 9
Others 3
8. Do you prefer to take this blogger-blog reader relationship further?
No thanks 2
Yes for business Possibilities 2
Link exchange 3
Yes, As a friend 25
Others 2
9. Your comment on frequency of blog posts at
Blog less but write better 4
Blog more 2
Current rate-2-3 posts is fine 28
10. Your comment on overall quality of posts (avg score:) 3.88
11. What turns you off at this blog?
design 6
Site loading time or other technical parameters 5
Nothing as such 4
Spelling and grammer 2
Others / no answer 13
Writing style 4
12. Are you interested in contributing guest posts in this blog?
yes 19
No 15
13. After reading a post what do you do?
Click on links provided in the post 14
Try to leave a comment 8
Look around for more interesting posts 10
others 2
14. Please rate the design/template of this blog 3.15
18. What describes you best?
IT professional 20
Others 6
About 50% of readers are total strangers, while rest consisted of regular readers, friends and relatives. Close to 50% feel lazy to comment. Majority are IT professionals…Key take homes from the survey: Reconsider design, focus on spelling and grammar errors,

Thanks to everyone of you for your valuable inputs.

As promised, prime number entries were by Navaneethan (2), Sandesh Karanth (5),Namratha (7), Jyoti Ajay (13), Ajay Simha Matam (19),Ram (23), Vinodh (29). (missing prime number entries-3,11,17 and 31 were by Anonymous respondents-I could get blog URL of only Sandesh, Ram and Jyoti )

A good feedback also means I need to take more responsibility and commitment in running the blog.

Thanks Again


  1. How did I miss this survey ? Very nice way of getting feedback

  2. Hehe!

    Thanks for the link love. =) Will be waiting to see the changes..

  3. Lakshmi,

    You can still give your feedback. You're always welcome.

    Changes may take its own time...

  4. Those who blog themselves would not mind paid reviews because they realize that it is one way to bring some money home!

  5. first of all you have presented survey result in a nice way...

    Most of the bloggers do paid reviews i dont think its unliked by readers unless reviews are fair and transperent..

    and between why not using adsense to momentize the blog? atleast one adsense slot also do good!!!

  6. Rajesh,

    I have chitika ads which are shown only to visitors from US and canada who come from search engines.

    Agree.Some sort of revenue that at least covers basic expenses should be welcome

  7. thks for link.u have been tagged check my blog.

  8. That's very constructive blog !!
    Why don't you embed comment below the blogs so we don't need to come to this page and make commenting easy.

  9. Shekhar,

    There were some technical issues (for some users in some browsers) in the comment format which is embedded in the post- this separate window format works almost all places. Also you get to collapse all comments.

    Hence i'm continuing with this format for now. Will explore other options.

    Thanks. Will explore

  10. Thanks for sharing the valuable Information it is a great Help and a useful tips.

  11. Nice presentation.

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